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Yet another glitch...


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the same thing happens when you do enough clicking on your dining room benches.

proud quest cape owner

here's my first post on the TIF (scroll to the bottom)

feel free to pm me, but do make sure that i know you're a Tip.It user (in other words, give me a HYT)


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Nice find :P




How did it happen? Did he just randomly walk on the stalagmite or did you just find him like that?


By popular demand, this signature is back- however I currently do not have a blog up at the moment and if I did I wouldn't update it. Sorry, the sig links to nowhere :( .

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You had to waste my time for that..?




Ugh. People just don't realize what this forum(General P2p) is for... :roll:




Don't mean to be blunt but you wasted more of your time replying


about him wasting your time........BTW I'm in the hospital and got all the time in the world.......just can't play runescape....(dam filter)


And for sake of being on topic That's funny, can you get the stuff it drops and your arrows back?

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