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CountDown From 15K - COUNTDOWN FINISHED!!!!

Blaze The Movie Fan

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This thread is similar to countdown from 1,000 but since that thread died, here is a new one, same rules as last time. I expect D_V_Devnull to do the same thing as he did in CountDown from 1,000 have fun.








Don't mess around the post count, or else D_V_Devnull will PWN you.









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If I ain't a skiller does that make me a non-skiller? IF you can answer this question send me a pm.


{Baby Boomer of RS} (Was in the RS Classic Era)


Out of retirement xD xD

OGRE KILL COUNT: 28945 w00t.


http://www.youtube.com <---- OMG the best site like you probably haven't heard of it LAWL!!


Currently online on: Bad Man571, doing something lawl. World 100, add me and say hello. Killing Chaos Druids in Edgy Dungeon =)

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