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Here is some of my work, Take a look!


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Art by Seij Kitaru








Here are some of the pictures I made, they all started out as pencil on paper and rendered on the computer. I think some people might think there cool here :) if not oh well.




These are all originals, hand drawn by me, they are based off of things though.
































Here is a peice that someone asked me to do, I think it came out well.












Current projects




11-22-04 Xero peice- Done!




11-22-04 My sig and avatar

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It's nice to see some hand-made artwork on this board for a change.




Yea, I guess I do a pretty sloppy job when I'm using my feet :lol:








Great drawings, but they still need alot of smoothing/detailing/resizing to em. Have ya got a tablet? :)




Unfortunately, I'm not such a big fan of anime. Ah well, they are still awesome :D

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