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  1. Training slayer and def (68 to 70) in basilisks.
  2. EDIT: I Change, taking rsc off to all to play is the WORST
  3. stupid?? He never said he is pure strenght. He said he is going for 99 str and he is pure F2P! Gl, will take a while :-k
  4. I agree the one below. If you want AOW, you really must watch out what you write, and how you do it. Anyway, this guide looks nice and I think I might try this someday. Even I have +80 cooking. :) After all, good guide. 8/10 (for mistakes in spelling)
  5. That is hawt how fast u level! Checked you like couple days ago you had 70 mining. Now 75.. oMfgg :shock: 10/10
  6. Since I watched lot of pics of good pures/stakers, I really wanted to make my own one. I started this about week ago, this is my first image of my stats. This was after first day of training. :) Then to the second day.. Was bit of bored so didn't got much done #-o OMG.. Imageshack was very slow and didn't work very well.. I will post more pics lately :wall:
  7. Nice skills 10/10!! And nice Bank :D I just don't know how some people can play that much #-o I get just bored in skills when i don't get level in couple minutes Keep up the good work -lobby-
  8. I'm jelous :lol: I never get anything good (atleast I have done only about 3 clues). Some firelighters and black (t) legs :-k
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