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  1. Good luck. I'm having the same goal in my mind, after I get my membership back (also going to raise my slayer from 51->55). Well, hope you get it. :)
  2. Hunter and firemaking are the skills you won't need nowhere.. #-o
  3. Pretty many ppl with 82 cooking here ;) Me 2
  4. Proud owner of a scythe. Atleast 4 years old. 8-)
  5. I wasn't either on first 2000 players (at what I looked), but I was on when there was only 4 servers.. :XD: Hmm didn't find Zezima. I though he was one of the first players :-k But I found one of my old rsidols, S H A R K.. :thumbsup:
  6. Go to Karamja, get urself like +100 noted logs +100k gp. Buy all raw tunas (if there is over 30) and cook them (by selling log in the shop and buy back). After that, sell them. Repeat. Fast experience but can be bit costy (like 10-20 gp per tuna) NO NEED O BANK \
  7. Zamorak book is the only one that is worth it. Other books are rubbish =; .
  8. Made witchs house quest.. It was just first thing I saw in whole p2p :) Then gone fletching \
  9. Started some time before agility, thieving and herblore.. I mean herblaw.. :wink: Lmao I remember when my friend told me about something called essence (I was having a break of rs) so my first thought was that, they were some kinda of sceptres or something :XD:
  10. WWWWWWWWOOT! 1st part (has been quite long =P~ , but still over 12,4 mills to go) DONE! 70 Ranged ;) You guys noticed when all servers gone offline? Well, when they came back, I gone to buy arrows. Every server had 2k bronze arrows.. So I decided to buy like 500 cheap arrows per server, and got 4,5k bronzes and 0,5k irons only 18k!! \
  11. Haha great! When worlds came online there was liek 2-5 players in some servers (I didn't took pic), so i thought buying arrows would be cheap. So it was.. There was 2k bronze arrows every server, so I bought around 500 from everywhere and got like 4k bronzes with 18k :XD: I could sell these easily 15 ea, and make heck of a profit, but I think id rather range them ;) Here is one pick right after servers came online. hehe not very many players ;) Here is me almost alone in one of servers buying arrows :thumbsup: 4500 bronzes and around 500 irons with just 18k (that would be over 70k normally) \ Same time when some nerds probably were thinking of suicide (no rs for couple mins) :-k I felt lucky :-w
  12. suomalaiset osaa.. saakelin lappaleinen :XD: Nice kills man! Finland ftw!
  13. Btw. Suomesta? ftw.. :) You're leveling so fast :uhh: Good luck again.
  14. this is called b-U-m-P-! 66 ranged ftw. Only 33 more to go :oops:
  15. Same here. 99 ranged F2P. woah that's an achievement! Mine is ranged too. Pest control + camping at fire giants :anxious:
  16. Hmm.. Nice topic. :D Well when I started this game I though k means gp. So I spent all the day hanging on the marketplace buying rune stuffs with 100gps.. No1 sold and I was thinking like wtf? :cry:
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