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  1. Runepure 45 def ftw? :) I like rune pures, becouse they make the best loot :D
  2. Offtopic. Stop putting fins down! :lol: PidÃÆÃâÃâä lippu korkealla. \
  3. You should use credit card. Only takes like 2 mins to subscript, and you can play members right after it. :lol:
  4. This thread is ridiculous. Many people tries to help and you keep putting them down. You said you have REAL life and REAL friends... So does everyone else have (atleast I believe). Why you keep whining about that you play "only" about 2 hours a day and can't get money..? 2 Hours is more than enough to make millions if you stop wasting your time whining in forums why can't you have robin hood hat etc. Just go and fish like 1k lobs makes you get over 200k cash. And it dosn't even take too long. Last words: If you really don't mind work for getting your money, stop dreaming of those robin hood hats, and all other "rich things". Oh btw. I forgot that most people that say others "no-lifes", are the most "no-lifes" themselfs.
  5. Pest control. :) just attack the portal, and collect the piled arrows. You shouldn't lose much arrows, and finally the cash you get from winning pays the lost arrows back. ...And more.
  6. Pest Control is your friend. I mean your friends friend. :-$
  7. How bout failed curse training on sum chickens? :P
  8. PC is the fastest exp there is.. Atleast in melee skills :lol:
  9. Just melee pest control, and use points in magic.. Pretty fast xp and you get money doing that. 8-)
  10. Witch house is easy. As I did it my first p2p quest. :P
  11. I don't see any reasons, why would you get banned. As in my opinion giving items away aint no rulebreaking.. Well if you get banned that's lame! :pray:
  12. Good luck! You're almost halfway there! I'm going for the same goal, though I'm only 65 ranged on my pure.. :oops:
  13. Nice, I just checked you are 3 levels away from 1900, maybe throw a party? :lol:
  14. Saw Super Lobby once.. :wink:
  15. Oldtimer.. I started this game in year 2000 or 2001 not pretty sure (just remember there was like 4 servers with like 200 players each, and new servers came almost every week). I have scythe and I could have bunny ears, but I was having a break of rs at the time they came out. I also remember when party hats were under mill ea, but I never got enough money for one.. Ohh i miss those times when you had to choose the class you want to be in the beginning (warrior, miner etc.) I thought my friends so tough when they had started with miner and was like 40 combat. I thought it was impossible since you started with 1 att, stre and def. Even tough warrior had only 3 att and def I thinked it impossible :lol: I really wish they wouldn't change the RSC for members only, becouse I didn't have members back then and couldn't use it. Just would be nice to think about the old days, with like a pk trip to castle or something. \ Well.. I don't either care if some1s level 3 or 126.. But since I am only level 88 I hate when people calls me noob, even I'm sure I've been playing the game longer than they.. Some of em might even had born back then LOL! :lol: I just don't play so much. BTW, I'm pestproduct now :-$
  16. Just shake a bit.. If it's tough fite (big prize for the winner) :pray:
  17. Back in the pest control now.. Did some leveling just for fun, and maybe to get some cash by this account itself. I droptraded to my first f2p stats (flame if ya want :/), but it aint that nice so I've been decided to not droptrade stuff for this.. :P And arrows are quite expensive so I have to use melee in pest (which is totally pain sometimes, since you don't get those freaking 50 points in time :ohnoes: ) Well.. I make more money when i feel like it :lol: btw 63 ranged
  18. Well written guide.. Expect there aren't very much things most people don't know.. :lol:
  19. Dang it that my dad hangs on the computer freaking 5 hours a day, dosn't leave me time to play :evil: . Well haven't got much levels lately, since I've been gone losing all my money to staking :lol: well maybe laterss
  20. Me, + also more bank space, att and def pots, and achievement capes. Why can't they have em? O_O It's like 50 percent harder to get 99 skill in f2p than members.. They've deserved it. -.-
  21. Well, most I hate when pkers calling "owned/pwned" etc. when they make some1 run in like 5vs1 fights.. Actually that makes me laugh.. :XD:
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