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  1. RESERVED FOR PICS AND LVLUPS =D> Ahh leveld 51 range and missed the pic. NVM I get new from next lvl up Here it is. 53 range =D> Now doing some magic 8-) woot, right after ranged I got this! also 37 combat =D> I'm on fire, got all these 3 levels in like 4 mins. =P~ Training magic is fast :-k 5 minutes later forties.. =D> Talking about fast.. omfg too fast :XD: Here's another one Missed pic for 43 magic :ohnoes: hmm, back to leveling and todays first level Some1 died at the lessers :-w .. There was rune stoofs on ground but didnt got em :XD: well anyway runned out of runes so here is last magic lvlup for some time now.. continuing with range. Right after magic lvl I got this Here it is finally. Hp<3 woot 55 ranged woot. I'm going fast 56 ranged.. Now some meleestats! Decided to get my meleeskills up. Here is 30 att. Ohh 49 hp. Nice ^_^ 46 magicc! 47 magic! getting closer ^^ water blasts ftw Finally after so many curses.. 49 magepic missed! Well here is 57 magic \ Got membership.. PEST CONTROl. Fast levels!! 50 magic me likes pest. I always miss hp pics.. O.o 51 already. 60 ranged.. Yayay Did waterfall quest. Got these levels Pest control is FAST xp! Also hp! 63 RANGEEE! woot, more than my main :D 53 hp, also 44 combat. 65 ranged ahhh 54 hp + 66 ranged!! 67 ranged 68 69, one more for black dhide!!! :) hitpoints xD AAAH 70 ranged! 1st part of my major goal !! 57 hp 71 ranged after hard work! now getting my alch
  2. GOAL QUITED.. SORRY TO ALL WHO BELIEVED ME! I JUST GOT PKED AND THEN LOST ABOUT ALL MY MONEY TO STAKING AND FELT THAT THIS IS BORING :XD: I HAVE STILL 20 DAYS OF MEMBERSHIP, AFTER I GET MEMBERSHIP TO MY MAIN. I WILL BE PLAYING AT MY MAIN AND GOING FOR 99 COOKING :-w SO YOU CAN WISH ME LUCK WITH THAT (SHOULD BE EASY ENOUGH).. AGAIN SORRY FOR PUTTING YOU ALL DOWN COZ I COULDN'T MAKE IT.. _______________________________________________________________ Well, as I started once topic in the BlogScape, but I just forgot to update it... ..So now im going to update it all the time :oops: . Ok, first something of me. I have played runescape for over 6 years. I have main charecter called Crazy Lobby. Since I've got kinda bored of normal playing, I just would like to get pwnage stats to own in wilderness. Also the legendary skill cape keeps me going (hope I get it someday). =; So I started this pure account about few weeks ago, I haven't really been bothered to train it, after now. I started powertraining yesterday and now going for it. Well, I have lots to work do so lets start with my current statspic and my goals. BTW. I'm currently f2p. Starting stats 34 combat. Aaand, here is my current stats at 48 combat. (I will update this pic at every combat level I get) And my goals: RANGED: 50/71/99 Strenght: 33/40/70 Attack: 21/46/60 Magic: 38/51/59 --99 <- at the end. I'm planning to finnish my 99 ranged goal at the end of the summer. Wish me luck :ohnoes: I know I will get bored someday, but I just got to keep going. :-X PSS: If any1 know how to make picture sig to link to my blog, would be nice :uhh:
  3. First time ever I really readed the whole topic. Was interesting... I hate those guys who get mad if you like your pixels. :cry: Stoling is wrong -.-
  4. Lmao.. Higher agility, herblore and more quest points than me, and I've been member for 3 months.. :o
  5. Hawt man u still keep lvling fast.. How about skilling someday together? Started new pure skiller and going up the levels.. :) Add Puck Norris :D
  6. Well.. I don't know is he/she so famous, but atleast has nice stats..
  7. Well.. I tried make party hat from the silk once. :oops:
  8. Agreed. Also heraldic helms look stupid..
  9. Well.. You could say the same about phats etc.. No bonuses.. :lol:
  10. It's always hilarious when +3 guys attack on one and say "owned"..
  11. Would still be owned by a team of pkers quite fast.. Rune rocks are not multi.. But I hate both of 'em.. :wall:
  12. what's so nice in head? :D i don't like em.. but anyways gl =D>
  13. Omfg nice battle ! :shock: btw.. Nice sig one below
  14. Theres nothing wrong with pking with addy.. But yesterday we were clan run-in, and we met clan with +100s with iron :mrgreen: .. i laughed lol.. we ownt em :oops: Well seems nice run-in for u guys =D>
  15. Rs song suk! :oops: I listen winamp.. :P
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