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  1. Umm dunno.. I'm quite bad making films :^o Well maybe I try.. Today my goal is to get 63-64 ranged.. I have soccer trainings so it might mess my plans a little :XD: Well thanks for the post I really appreciate it
  2. Nice.. 85 Smithing is the coolest 85 skill I think :-k .. Well good luck and don't get bored :!: :wink:
  3. Thanks :P First time on this account had patience to collect allmighty 100 pestpoints. Got 62 range \
  4. I know it's long road, since I've ever got any skill cape. So this would be my first. And will be :P . Okk,,, I'm currently getting my levels up for doing Lost City. Soon I will start leveling again O:)
  5. Sounds kinda hard for me :oops: Well got to do all the quests for doing it. Well try that then
  6. I would also like to know how to add a link to your sig, like "My leet blog click here" <- and clicking goes there :?:
  7. Well, I've saw many pures with d scimmy with 1 def and under 40 prayer!! So I have level 41 pure, and raising, and I just liked to know how to get through the tunnels and how to kill the boss with 1 prayer and 1 def? I heard that super restores are nice and cannoning the boss :?:
  8. I can give u a hint how u can find good pestcontrol world anyway. Without having high combat/pestclan. Well, I hope this stays as a semisecret since I don't want all "noobs" to ruin good games. Well, You just need to look at the worldslist. Look at the same kind of worlds like etc. Usa West 1 Usa West 1 and Usa West 1, if there is somewhere slightly more players 100-200+ I'ts possible good pc world. Remember it only works if you look correctly same kind of worlds, no Usa West 1 and Usa West 3 or Usa East 1.. Hope this won't ruin every1s pest control :-X
  9. Hmm i got to agree. Or maybe magic.. Magic training aint that hawt though #-o THanks for posts, keeps me going harder for it. Btw, i counted it still takes me about 130 days to reach 99 with 100k exp per day =P~ Well pc all the way and I can probably make it :XD:
  10. thanks :P Came back from school and time for some pest lol :D
  11. Whats the lol for? :| I'm really determined and I just got membership! Pestproduct :thumbsup:
  12. Since no1 dosnt seem a like posting I change the threads name to that it says I'm going for 99 range. As that what my main goal is in the end. :-s
  13. It's kinda sad that this blog has been already up for 3 days and I have even updated it all the time still I've got only 1 post :-k I would appreciate even if you even wish me luck! :cry:
  14. Your blog is the most interesting and most impressive too rite now :P GL nolifing those lvls. U did nice job with the quests \
  15. Thanks, I hope I won't. :P Yesterday leveled pretty nice and going for more now :thumbsup:
  16. No1 posts :cry: Well, After 3 lvls ranged today I will do some magicks. :P Sleeping time. Continues tomorow :arrow:
  17. RSC wtf!! I started in year 2000 too :o Omg and I have got only cooking above 80. Maybe because I had so many chars.. Well nvm good luck on your goals. :lol:
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