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  1. RuneScape's a helluva drug. But seriously, my computer is "teh sux," with it's awesome 128mb of RAM. Yup, it's low detail for me. That, and there's lots of stuff to do, sure, i's all clicking, but it's clicking on different things. I played Maple Story for a bit, to much grind for my tastes
  2. Well, there could be this... And, seeings how there is no "real" (who are we, as mortals, to decide what is real and not?) Guthix, then SOMEONE form Jagex wrote that. *Ninja vanish* Err.. Guthix said that. If Ben Stiller says he likes cheeseballs in a movie, does that make it true in real life. It was the character who said that. Guthix is HUGE on balance. Pures are unbalanced. Therefore, Guthix does not like pures. I am sure Guthix was around way before pures became big. OK, take it this way; I know, and hopefully most know, that someone from Jagex typed that while in the Guthix character, having fun, entertaining the masses and what not. Now, say someone with the IQ of a rhesus monkey *CoughmanyRSplayersCough* was to read that. They'd think, "Hey, someone from Jagex wrote that! that means Jagex hates pures!111onehundredeleven" The point I'm trying to get across is that Jagex staff wrote that quote, various people of lower intelligence read it, and therefore think that said Jagex staff hates pures. Maybe it was a misunderstanding of my post, or I'm misunderstanding what you're trying to say, either way, this post stands. And for the record, I love that last sentence of that letter, as many on the interwebs have said, "Ex dee."
  3. Well, there could be this... And, seeings how there is no "real" (who are we, as mortals, to decide what is real and not?) Guthix, then SOMEONE form Jagex wrote that. *Ninja vanish*
  4. 9ish or so. I use proper grammar, periods and all. Unfortunately, I misspell words quite often, so I had to take off for that. Oh, and I use "lol" and what not often so.... And really, does it take THAT much time to hit two more buttons? The "y" and "o" buttons aren't even that far from the "u," it isn't hard people! *Grumblegrumblerantrant*
  5. Rum Deal. " 'Hey, is that your distraction?' 'Where?!' " And in what other quest do you get to shove a spider's carcass into a hopper, or learn about "The Other 50% Reef"? Funniest quest I've done to date. Plus, Pirate is the only Pete I like.
  6. This is my outfit. It is made of Win and God. (Which happens to be Guthix) Fear unneeded transparency!
  7. My current skilling outfit (it's also great fun to bring into Castle Wars). If you got a Wily Hellcat it shows your dominance of cat related quests. Consists entirely of quest items; Mouse Toy, Book of Balance, Adamant RfD gloves, Boots of Lightness, Amulet of Catspeak (e), Ring of Charos (a), Nurse's Hat (:3>), and Robes of Elidinis, a Guthix cape would probably work well with it, but I've yet to get of my lazy *ahem* and train my magic. "The Cat Slave" Again, all quest items; Rat Pole (no idea what a rat pole is, but it matches the robes and is cat related), Slave robes, Amulet of Catspeak (e), and Ring of Charos (a) (not really needed, I just never remove the thing, unless I really need to). Lastly: My old(ish, kinda) skilling outfit, I haven't worn this one since I got the Robes of Elidinis a few days ago. This stylish outfit consists of; Enchanted robe top and bottom, purple Canfis hat, Bronze 2h (ftw), Bobble scarf, Boots of Lightness, Adamant RfD gloves (Mithril works better, I just forgot to run to Lumbridge and grab another pair), and Ring of Charos (a) (again, almost never remove the thing). (Note: The last two don't actually weigh that much, it's just that I had all three outfits in my bag at the time.) I'm to xxxy for my platebody, to xxxy for my platebody, so xxxy it hurts.
  8. Lowest I've seen. I found it very impressive.
  9. I missed the F2P bit, but I had great fun at Kwimbob's house. Gratz on the 99 and 1600 total.
  10. RSN: Summoner6661 I like talking to new people. Private chat is ALWAYS on. As said in mah sig. [iNSERT WITTY COMMENT HERE]
  11. Romalee

    Hidden Update

    lol u just made me a miilon air!!!!!!!1onehundredeleven Wait a second... you used a needle to cut a piece of paper! Something isn't right, no, something isn't right at all! Anywho, very nice. =D>
  12. Has the stuffed KBD head changed? I'm loving the new dragons, and the way the demons die now is awesome. The baby dragons are so cute. wittle chibi dragons.
  13. Fletching + Construction = Whittling! Even if Fletching already is technically whittling... Make little wooden creatures for display in your house!
  14. Out of the blue. No hints or clues or nothing, just one day Jagex is like "Osnapthat'sright, new skill." Or them not even announcing it. What great fun that would be. Maybe have a quest go with it. They'd announce that of course. Just not say anything about the skill. FUN.
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