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  1. I was having is problem too. Those background noises wouldn't start playing and I've had this issue in other places too. Sometimes I'll click a track in the music tab and it doesn't start either. Wonder if it's related to these instant crashes I get when I open the playlist.
  2. I feel this thread can benefit greatly from this image;
  3. They changed that to teamwork, judging the stickies it has. However they forgot to add the ability to create topics in there, so every one seems to be using tactics as the old pvm forum right now.
  4. That water is not even close to DX 11. Hardware Tessellation owns. media] [/media I'm more interested this point system from Unlimited Detail. [spoiler=3 videos]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q-ATtrImCx4 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=THaam5mwIR8 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l3Sw3dnu8q8 Jagex certainly seems to be that type of company who would love to get onboard with something like this. Edit: if you dont feel like watching the videos and putting up with their silly background music they have a good explanation on their web page as well. http://unlimiteddetailtechnology.com/description.html Cool idea, but from looks of the video, they seemed to be getting pretty crappy frame rates... :mellow: That is probably just their recorder though. They can claim anything they want, but until they have some viable software that people can use, no one cares. On their webpage they mention that they're running all of this on a single cored laptop. So I'm sure it didn't quite have the processing power to run its algorithm perfectly. They do claim they'll be able to run this sort of stuff on mobile phones and the like. That I'd agree with you. I can see it in happening in a few decades when those things speed up a bit more though. @Krampell The language a game was written or based on doesn't effect how the graphics are going to look. The only reason Jagex limits them so much is because they want their game to be accessible to as many people as possible. Having high polygon models, and all those fancy textures take up lots of space. Since runescape is played online, you have to download them every time. Jagex could release a downloadable client for it's players to use, and I believe they're releasing something like this with direct x support. Though I doubt they'll go out of their way to make some very special and very fancy graphics that not every one will be able to use. Since jagex prides itself on being so accessible, I'd really doubt they want to show too much favouritism towards a certain OS. Although maybe wine could run it. Don't know enough about it to say for sure. @ kalafai I'm sure the gaming companies wouldn't care too much. It'd help discourage pirating due to the large sizes of files, and the cost of burning the disk. Storage is constantly increasing though. Artist could always tone things down a bit, and limit their graphics to the space available for them.
  5. That water is not even close to DX 11. Hardware Tessellation owns. media] [/media I'm more interested this point system from Unlimited Detail. [spoiler=3 videos]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q-ATtrImCx4 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=THaam5mwIR8 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l3Sw3dnu8q8 Jagex certainly seems to be that type of company who would love to get onboard with something like this. Edit: if you dont feel like watching the videos and putting up with their silly background music they have a good explanation on their web page as well. http://unlimiteddetailtechnology.com/description.html
  6. Yes, but its telling you that you can kill then in daemonheim, not where in daemonheim you can kill them. If they didn't plan on released other areas to train this kill, I'm sure it'd say "You can now kill ___ on _ floor", without mentioning daemonheim.
  7. Some people may have noticed that every time they unlock a new boss, it says something along the lines of "You can now kill ____ in daemonhiem". To me, that seems that jagex is already planning on releasing other locations to level this skill. Or it could be that it corresponds to the story revealed by the mysterious notes. Not to mention it would be awkward to fight an ice demon in the unfrozen part of the dungeon. The levels of the bosses correspond to the environment and floor levels presented. I think your missing the point in my post. I'm not commenting on what level any boss is, or where you should be fighting it. It's the way that jagex worded the message you get when you reach a certain level. I'm talking about the same message you when you can do something new in a skill, like smith bronze plates for example. If jagex had no plans on releasing another area to train this skill, they wouldn't have written that you can now kill that monster in daemonhiem. Since that would be the only location, it would be obvious. They do mention the location though. So it'd clear to me that they intend to release more locations to train this skill in the future. Other locations may not be as big, or story-rich as daemonhiem though. It could just be a simple, small quick raid that could offer you and your party some loot in a treasure chest at the end.
  8. Some people may have noticed that every time they unlock a new boss, it says something along the lines of "You can now kill ____ in daemonhiem". To me, that seems that jagex is already planning on releasing other locations to level this skill.
  9. There's a page on the wiki about these notes. Some of them are missing, but most of them are there. Here's the link for those of you interested: http://runescape.wikia.com/wiki/Dungeon_Journal
  10. What's that blue ring in your inventory? It's a ferocious ring. They're only dropped in kuradels dungeon.
  11. Wet n' Wild vs Wet n' Wildy. Oh, and here I was thinking it would have made the perfect title for the next girls gone wild. :?
  12. That shouldn't matter too much. I think jagex just wanted a way for people to quickly try the game. If they enjoy it, I'm sure they're register and become free to play before they reach level 20 anyway. If not, well it just helps keep some usernames free for people who really are interested in the game.
  13. Is it just me, or did jagex try their hand at making an npc with audio speech. I could just be tired, but I swear I heard "hello human, happy easter", with that written down in the dialogue box. It sounded like that usually scratched up sound most monsters make too.
  14. I'd rather think the sink is so he doesn't have to run to the bathroom every time he looks at the apple logo ;) unspam: I've been thinking about getting myself a second monitor for a while now. For those of you who have them, how much use do you get out of it? Is it has handy as it seems, or would I be better off saving my cash to rebuild my system?
  15. Here's a few pictures I'm sure someone will like to look at; These ones were not taken by me. I'm sure some of you might really like to see them though. And these ones are some of the oldest pictures that I took on this account:
  16. I can confirm that as well. I also noticed that the rock appears near the portal, not under your feet. I was helping a friend use his prayer brawlers, so I was standing near my alter and I noticed a red dot appear near my portal, which was a rock. Happened for both of them.
  17. Mac has them and it's also called mouse keys. Apparently you find it under "System>Universal Access>Mouse and Trackpad". For linux I believe it depends on what you're using (Gnome or KDE for example). I know for sure Ubuntu with gnome has it. Can't speak for other popular ones like red hat or fedora though.
  18. EVERYTHING DONE WITH THIS MOUSE IS DONE IN SOFTWARE, NOT IN HARDWARE. When you change the mouse, you don't flip DIP switches or solder on a new capacitor. Would you consider my G9 to not be a macro then, since I have to physically flip over my mouse and click down a button before it starts a smooth scroll? Just seems cumbersome and risky to use the mouse in this way, imo. I'd much rather turn on mousekeys and smack that numbpad 5 with my index and middle finger any day. This way you're garenteed that every click required some physical imput. To be honest, I see using the smooth scrolling wheel as cheating. Since really, you just moved your index once to get thousands of mouse clicks. Maybe if you kept it as a clicky wheel, and kept moving your finger over it, but definitely not as a smooth wheel.
  19. Managed 93 - 98 summoning. I thought I'd only just pass 97 summoning, too! Underestimating myself rules :P. Decided to calculate that I could only make 1.5 pouches an hour, I ended up doing about 2.2k an hour . :P I kinda wasted one of by blues, though. My first load I made obisdian golems instead of lava titans without thinking. But what ever, I'll be getting 99 summoning after a few weeks of slayer now, so I'm happy. To every one who seems to be having trouble with growing tree; I'm about 99% certain that farming works on count of game ticks. Every plant has a certain amount of growth cycles, each growth cycle requires a certain amount of game ticks to pass by. Each time a growing cycle passes, the plant 'evolves' by 1. It may get diseased, grow or do nothing. When it does nothing, I think it might also be the plant getting diseased, but the roll failed to do it so nothing happens. If you log in\out during a growth stage that specific stage resets to 0. For example, if each stage a palm tree goes through is 2 hours, and you log in to check them after one hour 50 mins, that cycle will reset to 0 and you will have to wait an extra hour 50 mins for the tree to grow. However, if you logged in after 2 hours 5 minutes, you would only have to wait an extra 5 minutes for them to grow. People who world hop a lot may have noticed this when their herbs don't seem to be growing. It's rather easy to test this out as well by growing limps. Though my explanation isn't exactly how it works, it's a rough (and somewhat accurate) estimation after a few hours of testing while growing limps and herbs.
  20. The only diference is this is a bonus on something you already bought. It's more like you bought a shirt, and when you returned to the store the clerk remembers you and says "Oh! we had a deal, here's 4 pairs of socks" But then she made a mistake and takes one pair away. At least that's how I see it.
  21. I did a lot better than I had expected, even with that error. I usually underestimate myself drastically with any calculations I do. Figured I'd be 97 at about halfway to 98, ended up being about 250k or so over it. Going to need a little over 2.4k crimsons for 99 summoning now. Kinda wish I put more effort into waterfiends the week before, I could have easily one that. Ah well, I can easily get what's left after monday. Here's a hint guys; edge bank is almost dead compared to castle wars. At least it was when I logged out.
  22. There are many people out there who have more fun making the bots, and seeing how long it takes for jagex to detect it than they have playing the game in the way you and I do. Just like there are some people who enjoy pking more than skilling. Heck, to some people, making bots is just a game (oh wait). Just because someone who doesn't enjoy the game in the intended manor should not mean that they should not play. A good friend of mine, does just that. To him, the fun in runescape is making a bot, trying to perfect it in every way possible. Whenever he's got some free time he just tinkers with his scripts. It's what he enjoys. He never sells what his bots gather, he doesn't sell the accounts or any thing so he's not really ruining the game experience for any one else. Well, I guess a bit cause he does take up a training spot. But does a regular player not take one up as well? I don't see much difference in him taking up a training spot to have his fun by testing, or another player using the same spot to have their fun for whatever reason. Am I saying jagex should stop banning bots just because some people find it fun? Not at all. Heck, my friend would probably stop if they did that. Getting banned is like the end of a test for him or whatever. Cant quite word it like him, but I'm sure you understand. It's clear that some people use bots because they want to get good, but they don't want to spend the time it takes to achieve that. Which would be quite unfair to those who cant program, imo. It wouldn't quite make their achievements theirs for either, nor would they be achievements for that matter. Anyway, all I'm really trying to say here is to keep an open mind. It seems to many botters automatically get stereotyped as bad, lazy, people who ruin the game or who don't know how to play it properly. I'd agree in some occassions. Some people really are just lazy and want to get that 99 with less work. Though that is not really the case. Also I'm not really directing all of this to you, GuardKnox, I just figured I'd quote you since it sort of shows the general assumption lots of people have when it comes to botters.
  23. One thing I believe I should mention, is that with the x10 update, every point of damage now represents a smaller percentage of your total hp. This makes it easier for jagex to balance combat, especially for lower levels (pures and new players for example) where each point of damage was a higher % of their total hp than higher levelled players. I mean, there's a reason why most games use bigger numbers for combat, and I'll give you a hint; it's not for show. In the blog, Jagex probably used the new players as an example of this because it has the most immediate, dramatic effect at the time they implemented this. This is most likely part of their rebalancing of the combat triangle they talked about in the first content Q and A. They probably released this part first so players could get their instincts used to the higher numbers first. I can see larger game changing updates in the future. If my senses are right, It'll be about as fun to watch those debates as it was when they introduced limited free trading. :smile:
  24. I think you underestimate Jagex's ability of disappointment. I'd easily expect the statue to be the only reward, well other than maybe a bit of xp. It could also be jagex trying to introduce a new storyline. The introduction to kudos island perhaps? The island could have been that guys final battlegrounds, or where he lived or something.
  25. I have not seen any one point this out yet. Soul split is more effective now than it used to be. Before the update, any hits under 5 would not heal you. Now you're healing down to what used to be 0.5. It's not a very big difference, but it does mean you're more likely to heal with that prayer than you used to be. I also like how regenerating hp is the same speed, but you can see it go up every few seconds rather than after a few minutes. It's gonna to take me a little while before I used to it What I like most about it however, is how every point of damage is less meaning full. In the old system, one point of damage was more than 1% of your total hp. This allows jagex to have a greater freedom with their triangle re balancing, and opens up the possibility for much finer tweaking. I mean, there's a reason most other RPG's have large amounts of damage. For the most part, when a specific mechanic becomes popular it's for a good reason. It works. Jagex doing what other games have done is not a bad thing. They're simply replacing their old mechanics, with proven ones. Although the flaws have been transfered with it, this one opens up the ability for jagex to resolve them. Every one using the "Bah! now runescape is more like other games!" argument is complete bs to me. No one's going to completely disregard something just because someone else has already done it. If so, we wouldn't even have runescape right now because there has been MMORPG's out before runescape. Most games today have taken succesful parts of previous games and added to them, making them even better. I don't see why jagex can't add to the new system later down the road anyway. Just because they only multiplied the damage first does not mean they'll do any tweaking. They probably only increased the numbers first to let us have some time to get used to the new values. Come to think about it, arguing that other games have big numbers as well isn't much of an argument at all. There's other games where you can mine, fish, collect coins make your own armour, that have minimaps, inventories even use the mouse to move. Why isn't any one complaining about that? I can see it now "Runescape uses the mouse, so do RTS games. Runescape is more like RTScape. I demand we use wasd. But wasd is too much like wow, instead of wasd I propose the ESDF keys" :rolleyes: I'm a little flabbergasted at how some people could have such negative reactions to this update though. Sure, I can understand that it's a little different and could take a bit of getting used to. But c'mon, change is a part of life. If someone cant handle an extra digit that person going to have a real hard time in his future. Those people will probably end up being the old guy sending angry letters to big corporations because of a logo change, using naughty words like tomfoolery and shenanigans. Shatered hearts was a nice surprized to me. Didn't expect it to be out so soon. I like how they're using it to encourage some of the less popular methods of training while also giving some extra rewards to make it worthwhile at the same time. I'm a little curious as to what the reward is for completed the statue. Given how fast it is, I don't expect it to be any thing massive though. The new login is really great for taking small breaks. I think one of the reasons was to help encourage people to take breaks in intervals while playing long hours. Certainly not something I expected jagex to do though. I can see people later on complaining that they left themselves logged in at a library or something, and then someone dropped all their stuff. They should add an option to let those people require their password\pin before joining a world. This way it'd really their own fault if that happens. They didn't care to protect themselves while leaving a public computer unattended.
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