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  1. Thanks for the feels, J.

  2. Upgrade your computer then :) Can't miss out on the badass-ness of modding ES games.
  3. Even basic bf2 had some flight elements irrc. Flight sim games, even combat ones, are generally pretty boring. To each his own, I suppose. True, but the maximum of 4 planes, 2 combat choppers and 2/4? black hawks would never match the 30+ aircraft you could get in some mods.
  4. Some of the BF2 mods accounted for this... but hey, if you're after a standalone game, gl.
  5. Chrome. I used to be an avid user of Opera but eventually the need for most of its functionality went away (ie: I graduated uni). I added a few extensions to Chrome just to up the functionality a bit (adblock, speed dial, geustures). Nice and clean.
  6. The only way an es mmo would work is if it was comprised of every es region. Doing an mmo for just one is stupid.
  7. wat *facepalm* what's the point? someone makes a game that pisses all over an already banned game (in terms of graphic content) and it's sweet with an R18+ but the already banned game remains banned? wtf logic.
  8. I've tried giving sg:u a shot four times now and i just cant get into it. Feels like 'joey' was to 'friends'.
  9. ____

    Live Concerts

    Went to see Less Than Jake back in '05, I think. Then Carl Cox in ... 08' - don't remember. I just know those are the only two concerts (If you consider Carl Cox a concert when he's doing a set at a club) I have been to in my entire life. I'm not much of a gig person. Things like Big Day Out, Soundwave, etc don't appeal to me :-\
  10. To be fair, EA could have done a lot worse with the C&C line. Westwood were great at it and regardless of who took over it never would have been "the same" so some disappointment would have happened either way. Edit: Playing Morrowind right now. It feels weird playing the ES games in reverse :-\
  11. I just going :-) like rsn_lead did.
  12. ____


    Depends on the attention. So long as I'm not getting looks from every cop I drive past, I'm good.
  13. Now to see if I can get Postal and Postal 2 somewhere other than off the 'net. Win.
  14. I'm still here, but not for long. Where you been hiding anyways?
  15. ____

    Top Gear USA

    The same reason they have Top Gear Australia too. Coin.
  16. @Ape: Hai there. And holy necro. Timing was a little freaky given recent events for me... :unsure:
  17. 100% - excluding hearts - on oot w/ 0 deaths. 3 hearts all the way. 0 faries used either. 100% in oblivion in just over 30hrs game play. Not sure what else.
  18. I dont get how people can like wallowing in their own filth (baths) for so long :-\
  19. or you can just use the u-shaped ones rather than the spirals.
  20. That is me too. And i also have it seperated on the plate too if i dish it myself.
  21. excellent - how far off was i? junk like height/min-height seems to work so much better when the page needs to scroll anyway.
  22. I will keep refering to it as gridiron. Drama over.
  23. The Ninja Sennin 12% Strength, 36% Bloodlust, 32% Intelligence, 36% Spirit, 16% Vitality and 48% Agility! Ninja Sennin are able to become one with nature and absorb the energy of the world around them to enhance their strength, stealth, and agility. By becoming one with nature, the Ninja Sennin are able to feel and connect with the lifeforce of all living creatures surrounding them. Their stealthiness and formidable power may make them seem like dark and ferocious foes, but deep down they are truly benevolent and wise. Ninja Sennin more than any other class know what it means to be truly alive and at peace with the world. Congratulations on reaching this high class! Winnar!
  24. ____

    Your Holy Trinity

    Thing it'd be lost in life without? ... Sense of self, memory, intuition.
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