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  1. If they do opt for something like that there will be no way it would be for only 5 minutes because of timezones and people complaining. Unless of they have a few 5 minute windows throughout a day or two. Anyway, I'm confused about the whole thing, and even though Jagex have been pretty good so far, they need to be a bit clearer.
  2. So they won't be discontinued because the vote didn't reach 75%? And that's what my worry was, very stupid to require 75% on that...
  3. I really want auto-add to compost bin. And I would welcome alter sacrifice-all as well, it really is too much strain on the hands. I wish they made all afkable skills more consistent too, some things have make 1, 5, 10, x, some have 1, 5, all, etc. Everything should have 1, x, all. (Unless there's some item in particular where it's better to have a set number like 5 or 10? None come to mind though). Like fletching... only make 'x' for cutting but it has 'all' for stringing (I think), I mean why?
  4. If you're saying it's even harder in the long run for them to use runners then why is there an issue at all?
  5. Well a game goes for 20 minutes, so I don't think its anything outstanding, but it's not bad from memory, could be a fun way to get some early crafting levels at least. Early crafting levels? I think you need 50 crafting to get to the island :P Also lol efficiency in 07 Lol, well I'm only 53 now and playing some games could get me a couple of levels which would be nice :P
  6. I'm confused by your thought process. Jagex implemented the first poll that followed the 75% rule, do you want rares or not, and it passed. Now the poll is how. Therefore, although single questions may be yes or no, the entire poll is decided by a majority vote to see how they come back, not a 75% must pass for the limited time question. Unless Jagex has some backwards thinking, it should be whichever option is highest passes. Furthermore, how is broken down into a couple of options: Limited quantity/time Method of distribution and then in some cases, method of distribution is further broken down; such as holiday events: do you want separate holiday events or all at once? Inside each of those above questions, whichever option has the highest vote should win. So as it currently stands, they will be limited because that option has more votes, method of distribution should be holiday events, and there should be a separate event for each one. I agree that question is worded poorly, but it's still a how kind of question, not a yes or no kind of question. As for everyone saying the results are flipped, that's incorrect. Whichever option is winning is on top. Pretty simple. Confusing yes, but bugged - no. tldr; 75% has nothing to do with this poll as it's a how, not a yes/no - regardless of how poorly it's worded. Okay well thats what I saying, it would be stupid to have the 75% for these votes, from what others are saying they seem to think it was the case which is why i was confused. And with the flipping results, I understand that the vote with more is on top, but earlier on the TT vote, 57% was yes on top, then not long later it was no on 57%, so I guess it was just coincidence. Since people were posting confusion before I was curious if the actual results were bugged.
  7. Well a game goes for 20 minutes, so I don't think its anything outstanding, but it's not bad from memory, could be a fun way to get some early crafting levels at least.
  8. Yeah I've heard of lots of accidental bannings, Jagex need to be more careful when just banning people they think are bots. I mean it's great they're out there banning bots in-game, but misclicks really shouldn't happen...
  9. Why would they introduce half wines or disks at all? Why not? I'm guessing because no one wants them as can't show them off. Yeah easter eggs and pumpkins also fall into that category, but at least they are holiday-themed and cooler than a half-wine. But hey I'm not questioning it, they are part of the main game as rares and I can see people complaining if they didn't bring them back. All I know is that if I end up getting a half-wine at one of these drops I'll be slightly annoyed that I didn't get something cooler. Anyway, only 20k people have voted. Jagex need to make an OS front page post about it. As it currently stands for tradables, the only yes vote is to drop them like they originally did or similar. The fact that only 65% voted yes to keep them limited, and assuming that Jagex require 75% here, does this mean rares will just be randomly dropped from time to time, or every Christmas, Easter and Halloween? :/ I guess we just have to wait and see.
  10. And now TT says No for 57%? It definitely said Yes for 57% last time I looked.... what the hell is going on?
  11. Yep that makes sense, but it will be interesting to see how they handle the Rares being limited or not vote.
  12. Wait I'm confused now... has it always been this way? I didn't understand the confusion a page back but now I completely understand... lol. So right now, dropping them with holiday events on 64% and TT on 57% are the two leading... if I'm not mistaken. Currently 66% want them to be around for a limited period after introduction. Will Jagex enforce the 75% for this poll? I understand now that it doesn't make sense to require 75% to make them limited, since currently the majority do want it to be limited, and they have always been limited. The question should have been asked in reverse, meaning only 34% would have said yes, and they would not have reached the 75% mark...
  13. Wow not happy with the current votes. I thought TT would be more popular as, in my opinion, is the fairest way to distribute them (if going for a rare discontinued item that is). Also they wont be rares if they aren't discontinued, unless they made them as rare as third age, but since community events and buying from shops for little and lots of gp are most popular.... :/
  14. I thought I'd seen that total level somewhere before!
  15. Yeah you'll probably remember the ones you use the most anyway. Keeping your own txt list, a link to all the codes, or even a quick google search is much more convenient than creating accounts just to add to your ignore list.
  16. Trying to MAKE them rare wouldn't help as much as you would think. Make them a Rare TT item, and guess what EVERYONE is going to be doing for awhile..... People will try to hoard them this time around, which will inevitably lower it's value because people will get the set for themselves, save it thinking it'll be worth a lot, then come to find that everyone else had the same idea, and already has them, so don't need to buy them. The only way you can FORCE them to be rare, is have a physical limited supply, like...1,000 total thrown into clues, and once they're gotten, they're gone. Which I personally don't agree with doing either. If most people hoard them thinking that they will go up in value then they WILL go up in value. More people hoarding means less people selling, and there definitely will be people who will want to buy and hoard them for themselves. I don't think it will be different this time, maybe in the initial stages, but ultimately they will follow the trend in the main game.
  17. Enjoying OSRS!

  18. I wouldn't say that they are necessary, but I've thought about both sides and both sides have interesting potential outcomes. I've decided that I'm okay with either outcome, however, the biggest issues is getting them into the game fairly and so far dropping them with clue scrolls seems the best way. Jagex need to decide on a set number, and drop them with all level clue scrolls until they run out. Level 2s have twice the chance of level 1s, and level 3s have 3 times the chance of level 1. So a good part of me would like to see them in the game, I see their value, ultimately I don't mind but I would vote YES over NO.
  19. I would like to see GWD, and I think it would get over at least 60%, but can't see it getting over 75% in its original state. But there are many solutions to make it more ideal for everyone, Eg: Halving the addy bar drop rate. Adding a couple of worlds where GWD items CAN'T be used. Increasing level requirements to use godswords (like 90 attack & str) Reducing special attack ability ... and the list goes on. I've seen some people suggesting adding a dragon crossbow (or something similar) to armadyl boss to combat the OP melee side of the triangle. In the forum post, Jagex have said it doesn't have to be the same. So by working with the community it really can be made to be more balanced and fair. So for people to rule it out just solely based on the original experience should know that it doesn't have to be the same.
  20. Even though they said in the Q&A a few weeks back that they would have to completely remake it, now they are saying they actually have most of it complete (as it was already almost finished at the time of the backup). They said they can easily add: The God Wars Dungeon The Varrock Achievement Diary Land of the Goblins (the penultimate Zanik story) Path of Glouphrie (including its Slayer creatures) The ZMI Altar And will likely do polls on them. Also right now water filled vials have unlimited stock in shops for 2gp to combat bots (it sounds like only a temp update). Source for the above: http://[Use Quick Find Code]/c=UOwrpOXdDow/sl=0/[Please Use QuickFind Code]?317,318,801,64695690
  21. I am all for these content polls, there are some truly annoying parts to 07 that would be better if they were improved. From what we've seen so far, there is nothing to suggest this will turn 07 into 'easy-scape'. I voted yes for everything and no for the grimy herbs. I don't care too much for all of the options, but I can't see how any will have a negative effect on the game. I also can't decide whether I want grimy or unids (though I love getting grimy herbs from farming!), but I voted no since it does change the game slightly and since I don't have a strong opinion on it, I think it's best to keep it as it is. I wouldn't mind some conveniences for farming, such as noting crops and auto-adding crops to compost bin (adding 15 pineapples to the bin right now is SO DAMN tedious!) I just hope they don't add too many f2p worlds, or that they actually have new worlds for them (I do fully support the idea though).
  22. I've been playing AoE 2 with some friends just recently the last few months, so this was pretty good news! Looking forward to using the whole screen :D And being on Steam is the best thing about it!
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