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  1. honestly i think it probably took longer to make all the gp for spins than to just train the aids skills
  2. Yeah, I have around 45 quests left. And lol, the reqs you have left (sans dg) would be an afternoon for me.
  3. i said the name of an rwt site lol. got 100+ upvotes on my reddit post about it and infinity unmuted me.
  4. libk that i have been no lifing a lot this weekend so far 91-95 wc 92-99 hunt 97-98 fish 98-99 thief 103-104 dg
  5. put a relleka house tab in your preset. pop the tab, tag the obelisk in relly to recharge sum, then max guild tele. could replace with a fally tab if you are too cheap to drink a dose of ppot too.
  6. tab starting to look legit cashed out the web bc a 45m margin is unheard of then got another web which was a respectable 38m margin
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