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  1. I should ask my boy masterbuck1 because he made most of his money on alts and spun some of the worst skills.
  2. Another horrible week for Alan. Alan has like 99th percentile bad luck to be honest
  3. Finished aquarium (a real comp req) and my spider leg #12 today
  4. need to figure out how to make the text smaller lol
  5. was messing around with the hiscores APIs because I'm kinda trying to become better at programming I made this
  6. Master capes are endgame content. Nobody goes for a master cape from level 3. I don't think the idea is that the qpmc should be as hard to achieve as a master cape for a new player, but rather it should be as hard to achieve as a master cape for a maxed player. And right now it isn't.
  7. The other difference ofc is that the mqpc doesn't have the pvm requirements that hlf soccermoms so hate.
  8. Part of a problem is that they waited so long to do it, I think. It might have changed the direction of a lot of post-quest content if it was made with the trimmed quest cape in mind instead of the trimmed comp cape, or maybe the more 'rigorous' or strange requirements would have just remained trim requirements (Livid/Chompies) or easter eggs (half the Elf City titles/Annihilator). Pretty much everything they've proposed has fit the guidelines, but they're so broad that it's basically just become the trim cape without the levels/minigames. Can the guidelines be changed to fit what the community thinks the 'master' quest cape should be? The thing is, from an hours standpoint, the trim cape without the minigames is trivial. I'm not particularly invested in the master quest cape (I'll probably wear my skill mastery capes and when I obtain it, comp) but it seems like they need to add aadditional content to the QM cape so that you don't automatically get it by having trim comp.
  9. ya i think im gonna keep making moves towards comp. i really don't care about gp anymore lol. Lately I have been working on task sets and dungeoneeering. I'd also still like to maul ts in 2 weeks and start going for bombi, but lol nobody does hm anymore because raids.
  10. I don't think you went wrong buying corruption shot. It is a fantastic ability and with your t90 range gear you can do araxxor kills all day. Ultimately Araxxor is still the best pvm moneymaker by a long shot if you're not selling yaka leeches. (And to be perfectly honest, compared to 2014 rots leeches Yaka leeches are trash money.)
  11. it should surprise nobody to hear i got cleaned again did a floor with a couple of interesting guys
  12. Nex. You already have nearly 100% accuracy there, and use two styles. you don't have 100% accuracy at nex, but I agree that it would be a waste to use an accuracy aura for solo kills. I'd use invig before vamp though. As for a clan, join "The Fallen" today for your 50 man singularity split!
  13. Yeah, they should be hotfixing bloom tomorrow. I'd thought you'd enjoy the night mode smuggle Blutters.
  14. in case anyone is interested in the full details: http://puu.sh/jdLMl.txt
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