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  1. been winning some gp. today i bought corruption blast and a reaper neck bc i figured better now than to get cleaned later.
  2. Once you decide to do castlewars you should be doing it in a sac team so you can get wins only. There are a few threads on the forums for this.
  3. Just make it a roll for unique drop (teci/codex/armour) once/boss/48hrs with unlimited normal loot. Or perhaps more fun would be halving the drop rate for unique drop every time you loot with it resetting every 48 hours, so that players can still have a chance (albeit small) of a drop.
  4. my understanding is that the additional bonuses don't stack with bxp? so if you have bonus it is better to do runespan
  5. Yeah, it's pretty dumb. There's no real reason to log on more than every 2 days lol.
  6. The thing that really grinds my gears is that Jagex is now encouraging leeching for endgame pvm content. When we started selling leeches in early 2014 we experienced a huge amount of blowback and friction. My entire team was actually manually muted at one point for encouraging breaking rules. Chris L even modified rots to make it more difficult to leech. Now jmods are saying "lol if you don't like it just leech." Unbelievable.
  7. lol yes. i have the shadow nox bow (and shadow seis) and like 100m worth of supplies for raids if i decide to do it. world not over
  8. ya i agree however i think i am probably kind of addicted to gambling and should not do it lest the consequences become more dire
  9. made another 500 this morning so i am now back over 1b gp. im pretty sure my "im transdice" thread on hlf paid off.
  10. the nice thing about not getting a grave is that your items don't degrade.
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