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  1. I don't like pets because they allow you to complete content. Am I going to want to go back to Araxxor after I unlock Mallory? Probably not. At least since I'll never get a Vitalis I can keep doing Vorago.
  2. i think if you were camping at gwd for a long time a ROD switch might add up to more healing than a brew flask.
  3. Actually kilns are much faster now. expect around 18-20 mins vs 30 or so before
  4. Fair, but in a 5 man team where everyone is pulling his weight, I doubt an average of 1 drop/kill in the long term is too far off the mark, especially if people rotate through roles. If your team lets you bomb and voke after every phase, good for you.
  5. anything faster than 5 mins you have to do on path 1 and get lucky with rng spawns (no mirrorbacks)
  6. the utility of seismics is too appealing for me to use a staff. if i were doing a lot of kk or something i might consider getting one
  7. or dont a note about suitability of nox bow vs ascensions: the nox bow has significantly higher base weapon damage. this translates into a much higher swifness bleed than ascensions (500s vs 150s). so swiftness->rapid fire in md with the nox bow will pretty much take araxxi from 25k to around 6k, where snipe usually can finish the job.
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