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  1. Drumgun also has a lot of cwars games. Kingz had trim although he hasn't gotten it back since batch 2 I think (going hard on 5.2)
  2. we should get a title for doing a 300% kill imo.
  3. gains goblin almost to 200m all too i see
  4. i'm not sure it's as likely to get the pheromone as you think it is
  5. they are possible, but you've gotta use range they can be pretty dicey
  6. After some reflection I think this araxxor update is good for me. I often don't have a ton of time to scape and when I do I don't like to spend it all doing Araxxor. With the pheromone I can get 95% correct style spawn rate in the base world which is better than I had before, and since I often only do 1 hr/day of araxxor I can kill off-style spawns even at 80-100% base enrage. Prices for drops should be better too. I'm more sad about purple bomb bc on vorago hardmode if you don't kill it on the first cycle it can be kill lost.
  7. #111111 these guys tried to hit me on log in at chaos ele. tanked them to single and then killed them all L
  8. i have high hopes for this trivia game
  9. i use a blood neck on path 1 it is really nice. i use asylum with vigour switch, rod only heals 75 when you kill a mini so not worth giving up a brew.
  10. blood neck is dice af for gwd heals
  11. A few seasonals are more "legitimate" than others, most of the pvm kills ones for example Solo Sara (you can have someone kill minis for you, but most of the winners did not do this) Slayer Tower Kills (just barrage hands) Imps (Resource Dungeon + cannon at monastery) Undead (catacombs + cannon undead farm)
  12. who cares if you can't override your yak/nihil/clava anyways. there's pretty much no situation where you don't want a follower that isn't a boss pet.
  13. isn't there a plant you can farm which spawns guthixian butterflies?
  14. I think it's interesting to see this thread over 7 years after the release of the GE. It might be worth tracking what changes have been made since the ge was introduced. Here are a few I can think of: 1) Buy limits and later shared buy limits 2) Free trade on GE Prices 3) Different volumes of different items needed for updates (could obviously be improved) 4) Physical changes to the GE structure and location 5) Offers timing out (not sure if this has changed)
  15. i just wanna reiterate that I didn't actually buy spins with irl gp.
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