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  1. after bring him down vorago can force tank the dps who does the most damage during that. it's possible that the base didn't voke back after that.
  3. Except it doesn't. On my own team, we have a particular person who is the best DPSer out of us all, on most days. We happened to get a Vitalis pet, but for some reason it went to another DPS'er who clearly got less (and admitted to this) XP than the best DPS'er, wasn't basing, hadn't Voked, and it wasn't Scop. We often joke on our team how our best DPS'er got sniped. The fact of the matter is that drop rate for Vitalis is so ridiculously low, that you could win 99.9% of the drops for your roll, but the one time you don't get a drop, or a particular phase, that could be the one time the Vitalis drops and it goes to someone else. After all, no one gets drops 100% of the time. And there are countless stories of this. People who have consistently been doing Rago since it came out and obviously know the roles and how to perform them excellently, practically in the thousands of kills, have no Vitalis, saw maybe one, and it went to someone else. Then there are other people, who did a minimal number of kills at most, have poor Vorago experience and kills, but happened to get it by pure fluke. P5 random base drop. Btw, scop p3 base drop isn't random...
  4. Laureana specifically was acc sharing with her ed8 Mgt Emotes, who happens to be this week's leader so far. They also acc shared the herbs grown hiscore. They are also not the only acc sharers in the seasonal community (another big example of an acc sharing hiscore was lifepoints healed.)
  5. With the vitalis pet, specifically, it does reward skill to some extent. After all, you'll only get a Vitalis if you get drops at Vorago, which means you have to have a good DPS rotation or be a good tank.
  6. it's not a bug, it's just that Asherz has decided not to spend time manually removing the crowns after your period of eligibility is up. At least, that's what he told me.
  7. at the moment, you unlock the crown of supremacy until you next lose membership, as I found out rather rudely.
  8. with the royal cannon you could probably do a clue in the time it takes to refill it
  9. i'm not sure about preferring ascension members. legios are good slayer xp but they may not be expected value profit now.
  10. nah, the shadow wand keeps the prot value of the regular wand. weird, right?
  11. Not sure about crafting as paulrat3 has at least 2x 200m as well.
  12. because getting 220k/hr at traders for several hours far exceeds getting 240k/hr at plunder for half an hour and then jumping off a bridge
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