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  1. ive started a loot tab here it is as of last night some of you have questioned if i will go for gold final boss. atm no. if i ever get a vitalis, i'll do it. and I don't care for the normal final boss.
  2. How did I never make the leap that you're Yomi... Anyways, I should have a picture like that in due time... And hopefully a loot tab from 90m-120 also.
  3. what i do for 2 item weapon switches is: 1) put the mainhand weapon above the offhand in the inventory 2) rightclick the mainhand and equip it 3) left-click again always gets both in the same tick
  4. sent my friend a snapchat that said "dice" today came back with this
  5. leg sold for like 200m. sad tbh but still decent money. 5 legs in 440 kills lol too good.
  6. My understanding is the actual issue at play is to do with player privacy on the HLF. This is because of the IRL pictures thread as well as other threads about IRL information. When other threads are being leaked I suppose jagex might be considered liable if IRL information about players were leaked. I suspect Mod Lee didn't say as much because doing so would be a moral hazard (once players understood they weren't supposed to leak the IRL information, more might be inclined to)
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