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  1. your grave goes in the base world if you die in the instance
  2. dude why do you even respond to these threads when you don't really know what you're talking about?
  3. What we do now is have the leech go in with a yak, hide in the corner and just eat if they get hit while the player on their side solos. Usually we'll just all hop over and pile the brothers.
  4. from an hours standpoint even if i had paid the full 1750m just for the rc bonus i got it was worth it. lmao th op
  5. lol, literally lost 1100m in an hour on sunday night. takin a break
  6. rank 1 esteem is trim but the 5m bonus i have now will carry me a lot of that way
  7. went staking for bonds first i got up around 90m, so i bought 11 bonds and got like 5m bxp. then i went back to the arena, lost around 40m, and started chasing losses. at one point i got particularly desperate and this happened. after that i pulled cash from the bank and won a 117, a 110, and a 75. Then I lost 75, won 75, lost 100, won 150, lost 75, won 100, and won 120m. I walked up around 40m, not counting the 90 i spent on bonds. the pictured stakes are the biggest stakes i've ever lost and won, respectively.
  8. if u go to trollheim u can drain all stats to lvl 1 and put 75% on anything. spinning at 1.75 using hearts of ice is around 15 gp/xp. so you'd be able to get around 180m bonus.
  9. this hm rotation is soooo much fun and also pretty aids when people mess up. pb+ts sort of caps team size too which is a little sad. I would very much like to get dat maul of omens tho, hopefully should this week.
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