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  1. [hide=some loot][/hide] Expect more in a couple hours.
  2. Thanks for the info. I'll start nolifing for the cash.
  3. The fastest way to get respect from the community would be not putting the same image in every post ;)
  4. after missing all of those drops you should have gone to corp. My friend got a divine from like 10m lsp.
  5. Unless you buy crashing items for min and sell them for mid with your ammy.
  6. It actually has utility over a fury though, in some situations like solo sara where all you need is ranged attack and defence.
  7. [hide=Today's epic adventure.] This was bad. I lost nearly 4m. After that, I 76ked with my good friend jumbomingus, and well. A corrupt vesta skirt and about 1m in other items meant i ended up profiting.[/hide]
  8. [hide=gwas][/hide] Had lost probably 20 pairs of barrows gloves before getting it.
  9. [hide=big][/hide] At black demons cause I'm slaying.
  10. Range slaying. I didn't buy armadyl or a robin, since EVERYONE uses one of those. I've never seen another person actually USING 3rd age range, thouhg.
  11. Cool, I bought a coif yesterday for slaying in. I'm glad I did.
  12. Anyone know whats up with oak planks? Yesterday I bought about 30k at 448, but now I can't get more at 450 (even after the 4 hour limit)
  13. Not dragonhides. I will concede armadyl.
  14. (21:14:42) <[XD]RuneScript> *** [ TRACKER ]: [All] exp gains for the old nite in last 52wks: Overall +22,134 | Att(99) +456 | Str(99) +208 | HP(99) +220 | Magic(99) +10,000 | Smith(99) +250 | Mine(99) +1,000 | Farm(99) +10,000 [hide=unspamify][/hide]
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