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  1. Thanks a ton! Forum Name:FuryZ RuneScape Name: Elysianarrow Name to use on picture:FuryZ Picture: URL:http://img3.imageshack.us/img3/9003/g4j9a9xh.png
  2. If you want to max total be effecient and farm while you do other things :thumbup:
  3. The bank thing is a program he made I believe. Nice bank btw. Let me know if you ever wanna monster hunt.
  4. Campy we stayed for a long while. I had more supplies in my bat. Left at around 130 kc cause I was bored.
  5. What did you do for smith campy? I calculated it at 40-50m.
  6. Training farming is a lot of fun and can be great money. 7/10 for stats and bank.
  7. But if you look at the screen, someone is trading with metoo, he's not trading with someone.
  8. [hide=Was about to go to dks][/hide] And my friend shows me this.
  9. Do you let yourself use ls, or could you only do ffa corp, for example.
  10. Up another 20 to 442. It's 70m ahead of ely now!
  11. 3rd Age Robe top seems to be bought out. I sold mine on ge instant max, and people in w2 were having trouble buying.
  12. He apparently banked the green and got out a yellow. I believe him because he showed me 3 more hats in trade, so i don't have any pictures of him with the yellow unfortunately. He said that he'll put the clip in his next vid which should be out soonish.
  13. Alright everyone. It's story time, and a quick intro as to why you may not want to 76k. I settled down in edgeville for a nice round of ep, when I was alerted (via ventrilo egasm) that someone was pking in a partyhat. I approached him first in hybrid, and nearly died. I then returned in my usual welfare gear, and well... One less partyhat in the game. Assorted pics+vids in the hide tab below. [hide=PICS OMFG]A video, not done by me but of our fight.[/hide] Anyway, if I hadn't 76ked, I would have had ep and would have had a chance at that gear. Props to him for not running/roling.
  14. I'd like to get 43-80 herblore. What would be the best way to go about it?
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