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  1. Weren't the people following them fellow members of their pk team. ;)
  2. Your equipment sucks. Jagex released a huge stream of bug-free, high level combat in the last few months. Dw, you're fine.
  3. Well, if you kill aviansies in the eyrie, you only need to be protected from zammy monsters. If you have 70 summoning, bring a zamorak hawk and like 10k fishing bait. That way you can use bss/dfs/shield of choice. If not, use an unholy book or zammy kiteshield. (If you use a zamorak hawk, just wear a sara stole or book til you get in the eyrie)
  4. Bandos chestplate without tassets.
  5. @giga I'm aware he didn't. He posts pretty regularly on MS forums and I meant that it would help olly, not in a sarcastic way. Sorry if you misinterpreted.
  6. Giga, just post in maxed players forum. Worked for Lucipher.
  7. 90 range is a great achievement! Good job! :thumbsup:
  8. Thats very true. Look at some of the 130+ players on this board. Some of them have gotten 5+ Zaros statues and made over 100m. At 98+8 combat, I've gotten maybe 10m worth of drops. If I wasn't sort of busy with my summer projects, I'd be better off monsterhunting.
  9. [hide=story under][/hide] Well, today was interesting enough. Basically started out losing my Vhelm at corp. Somewhere along the lines I managed to lose my crystal bow. Anyway, I got about 1800k from other drops and then the saren, so combined with my herb runs I pretty much broke even. (Hell, I think I'm a couple hundred k richer than when I started lol.)
  10. I actually had a situation like this the other week. My friend was hosting an LS sara mass and Pow(numbers) the rank 1 farmer, joined our team. He asked me for a super restore midway into the trip. Lol.
  11. [hide=more sara drops][/hide] More lsp, can't complain.
  12. Dont Knock 8 posts since 2006. [hide=unspamify][/hide]
  13. [hide=FML][/hide] :wall: :wall: :wall: :wall: :wall: :wall: :wall: :wall: :wall: :wall: :wall: :wall: :wall: :wall:
  14. I wasn't there when the initial crashing occured, but 44 has the best spawns of any world.
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