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  1. The guy soloing corp has a Dragon Square. Just no...
  2. This was only about 40 mins in a duo. In a 5:5 it should be possible to hit 1b. If any 99 rc'ers are interested we can try to set up a time.
  3. I slay with Duradel but I stopped farming and sort of stopped slaying too. So often, I suppose, cause when I do slay and farm I go there every session.
  4. I'm sorry but I have to disagree with what you said about risk and reward. Sure you may die once or twice and not get blessed, but as someone who has gotten 600m+ in drops and knows people with over 2b in drops, it's ridiculous to say the risk to reward is unbalanced.
  5. Aki I usually bring two overloads and I don't have yak/99 def/99 mage. Jesus should bring 4 overloads, 5 if he has divine.
  6. Looks like +1 so he only lost like 130m. Not too hard to build back from tbh, especially if you've got a divine anyway. Unspam
  7. Bonecrusher works on hunter!!! Checked the new rewards' stats, while there is now a rune armor, everything is still useless lol.
  8. I think it's worth it to bring cost into the equation. Because rapier hits on more game ticks, it is used faster.
  9. was spamming i died in cc, friend didnt bless for some reason then he blessed with 11 pray and gave me a minute more. 3 minutes after it collapsed a team showed up ~54m loss
  10. For those asking why I didn't bless: There was server lag and I died. He managed to bless, saving my arma helm and ranger boots, and then stayed to solo another. He had it redbarred and was 350 lp, there was another bout of server lag, and he was comboed.
  11. he also got a helm and 2 shards. These would be his downfall.
  12. With edibles declining are we seeing the beginning of the end for ely/divine?
  13. 200k an hour to use. Not significant. Overloads are 300k an hour to use.
  14. I bought 5k brews incase it's a new boss. Enough to get the drop, I hope.
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