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  1. I'm only 66 fishing but looking at maybe getting 90 for ports. When should I start doing C2s, and if not now, what should I do until then?
  2. Post of the day, Runar. I'm glad with the end of drygorescape we've seen some introduction of diversity back into PvM. But I agree, there are a whole host of useless items. What Jagex ought to do is implement a variety of passive effects, similar to specials, that actually make some weapons the best in certain areas. I can't tell you how if they don't out-dps drygores at a boss, but maybe they could allow for significantly prolonged trips even with somewhat slower kills, or else a chance at reducing certain ability cooldowns. Actually, weapons that reduce ability cooldowns could be really interesting. Jagex should also decrease the ability cooldown for equipment switching.
  3. Worth maxing just for HLF access? unspam Around a week ago in WBFC. IDK why the images are so blown up except that I play in 1440x900 on a 2880x1800 display.
  4. This isnt a new line of thinking, either. http://forum.tip.it/topic/203978-slayer-sucks/
  5. You will likely also be able to use them between jan-may 2014, as I can use mine from 2011? even now.
  6. construction was my third 99... And I might have been the lowest level to get an LS elysian sigil (109 combat)
  7. Slower weapons deal a lower percentage of their maximum damage.
  8. You should be warbanding mining in any case, and possibly smithing as well...
  9. Yep. Just as soon as I finish farm I'll be setting my sights on mining.
  10. But hey. If you instead want to pay 175k per magic seed, go right ahead.
  11. I got 75/75 and wand today with Warband FC. They are actually really good about not killing wands. In the three warbands I did, nobody killed the wandholder.
  12. If you got 75 defense you would be able to duo saradomin godwars
  13. Add a wildstalker hat requirement to the comp cape. Appropriate anti-boosting modifications could be made, if necessary.
  14. Yoko I nex a lot and I am always looking for a tank. Add me!
  15. Dag kings with freminik boots 4/yak is pretty good money too! They were recently reset to about their pre-eoc difficulty. Although maging rex is no longer as profitable because of the low price of berserker rings, hybriding prime and supreme is still very effective, especially with the Seers' ring back over 1m, and good drops such as noted water talismans.
  16. I'm looking for a more comprehensive farming calculator, ideally one where you select what crops you are going to use and perhaps how many times per day you'll farm them. The calculators that I have seen on tip.it and other fan sites have just calculated the amount of one crop necessary for a level, which is not particularly helpful.
  17. If I just want to QBD or whatever for another 20m would it be better to use royal cbow or a mainhand+dragon claw?
  18. So I've saved up enough for any of the mainhand drygore weapons. I mostly plan to do GWD and Nex. I'm only 90 attack, however. Would it be better to get a longsword for the increased accuracy, or does the speed and prayer bonus of a mace outweight it? The rapier might be a good middle ground too. The other thing is that I don't quite have enough for an offhand yet. I could probably make the 30 mil or whatever for an offhand mace more quickly than I could get an EE, because I'm still a good 7 fishing, fletching, and cooking levels shy of that. Should I just use like an offhand dragon scimitar in the short term until I can get an offhand drygore? Or would it be better to use a mainhand chaotic and offhand drygore until I can get dual drygores?
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