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  1. I use it for solo/ffa godwars to figure out when to brew.
  2. people begging for effigy assist was really annoying
  3. Idk why this was rare, I got 7m xp in a week while I was getting hammers.
  4. Reason the cashpile is no longer 61m is cause I bought arma+bss+some summoning stuff+upgraded my dungeon.
  5. In 12 hours of solo arma with divine/titan you've got probably a 50/50 chance of hilt.
  6. (13:30:39) -[PT]RuneScript- *** [ TRACKER ]: [Construction] Exp gains for Fury Zaz in last 1day: 1,874,221 (95->97) | 1wk: 5,334,295 (90->97) | 1wk 3days: 6,263,625 (88->97) | 4wks: 6,265,392 (88->97)
  7. I try that, but occasionally you misclick on the first option. I divided up my cashpile so i can click either option.
  8. Friend loaned me phat for some reason so I had to get some levels to have legit screenies. 90-94 today.
  9. There's mine. Don't have the red anymore though, lol.
  10. Bonuses are very important. My best example would be to try armadyl with maxed gear except with a bss, then go and try another trip with a spectral. In trio+ you'll use less supplies for your trip, in duo you'll actually hit higher and last longer.
  11. I wonder if they're the ones from Lost City...
  12. Lent it to a "friend" for avatar picture? No much more stupid, it was a 2 person scam. One started talking to me how he would sell his red phat to me for a bunch of masks (1.5B worth) cause he was leaving for a month and expected them to rise much more than his phat in the mean time. I happened to have nearly enough, but he needed 5 more. I only had 300m cash and my phat left. I ended up trusting some random (but in the end not so random) guy for the last few masks (my pha and cash for masks, horrible trade) I needed after a LOONG time, cause of course I was very hesistant to do trust trades. But he was very good in it, and showed me a half whine etc telling me he has enough to scam a simple purple out of me (he promised me to sell it back if the red phat guy wouldn't do his trade). The guy with the red had to get members to sell some stuff he had to get cash to make up the trade, and I left to watch some football. Now I'm back, and he's not online, no problem you would say, but then I see a forum thread by him where he is selling a half wine and a yellow phat, and where he says he has some masks too. Now these are exactly the items that the other guy (who I sold my purple to) showed me. Can't be a coincidence. Damn, when I'm reading this myself, I can't believe I fell for it. Greed turned me into an idiot -.- There names are I tennis and Matrix usa, beware. I think they are brothers. That's a pro scam and since it's street price it's not like they can be reported. :-k
  13. I saw the videos... What else did you do?
  14. I hit over 500 with diamonds overloaded.
  15. It's not like it's hard to get money for extremes or turmoil... It's much harder to train melees.
  16. Divines will drop, at least in street, but because of overload/turmoil teams rather than corp solo.
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