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  1. That would actually take about an hour numismaster.
  2. Rewards are essentially the same, the only new one is the deflector, which is +30 all defence. This one's a write-off, I'd say.
  3. Here's a conundrum-83 attack, 86 (soon 87) strength, overloads and turmoil. i eventually want to max out combat, but I'm not super dilligent about it and in the meantime i enjoy stuff like dag kings and other bosses (though to be fair I mostly do armadyl and am 99 range... is crossbow/eagle shield something to look at too...)
  4. That is exactly what I did. Bringing us to a new point: You range in sw cape? I suppose for chinning it makes sense but for armadyl?
  5. Errm...has anyone said that farming is a skill all these guys are going to stumble on or something? If this has been said, they are dead wrong. Farming will easily come withing 2 years of normal herbs/trees/fruit/calquat farming without sacrificing pace in all other skills, so while those methods might seem nice and everything, are completely irrelevant. If a skill costs more than 30 gp/xp, it has to be atleast 1m xp an hour, unless it's rc, in which case it would need to be atleast 100k an hour. I think people are mostly referring to drumgun who has 69 farming.
  6. Thats 98.5%-I assume the rest is accumulator?
  7. Perhaps magic trees aren't a good method, but he might be onto something if one of the other bagged plants is cheaper to use, though it would have to be considerably cheaper, like 70gp/xp MAX.
  8. Actually, you can solo 15+ sara with cls+divine+barrows top+veracs bottom+vhelm and yak. Ovl/turm ofc but since divine is required I'm not sure whether to take sara into account.
  9. But you're also more likely to see the long hit through the prayer in one, lower, hit. For example, the long might hit a 312 and break the prayer, with a rapier hitting a 280 and a 245.
  10. Especially common in dungeoneering-most of the conversation sounds like [email protected]
  11. Bat is actually better than titan if you have long spawn times or are taking quite a bit of damage.
  12. However, mining, smithing, woodcutting, fming, etc have been out for like 8 years and i haven't gotten those 70. Not stopping with DG either, but im going on vacation in a couple days.
  13. Well, when you pour all your money into 87 cooking like some people in this thread, it might be difficult to afford supplies for armored zombies.
  14. Actually if you want to make money I suggest doing Dagannoth Kings with a pack yak, while flipping and doing other dailies and herb runs.
  15. This is a little OT, but how are d axes still 2m each, and dag bones still like 17k each? It doesn't seem like you need more than 2 d axes to train woodcutting, and it's not like it's a dangerous activity. Furthermore, I don't know about any of you, but I certainly don't know anyone who trains prayer using dagannoth bones. I can understand the rings prices though, since people use them for bosses/pvp etc.
  16. Thats like a week of summoning if you have the charms though.
  17. Degraded pvp armor doesn't count as risk. Unspam with my worst trip so far. I'm the one with the Dmed.
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