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  1. I do, look at mah sig, though you may have to refresh a few times because its a 1/8 chance of seeing iiiiiiit.
  2. Near South Falador gate, and then again behind a grave behind Draynor Manor near the gallows. Then, he was never seen again... murp.
  3. I just step in with my usual kit, nothing else. I take this stuff everywhere, also. Rune hatchet, tinderbox, knife and some gold.
  4. Yeah seriously dude, get off your high horse. Its funny watching you boast on about how you WILL beat them alone, and that their 'easy training'. pffffft.
  5. Near the spinning wheel in the lumbridge castle, a chest related to the quest "Lost Tribe" has been glitched and replaced with a chest under the observatory. It has been fixed a few hours earlier today. Basically, the 'real' chest had these details (For after finishing "Lost Tribe") Examine: Has the letter 'S' on the lock. Try to open: 'You already found the H.A.M. robes inside.' (Or something similar to those) When it was glitched and replaced: Examine: I wonder whats inside? Try to open: 'You search the chest and find a poisonous spider inside!' Then, a poison spider (level 31) appears out of the chest, and attacks whomever opened the chest! (Again, its something similar. My memory sucks) Note how the 'glitched and replaced' chest has the same details of the chests under the observatory, which contains level 31 poison spiders! I didn't take any screenshots, I thought this was normal as I never tried to open the chest again after the quest. But I questioned why the examine was changed from 'Has the letter 'S' on the lock' to the generic 'I wonder whats inside?'. But believe me, this was, infact, earlier today. I remember annoying flax spinners by searching the chest and running. I don't know how long this glitch has been in effect, but it has been fixed today (May 12th 2007). I saw others opening the chest to bring out spiders, too. Only one spider came out at a time. If any others experienced this, please post here. EDIT: Fixed spelling mistakes stating they were level 21, they're 31.
  6. Take them into a building, and then position myself to make it so the 'noob' is in the building, while I'm out. Shut the door and RUN!
  7. basically, its an unfinished story, i just now realised i left a lot out lol ill explain. after doing the movie shrek monsieur hood hasn't been doing anything for a while and now he scares people in his spare time, which is what hes doing with the dude in that one Thats hardly a plot...
  8. Meh, I didn't understand WTH was going on in monsier hood :?
  9. WROOOOONG!*boom* Did this in like, 5 minutes...
  10. I gotta hand it to you, the potatoes and popeye one in the first part was funny.
  11. Twice. I only wish that people could stay in your team or not quit when you start. Argh.
  12. [hide=darksonic45] 1. You can crop in MSPaint 2. He typed out his words pretty well. have you checked out his full sig? "I, for one, support proper grammer." [/hide] Yeah, and its good enough grammar, and I see next-to-nothing wrong with it! What you posted wasn't even funny, but rather rude. I swear, this board has too much idiots who quote bad spelling and put it in their signature, or worse, just posting it on here. Lol @ dude that said "i love them O_o" 1 cap missing. Edit: Aswell as the "this is the most... blah written thread i've ever read" 2 caps missing. EDIT: Oo 300th post, never realised. "Realise" can be "Realize", its the same vice versa. I personally use "Realise" Like, he missed THREE uses of the capital. Thats not bad, at all. Proper grammar is actually, really, not using that horrid 1337-speak, not 100% accurate grammar.
  13. I'd start over, and have my memory of this game erased. Maybe get a better name. I hate it oh so very, very much. I love it when experiencing a new game, that legendary feeling of awesomeness is.... awesome.
  14. 1. You can crop in MSPaint 2. He typed out his words pretty well.
  15. [hide=Quotes] 1) thats a fake. 2) some noob already tryed this today -.- [/hide] Pwned to the power of 'P' Anyways, my bank is like... As you can see, I'm a poor n00b. Like supah poor. Also alot of junk.
  16. Notice: A nice joke to those who give them selves 99s No descriptions are true. Attack 99: I punched a man, and I didn't miss. Strength 99: I lifted a brick once. Defence 99: I blocked a shot from some dude once. Range 99: I shot a bibi gun at some dudes window, and I'm a hitman sniper. Prayer 99: I went to church. Magic 99: I did a card trick once, and it was a success. Health 99: I can take 2 hits to the arm before falling to the ground and crying like a wussy, pretty good huh? Construction 99: I built a bird house one time, and even painted it! Agility 99: I can jump like.. 2 inches off the ground! And I'm only the 2nd slowest in my class! Herblore 99: Mixed 2 chemicals in chemistry without it exploding! Thieving 99: I jacked a lollipop from a baby, went unnoticed. Yeah. Crafting 99: I PAINTED a PICTURE! Just one, pretty awesome eh! Fletching 99: Sharpened a stick with a knife. Hunting 99: I hunted down a deer! Mining 99: I got some clay from digging in a sand pit, pwnage. Smithing 99: I made a... umm... picklock with paperclips, yeah! Fishing 99: Mocking people who gave themselves 99 is getting boring :( Cooking 99: I MADE A SALAD ZOMG 99 COOKING FTW! Firemaking 99: I made a lighter work. Farming 99: I grew some weeds, awesome-o. Runecrafting 99: I make double nats all the time IRL. Slayer 99: I kill people for money all the time, I'm a hitman. Woddcutting 99: Chopped down a twig, awesome. Total level: 2277
  17. Sorry, didn't feel like print screening, cropping, saving, then uploading to a site, yuh' know. RShumor... Huh? I found this on the official forums, not RSHumor. [/hide]alright I'll believe you... Yeah well, you don't sound convinced. Just for the record, the recent notice on the main page used the term "Chinese Sweatshop" which was the discussion of the post there. So I doubt RSHumor got a screen about that already. I also said I didn't feel like getting a screenshot, so why would I type up a post when I could rightclick the pic -> and copy the properties then post as a image? So please, don't flag it as a RSHumor without some good proof.
  18. Mod Ash (Pink robes, rubber chicken) and some dude wearing boxing gloves outside a POH, and possibly PSOfr33k wielding the meat tenderiser, as said in a post on the screenshots topic, w0o0ot.
  19. Sorry, didn't feel like print screening, cropping, saving, then uploading to a site, yuh' know. RShumor... Huh? I found this on the official forums, not RSHumor.
  20. Sorry, didn't feel like print screening, cropping, saving, then uploading to a site, yuh' know.
  21. OOOH! What if they re-add that guy that converts platelegs into plateskirts and vice versa, like in RuneScape Classic! That'd be awesome.
  22. U hAf a atKc dEh w3ak piONt 4 MasAev dAmge!
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