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  1. :[ This is bad, so bad. Now, maybe someone else here is knowledgeable on this subject, a youtube commentor left an interesting though. Apparently there was a HAARP testing today, and anytime there is a HAARP test something messed up like this happened. I have heard of HAARP before and it could make sense, I mean 10 years ago I don't recall these nasty disasters occurring so frequently. /tinfoilhat
  2. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH *snort**weeze* Sorry, just had a bit of a laugh attack. Go on about the Wii. :D
  3. Yeah, I read somewhere that this would probably not be possible on commercial machines, at least not ones that don't have sinister cooling systems and the most current GPU. But definitely something to look forward to, I mean it is just as good looking as CGI, and I don't even know if that video is in the highest resolution it could be. Psyched for the next decade or two fo sho.
  4. Quick update before work while I sync my iPod. :^_^: By mardhyn at 2011-03-09 By mardhyn at 2011-03-09 By mardhyn at 2011-03-09 Monkey Madness is Completed, Fairy Tale pt 1 is completed, Fairy Tail pt 2 up to Fairy rings completed, Farming/1000 total is most recent level gain as of this posting, pretty sure there is a stat picture in there as well, enjoy!
  5. Well at least according to PCG it isn't CGI but based off of a live Unreal Engine tech demo. Very nice, figured I'd bring some attention to it. Samaritan Tech Demo - Gametrailers
  6. Alright, first off I don't have Ardy 3/4 cape or the hunting level for the silent gloves and my thieving is only 45.(Just subbed on the 1st of March and started thieving on the 2nd) And even at 45 thieving from the master farmer I still get hit for 30 damage every 5-10 pick pockets. After like 10 minutes at him I went from 38-39, used an inventory of food, and gained like 3k worth of seeds. Now admittedly I don't have double or triple stealing but in 10 minutes at pyramid plunder I went from 41 to 43. And PP was fun, thieving that farmer not so much. And once I finish contact I'll probably PP every day until 99.
  7. ... *Grabs some popcorn and watches this trainwreck*
  8. Flashforward is definitely an amazing example of a series that needs more. Then again it could turn out to be like Heroes Season 2-?. <_< Seriously, if you want to talk about a show with wasted potential Heroes is at the top of my list. Season 1 was like crack for me and then S2/S3 came along, I watched every episode on it's release date until about halfway through S3.
  9. Glad to see some new faces in here, Void I added you but I haven't seen you on once so not sure what's going on there. :mellow: Nice to see Tripsis give this lil ol blog some attention, and I'll be sure to do just that Devian. Also my photobucket account has pictures I don't need tip.it seeing so I just used my e-mail for an imageshack account.
  10. I reaheeeallllllly do not want to update the blog itself so you'll get some pretty pictures here instead. :^_^: And I'm going P2P as of right now. See you all inside.
  11. Righhhht, and you continue the mudslinging by using intelligence in a derogatory manner. The only reason I brought up amberpyres posts is that he posted as if what he said were fact, then when called out on it left a comment that steamed my beans. Plus we're only human, we all have days where we may be more innately frustrated then other days. When I posted before I had one of them days, just slight annoyance throughout the day. Also, by your signature I'm going to guess you're just a tiny bit jaded. Just a little. :razz:
  12. So rather then discuss the topic onhand people want to discuss how the OP is "doing it wrong". So he wants to solo Rex while watching something, is that the end of the world? I mean mudslinging and saying "pro players do this" just makes me feel like you do not care about the thread but want the OP to play the game the way you do. Anyway that's pretty much what I wanted to comment on. But for the sake of pushing discussion I'll say this, players who do stuff like this to harass other players is disrespectful. Keep on the topic of harassment and luring, not "tribiding" vs. "solo rex".
  13. Apparently you haven't seen my previous post. Or are we misreading what you said?
  14. @ N64jive - If Mass bans bring on mass appeals it shouldn't be a huge problem. If botters are even inclined to appeal chances are good they will have horrible broken grammar and a stupid excuse, you just delete that appeal. If you ban 100,000 accounts for botting I would say maybe 1%, MAYBE are mis-labed accounts, the rest are all guilty and would take maybe a couple days of harder work to remove the clutter. Mass appeals shouldn't be more then a small factor when considering mass bans.
  15. After posting in another thread of yours and a couple thought processes going together there is a way to stop botting, it's hitting people where it hurts. If I were Jagex I would work on implementing a way to watch every single trade in-game. And I wouldn't announce this. Then if two accounts who have never met before all of the sudden meet and one account receives a massive amount of income with nothing in return that account would be flagged and reviewed within 72 hours. If you start banning the people who buy the gold and the word of mouth is that within 72 hours of buying gold you will be banned it will die down and then a new method would be found out. Again, being Jagex I would have a squad of people buy gold regularly to see the methods used to obtain the illegal currency and ban the new method as it comes out. The main problem though, and I'm pretty confident when I say this, Jagex doesn't want to hire a team of 10-20 people just to stop botting as that means more resources of their own are used up. Then you have the people who buy gold and that's the only reason they place this game, leave. Then because botters aren't needed as highly as before that dies down. Then because accounts are leaving they drag real life friends and what not with them and it has potential to be catastrophic. I think that morally it's the right thing to do to crack down hard on rwt but the costs for a company may be too high. @ Amberpyre - Oh, what, you got called out and you want to shrug it off now? If you have no idea on an issue then you should at least read up on the issue before commenting on it. This is how politicians act, don't be one of them.
  16. You can't have Texas without migrant workers and you can't have Runescape without bots. Well you can but it's a really dumbed down and hand holding Runescape because the only way to stamp out bots is to put everyone in a restricted game like the game we saw from 2007-2010. There will be bots for any game. I've seen some people say you cannot bot stuff like call of duty because it's too complex. Getting to the moon used to be under the same guise. Bots will be there if there is demand for one, and a lot of people want cheap fast gold. Instead the best method is watch transactions, don't tell people you're watching, and when you see people get trades from certain IPs that give several million gold without anything in return, and these two accounts having zero reaction before, ban that person for suspicious activity. Anyway you've also got to understand bots are just going to be in this game. Johnny X whose just starting college and has never been good at Runescape may decide to get himself a bot and while he's sleeping work on that 99 he has always wanted, all without having to break into his precious time to sleep. As long as scenarios such as that exist it is inevitable.
  17. But Jagex doesn't ban one by one, they, and correct me if I'm wrong, ban the way Blizzard does. Collect a bunch of account names and info then ban them all on like the 1st of every month. This is a fun way to harass the bots and get immediate results.
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