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  1. What does rare drops have to do with beating runescape? :-k I'd say allskills 99, all music, and all quests beat is enough to say you beat runescape.
  2. you got 87-91 in one day? :shock: That game must make it go really quick.
  3. Quite. Anyway, I think to help new users should only post topics that have some meaning instead of stupid things they didn't think of like "1 million exp or 1 million gp."
  4. :P Edit: Sorry Mary Osborn for using your pic.
  5. thereis now a bug in the fight caves where when you click log out you lose conection, I have tested this many times, so it does work. -.-
  6. Piss shouldn't be on there. :-k But sucks should.
  7. hi cool kids, can you please tell me how to crop my pictures? Here is a picture of the paint my computer has (poorly cropped of course) :P Thanks a lot.
  8. Wave right before the double 180 round. I had to take a shower, and after I clicked logout..... I got booted. :evil:
  9. I just realized in that pic, right after that wave I died, the funny thing is me saying "so far so good"
  10. when I was new I played with music on, so I liked Fanfare, Garden, and Long way home best. And I still ocasionally click on fanfare for the memories. Oh, and CastleWars is ok too.
  11. Wow last time I died it made me feel like I had ADD. I was in the 90,180, 360 rounds. I killed 360 then turned prayer off to safely range the 180. After the 180 fell I didn't turn mage prayer back on :o . So I got hit for like a 60 then as I turned mage on the 180 hit a 99. (not really but he did hit high). So i died. :x ADD anyone? :-#
  12. That is the only safespot I can get to work, and that doesn't look like Italy so I guess it isn't the italy rock.
  13. Catspeak amulet, or if I were hungry a lobster.
  14. I know this is the wrong place, but can anyone sell me 100 mith bolts please? :pray: P.S. I am using 100 to k0 Jad.
  15. Is rune crossbw honestly the best pick?
  16. Fishing cape with the blue naval. :thumbsup: 100TH POST!!!1111111111111111 :D :D
  17. Even though I don't agree, what the pkers are saing is it is just a waste of time,pots, and food to fight someone who will just heal, and then when they are all out of food to run, the point of pking is to fight to the death ( I think :uhh: ).
  18. Free: Dragon slayer Member: Regicide ( I thought it was harder then Rfd and Dt.) \ For Ernest the chicken I just payed some guy 50 coins to tell me the leveers.
  19. Nice halve fluitzuiger. I know I spelled it wrong. Short term memory loss is for the win. 8-)
  20. A question for me here is how did you let such a newby player hack you in the first place? :XD:
  21. :lol: :lol: :lol: hawt nerd :lol: :lol: :lol: -what makes him hot? :lol: Playing Runescape of course. 8-)
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