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  1. Anyone know why December 2009 seemed to have an abnormal increase in population?
  2. Congrats guys! I've just done my AS levels and got C, C/D, D, which isn't too bad considering I've got a year to bump that up, I'm hoping to do Computer Science (G400) too, apparently it has one of the worst employment rates for gradutes though. :( I'm going to Wolverhampton open day tomorrow, hopefully it's good. :mrgreen:
  3. Oh god, that's a bit freaky, but then again, it is Bradford, not all of the UK is like that, don't worry. :S
  4. To be honest, making profit from trasure trails really isn't why I do them, I find them fun, (unless I get a puzzle box >.>) and if a reward won't sell then I use that item, as they're intended to be.
  5. I'll probably still be playing, not as much though, I've got my school life and university application to think about, so I probably won't be P2P
  6. I love my d hally, although its become less useful for slayer due to newer equipment, I use it in Castle Wars against ancienters who freeze and move one square away, and if they dont notice I'm hallying them then there's a good chance I'll kill them.
  7. Having it released as a dungeoneering reward would be a good idea, I always assumed they would bring it out with the Eastern Lands due to the origin of cyclopes, but if it is released with dungeoneering, well then I'd better get training :)
  8. Excellent guide, enocourages me to use this method to get to 99 Fishing now :mrgreen:
  9. I had black demons block, but after realised how great they were, unblocked them, the 4 monsters I will have blocked though are: Steel dragons, warped terrorbirds, hellhounds and possibly gargoyles once I reach 75 slayer, I'll reach my own verdict on whether they suck or not.
  10. Although Excl's was good, I had to vote for Line Dancing due to the sheer amount of effort put in and the uniquity it has compared to other videos of runescape characters dancing. If I have one criticism though, it's that he switched from a Firemaking Cape to an Obsidian Cape, sorry, but I notice every little thing.
  11. Do those look like Runescape? No? Point made. well if you read the second sentence of my post you might have noticed that it's mechscape? no? point made. No, point not made. I was saying that those are wallpapers made by artists about Runescape. Runescape looks NOTHING like that. The same principle can apply what you posted. So don't assume Mechscape's gonna look anywhere near that good. oh sorry, your point would have been better if the links worked :P I suppose you're right about RS not looking similar to the concept art but it does give a rough idea, and the pictures do lead one to expect exciting (at least for RSers) things like spaceships, and I won't lie the cities look cool too Yes they do look cool, picture 5 intruges me the most though, it looks a lot like the River Lum, so is it a possibility that it is based on the same world but completely different concept, theme and gamplay style?
  12. I think the QA team do a generally good job, it's just annoying when they miss the very obvious bugs, such as when only the Conflict scenario was available in Mobilising Armies, something which appeared very obvious, which QA didn't notice.
  13. I just tried 'Somebody set up us the bomb' for some reason, didn't work.
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