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  1. Yes it is... not everyone "relapses" pfft, just cos u can't quit doesn't mean everyone can't
  2. Don't you see unbalanced trading is only a few lines of code. If you want him to only do that you will stuck with strictly market price no 3k fluctuation's and also nothing to do with the quest points. The part that has obviously screwed up the update was adding the quest points to have different amounts tradeable and adding in the 3k fluctuation.
  3. Is there any other factors? You have just mentioned you stopped playing runescape how can we make a judge meant if we don't know what else has changed in your life? Did you bump ur head? I really can't see how runescape helped you that much unless it was because runescape was keeping your mental health quite healthy. Keeping you in a good mood so your brain works better. As it will if ur in a better mood then a bad one. I don't know a lot of aspects of runescape because i play how i like and pretty much basic ways to lvl skills. From this i can't see any memory helpers throughout runescape. However, if something you were doing required using your memory everyday you played this could be the reason is has decreased over time after quiting. Those are my thoughts hope you work it out :-w
  4. or u could just get over it and not complain that u thought a virtual world was better then real life when you were younger. Obviously at the time you liked it.. so why the [bleep] look back at it when you don't like it.. it just makes that time a bad time. It's the worst thing you can do.
  5. He is emo wanting to kill himself over a game, is he not? thats just stupid besides the fact that its incredibly hard for your mind to come to terms with shoving a knife in ur own chest he wouldn't have the guts. Slitting wrists, hanging, guns are much more effective and easier for the mind to actually complete the task without unconsciously stopping you. Just because kids are killing themselves (not that they actually are) its not going to make jagex change the game. They are already dead why change the game for them?
  6. What do baloons do? but I reckon this guide is a good first time money maker. :thumbsup: takes u from duel arena to just outside the sawmill. faster then running to varrock bank and back. Check the "Getting Around" Guide on the Tip.it site for more info.
  7. I use to make my window bigger when lying on my bed. The screen was further way so needed to be bigger =p If you lower your screen's resolution the runescape window will take up more of your screen.
  8. Runecrafting is INCREDIBLY dull and time consuming. Trust me. I know. I have lvl 50 runecrafting. And the god sword hilts? They're 100 mil and up (sorry, don't know their current prices) because they're so common. And have you fought one of those bosses? I haven't. And stop bashing PK'ers, they are NOT as bad as people tend to suggest. wow 50 rc u've really invested some time into that skill *rolls eyes* Yet you'd prefer to stand around typing (or auto typer) making money? Heaps more fun...
  9. Or if they charge triple the money.. seeing as they cant sell the items on the account they get them the gold and give back the account. Seeing as it worked the company makes more money cos that 1 person tells others + comes back for more. If u have looked at bot sites they HATE account scammers and a lot of them are all decent people except for the fact that they are lazy so they bot and buy their gold.
  10. Well i'm sure jagex wants these kids outa the game... Anyone here ever had someone.. usually a girl/boy that is completely obsessed with you anything you do they question and its never right. How do u think jagex feels about these obsessed kids. Its an update. Its here to stay. Get over it obsessed whiny little kids. The game is ruined for many people. WOW!!! its a game move on!
  11. Seeing as the new update has abolished any means of trading unfairly this means that people won't see your drops and you won't be able to trade others to quickly get rid of your iron ore granite or logs. This is going to slow down skillers a lot seeing as many pay other players to get the items quickly out of their inventory. So... how can jagex fix this? Drop-X
  12. Runescape is my alone time so i generally play alone. Trades are always fair and don't keep many rs friends so drop parties aren't really my thing. It sucks that i can't borrow things from friends or them borrow from me anymore but now at least we will work ourselves to get it =p Updates are really good. I prefer the old wilderness but it is better for pking the way it is. I liked the huge area being able to walk around and fight monsters in the wilderness. Just a dark great place.
  13. What lvl do u stop burning monks with cooking guants?
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