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  1. hahaha...look at the nub ranting on the forums. i'm kidding, friend! lol i really hate that some players tend to think they are better than everyone else and that their (cabbage) doesn't stink. i'm sorry that you have been treated this way. IMO your skill lvls does not make you the noob....the players that feel they have to cut someone else down and act immature to me are being noobs. just remember...not all of us members are like that! just ignore them and move on. don't let them get to you
  2. i had to look for it. i think it's "Cave Background." anyways, it's the theme inside the mining guild. i used to like that one. they do have a few decently written songs that i like in the jukebox, but i don't think i'd go so far as to say i wish i could put in on my itunes.
  3. if someone was actually paying me to play the game i'd pick one skill and go to 99 then move to another and so on. that seems like it would be the quickest and most efficient method, because you are not wasting time running and/or teleporting to a bank...changing gear...moving to another location...etc. however...that's boring to me...and nobody is paying me to play. i have no set method or plan that i stick to. i think about what i want to do and what would be fun...then i log on and do it. if i get bored i move on to something else. i might try to grab a random lvl in a skill...or go fight something with decent drops...or whatever. sometimes i worry about skilling...sometimes i could care less. i'm just having fun. lol
  4. i don't merchant myself because i can't stand to deal with lots of players even buying and selling just what i need for myself. if i post something on the RSOF i find myself constantly turning down ripoff offers even if i state what price i'm buying or selling for. almost seems everybody turned into merchants...even if they aren't very good at it.
  5. the rule is there to protect you from malicious websites. it is a good rule and i believe in it. however, yes, as you pointed out with the wannabe mod...some players tend to act like nazis when it comes to the rules and throw all common sense out the window. tipit is a very well used and common fan site. i've had friends ask me for help for training and quests and such...i simply tell them that i'd check tipit. usually i say it in pm tho. to me...that is a world away from spamming in a bank saying "hey everybody! check out tipit fan site for all your runescape needs!" that is advertising. if someone is asking me what i'm drinking and i reply "dr pepper" i'm not advertising for dr pepper. i had a player the other day at the fishing guild looking for autoers. i'm lvl 109 and fishing next to him. he says "jp" so i say "what?" he replies..."just checking" like if i was looking at something else or didn't respond i must be an autoer. now if i see macros i do report them, but i don't go out of my way to try and police everyone in my vicinity. that's just being a nazi about it. like you pointed out in your thread...the only reasoning i can get from this is some players are just trying to be wannabe mods. when jagex has to sift through all the spam reporting like that it makes me wonder how long it must take to get to real reports. i do agree with all the jagex rules and do my best to abide by them. if i see someone obviously breaking the rules i do report them. but i try to use common sense on what i feel might need to be looked at and dealt with and what is perfectly innocent. oh, and i don't yell "reported!" after each report...like that's gonna make any difference. we're here to play a game and have fun. let's use a little bit of common sense with that report abuse button.
  6. i saw the numbers in the article, but i missed where the references to these statistics are... gotta have accurate references listed..at least that's what my college professor told me before he failed my paper.
  7. i didn't quote the entire post because it's long. i really must admit that qeltar has made a much more convincing argument from his point of view than that of the editor's. i'm not going to go as far to say that i agree 100% with everything that you stated, but you did raise some very valid points such as expanding the memberbase over addressing current customer problems. i myself have never had a problem with the game and therefore have never had to contact customer service (crosses fingers.) i can only go by what i hear on this part. the glaring fact that is made in your post is the complete lack of presence jagex seems to make within the game. it seems only a fraction more of a presence is seen on the RSOF. as far as member fees a year...i'm thinking that is supposed to mean 6 million dollars a month, not a year. if you have over 1 million members at 5 dollars each that's at least 5 million dollars a month. overall i am happy with my personal experience with runescape. my complaints would be rather minor. if i were experiencing the horrid conditions that some attempt to make it out to be...i would have quit....and a long time ago at that. i would never let my frustrations outweigh my enjoyment of a game. there is an overwhelming amount of unrealistic and unreasonable criticism aimed at jagex. it seems the popular thing to do these days is grab your pitchfork and join in the riots outside the Jagex Towers. however, i believe there are some loyal players who actually love the game, but are frustrated by certain aspects that seems to be out of everyone's control. these few players feel they have a valid and reasonable complaint, and they wouldn't be complaining if they didn't care. sometimes their complaints seem to get swept under the rug like "oh...you're just another ranting lunatic who can't behave." hopefully someone will see the points you make behind the frustration. could someone do better? maybe, but i'd hate to see Gower sell runescape off to some corporation who's only concern would be the price of their stock. that could prove to be fatal.
  8. i agree but only so far with this article. i believe criticism from the player community can be used as a positive tool to improve the game and fix problems. however it is not helpful when a player's criticism turns into flaming and namecalling like "jagex hates pures! jagex doesn't care!" on the same note there are numerous problems within the game that seem to be constantly ignored. sometimes i feel jagex is in a cross between trying to update the game and playing whack-a-mole with all the criticism, complaints, and problems the players bring it'd probably be so much better of a game if we weren't involved. lol
  9. in my opinion it's not the cost of feathers which there is not much difference in price in shops than it was from buying off of other players. like ppl have already said it's the patience to fish. the major incentive for a player to get any 99 skill is already in the game now. skillcapes. i got my 99 fletching a month before skillcapes were released and there were less then 5k 99 fletchers. now...in a year or so since they released skillcapes there are over 25k 99 fletchers. fletching has been around forever. it was considerably cheaper to buy the materials when i did than it is now. so price can't be the motivating factor.
  10. I didn't write the first letter...only the second. I didn't expect them to publish a "chicken feather" either. lol. Though I have used this site and read articles for quite some time. Thanks Tip.It for reading my letter.
  11. No graphics aren't the reason we play the game, but I 'll tell you what...if this game was a single player offline game nobody would ever want to play it. It's more about the player interaction. Plus, considering runescape uses Java nobody even comes close using the same platform.
  12. crazymoefo!!! where you at bro! he quit went on to play WoW. toboe was a good friend even though he kept asking me to wear my santa. lol. don't know what happened to him either. i'll assume the best and that he found himself a little girlfriend and no longer has time for his geek friends. lol hce. met him in f2p when he started complaining cuz i was taking all the iron ore at the varrock mines. he was like lvl 20 something at the time and i was lvl 100. found out we have stuff in common IRL. very entertaining bro to talk to. sent me a hilarious email on how he was catching me in stats. gosh...i've given him a bunch of stuff helping him out. good buddy to hang out with.
  13. Regardless of the topic poster's spelling and derogatory comment I believe a good lesson has been brought up. First, it is next to useless to give free items to a player who comes randomly comes up and begs for it. They have learned nothing except that if you keep asking someone will give you free items and you don't have to work for it. It's like the real life lesson, "If you give a man a fish he will eat for the day, but if you teach a man how to fish he will never go hungry again." If you do feel generous and wish to help another player out it would be more beneficial to give some advice on how to play the game so that the player could learn how to become more self reliant. Not all of these beggars are going to want to hear the advice though. Another thing you need to remember when it involves random beggars is that if you choose not to give them anything then it is perfectly alright. Their character will not starve to death. They will not pass out due to dehydration or from being out in the elements too long. They could log out and the next time they log in they will be exactly where they left off. This doesn't mean that you should ever be disrespectful toward anyone. This only leads to a senseless argument that you will never win no matter how right you are. Also, it doesn't mean that you should never ever give anything away. If someone is needing 1 law and I happen to have extras I don't mind helping out. But handing a "noob" 100k for no reason other then they are asking for free stuff is not helping anybody out. Oh and I hope my rather virgin post count on these forums does not discredit what I am trying to say. :(
  14. Cooking has got to be by far the easiest skill in the game. It has become one of the most common capes in the game as well. I was barely even paying atttention to the game in the two weeks I got to 99 cooking. Fletching is probably second easiest in my opinion. Next on the list would probably go Firemaking, then Hunter, then Thieving.
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