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  1. Not bad. It sounds like its describing a torrid love affair. I would like to see a few more details; it sounds too generalized (and in some places a little cliche) as it is. "futures" should be "future's". "cause I can feel that it's wrong." "cause" is too casual of wording for this poem. It's slang for "because". The line itself is too plain and needs rewriting. The last line on the first strophe deviates too far from any natural rhythm of the poem. It feels clunky coming out of the mouth. Give it another rewrite and share a little more with your readers. How is the pain unbearable? What does it feel like? What do you have overloading your mind? Why do people stare and disapprove? Concentrate on imagery, utilizing your senses (touch, see, taste, hear, smell), especially in a poem about love and intimacy. What does that touch feel like? I admit that I wasn't a big fan of this one. Use this one to extract a line or two out of for future poems. This final one was my favorite. I think the final strophe was very well written. I like the idea of contrasting rainy days with timing running dry, and cold with heat. It lends to an impression that the narrator is out of sorts with the environment. Maybe (she?) will understand someday. I'd omit the 3rd and 4th lines on the first strophe. They're a bit cliche and don't really seem to add much to the overall poem. You could then combine the 2nd strophe with the first. Finally, pay attention to punctuation. It's okay to have end stops in the middle of a line. It's not a great rewrite, but maybe it will give some ideas.
  2. Well, I don't have to worry about it anyways. I don't expect an invite anytime soon. :D I suppose it's a matter of perspective. Sure, there are times where we all wish we had the power to handle a situation ourselves. Your article I think outlined a lot of the cons that come with the responsibility: answering the same questions every day, unreasonable expectations from other players, player animosity towards you, etc.. I guess you have to weigh the good versus the bad, because you are always going to have to deal with the unwanted attention no matter how many articles you write. Like they say, heavy is the head that wears the crown. I respect the players that accept the added responsibility of becoming a player moderator FOR THE RIGHT REASONS. Let me ask you, since Jagex announced they were reforming their policies on selecting player mods, have you noticed a change, whether better or worse? I like the idea of putting a greater emphasis on community leaders being selected rather than the number of reports.
  3. I have to admit, I was originally against the idea of "Bonus XP" weekend, but I feel it was handled very well. As long as it doesn't become too much of a routine than I don't see a problem with it. Once a year would be plenty.
  4. Personally, I don't understand why so many players would want to be a PMod. I guess for the distinction, like Mage pointed out. I don't think they know what they're asking for though. I appreciate what they are there for and all, but I wouldn't touch that job with a 39 1/2 foot pole.
  5. Is he pointing at something in the museum or just striking a pose for the camera? If it will tie into the next skill, then what do you think it is? Archeology?
  6. You can't train strength with a whip, so it never really replaced the scimmy.
  7. GE, they often don't sell, and max is 10k every 4 hours, so if you have a lot, they take a while. Okay. That makes sense then. :)
  8. Regarding the DYK: Don't ALL of the summoning shops buy for 25 each? As well as on the GE? I missed the significance of this tip. Racheya called a meeting and chewed our butts out after last week. :P She can be mean when she cracks her whip.
  9. Help and Advice, aisle 2. :smile: It's difficult to say, because it depends on your attack level as well (how often you hit). You first have to figure out how much strength xp you average per hour. Then divide that number by the experience you have left to 99. That will tell you how many hours it will take. Ex: Say you averaged 40k xp an hour in strength, and you had 6 million xp till 99 strength. 6 million / 40k = 150 hours
  10. I don't think anybody has said "betwixt" with a serious face in 300 years. Seriously, I can't even say it out loud without cracking a smile. Other than that it read just as you described it: background information to what could've been a decent story. It's a shame you stopped here.
  11. As Paw pointed out, the meter and rhyme scheme do not fit a ballad form. I like the concept though, but it needs a good rewrite with particular attention to your meter.
  12. Every line is a worn-out cliche. The descriptions are so generic and vague that your reader will barely be able to understand what you are trying to communicate. (At least in "This is Halloween" we have some idea what the monster under the bed looks like: Teeth ground sharp and eyes glowing red.) The first two stanzas seem to contrast one another: light/dark, good/evil. At that point, I can find some pattern or relationship between the two. The third stanza loses me though. I don't know what you are describing, and I don't understand the relevance to the first two stanzas. The last stanza only appears to be a jumbling of the first two stanzas, but if there is a point to be summarized by doing this then I missed it. I do not know who "I" embodies in this poem. Is "I" the monster, the dove, the stranger, and the ghost? Another thing that makes it awkward for me is that the poem is directly addressed to me, as if it's answering questions I haven't asked yet. Because the "you" in the poem may not be able to personally relate to the experience, it may be more effective to address the poem to another character. Even the narrator itself would be a better candidate as long as you change the "I am" phrase repeated throughout. The only features I could identify as far as structure were four lines to each stanza and the aa,bb... rhyme scheme (except for line 14). I'd recommend toying with more complex rhymes and poetic techniques, or at least find more interesting words to rhyme with besides words like "bed" and "head". The reason is because those rhymes are what's going to stick out the most in your poem. It's what your readers are most likely to remember, so you want to pay closest attention that your rhymes are not dull or sound forced. After rereading it a few more times, the only theme I could come up with is death: "Scary Death" - There's a monster under my bed and a ghost threatening to haunt me forever. "Friendly Death" - A person I love (whoever that is), who isn't just a white dove, but the purest white dove, is whispering on the wind that I have nothing to fear. "Death of People I Don't Know" - Random dead strangers are threatening to haunt me, too? and a recap (I wouldn't really call it a refrain) in the final stanza. As I said before though, all of these different characters is in fact the same character, presented as "I am" throughout the entire poem. The true riddle to discovering any meaning is figuring out who "I" really is then. In order to do that though, you must figure out the broadest subject that could personify all of these elements at once. The only thing I could come up with was death. Even if this is true then I still don't understand the purpose, or meaning of the poem. Is Death himself merely making an observation to "you" about the different things he could be? There is a difference between leaving it open enough for your readers to draw their own conclusions, and making something so obscure and vague that it becomes senseless. Even when I dive this far into your poem to attempt to extract some sort of meaning from it, I keep doubting myself and am wondering if I'm simply trying to read too much into it. Of course, this is just my personal analysis. Here's an exercise: Hand your poem to ten people at random and ask them to describe to you what they think it's about. The fewer people who get it right means the more you may have to rework it.
  13. They technically don't even need to prove you're a terrorist. Under this kind of authority, the executive branch can pull you out of bed in the middle of the night and detain you while indefinitely suspending your usual rights. The idea that "well, as long as you're doing the right thing then you have nothing to hide" is a naive way of looking at it. This gives the executive branch the authority to circumvent the checks and balances built into your government for the sake of cutting through bureaucratic red tape. It grants one office of power the potential to abuse their authority. I'm disappointed in Obama, and I'm a left-wing Democrat.
  14. I played HD up till a couple of months ago, then my comp quit handling it smoothly. I downgraded to SD mode and it runs just fine.
  15. Thanks for shoving four different discussion about four different updates into one beast of a thread!
  16. This may be my favorite post of the internet. lol It sums up Runescape and us so well.
  17. So I'm the only one who is required to provide facts in this discussion. 1) I don't even know what it is that you are asking ME to prove. This isn't about me, or you for that matter. 2) You are the one making claims that tip.it is worse today than ever, and that things need to change. Where are your facts? 3) You might want to do a little fact-checking on your own last post. I don't appreciate being talked down to either, as if I'm a child who hasn't been here long enough to know what he's talking about. But you know what? You enjoy your little discussion on your own then.
  18. You mean that great era where a handful of Tip.It mods managed to drive almost the entire clan community away? I think that was a time that perfectly sums up my point. When it comes to the players, there was no golden era in Runescape. There are too many people who have it in their head that things were so much better "back in the old days", but of course those old days are usually relative to when they first started playing. I won't abandon my principles so we can create your ideologic vision of what Tip.It used to be.
  19. It'll be crazy for a couple of weeks, but as far as LONG term effects there will be little impact. Short term it degrades the value of xp, and of course ties an already weak trade system into further knots. The length of this event won't be long enough to do major damage though. The worst of it will be players expecting this to become a routine event, and if Jagex does decide that then I might have to seriously consider retiring for good from Runescape. I don't like the idea of the event, but I don't think it'll affect gameplay in the long run.
  20. I was agreeing with you up to this point, then I shook my head. Paying customers do not bow down and act grateful for the privilege of giving them money to play the game no matter what. If members aren't happy and get tired of it, then they stop being members. you pay for a service, you get what you pay for. I shake my head right back at you, paying customers in no company directly decide what company strategy is. That is a privalige reserved for shareholders. Paying customers, be they happy that something is on sale, or that their favorite shoe now comes in their favorite color, whatever, they have no influence on the company, and can only be happy that the company has chosen to do something they like. Maybe humble the right word or phrase. *plays English is my second language card* Jagex may refuse the right, as any other establisment, to serve any customer for any reason, that is their right. Jagex develops the game, not you, they choose and decide, you recieve new content and play. heck, they could stop giving out new content and demand the same membership price for membership features if they like, not that they should, will, or it is morally acceptable - they could and you could do NOTHING about it. They can and then I don't have to pay. A company doesn't have the right to take your money AND THEN refuse you service. I agree that Jagex holds all the cards and makes all the decisions. After all, they have a lot more to lose in this venture than I do. If I as a customer am on happy, then I can simply walk away and select from the thousands of other internet games on the market. If all the customers walk away from Jagex, however, no more Runescape. In that respect, it is in their best interest to listen to some of the feedback.
  21. The boundaries of free speech are far more liberal than where you would choose to impose them. Inappropriate and meaningless are not synonymous, which means it still doesn't justify your argument. Who is going to decide what has meaning? You? We decide for ourselves what has meaning and what doesn't. Even what you consider pointless bemoaning can be meaningful data. It represents an individual's point-of-view. Mass communication is in a slightly different category from casual conversation, and in this context I'd place the message boards in the latter. Even still, a publication decides what their individual purpose is: to inform, to entertain, to instruct, etc. The individual publication decides for themselves what's important, and it usually boils down to who their target audience is. The Tip.It forums is a different entity. It's a place for the Runescape community to congregate and express themselves as individuals. The level of moderating is superior to what you would find at the RSOF. Sometimes, I feel the mods here go a bit too far. How far are you expecting them to go? When censorship goes too far, then you have no dialogue.
  22. I was agreeing with you up to this point, then I shook my head. Paying customers do not bow down and act grateful for the privilege of giving them money to play the game no matter what. If members aren't happy and get tired of it, then they stop being members.
  23. hi y-guy! ot: having the right to say something doesn't mean you should, and it certainly doesn't mean a community should be obliged to endure your bemoanings. Even with a right to free speech, this right must be executed with reason, respect and humility. A national right to free speech does not guarantee a right to publication, which is what posting on open boards on the internet consists of. Because I can moan and groan freely in private, does not entitle me to anything on public forums. I can guarantee you that the tip.it community will not regain the sophistication, activity, vibrance and friendly community since its foundation through 2004 without more rigorous moderation. defending free speech as a right is good, that does not mean the public should endure the destructive use of it. Because you have a right to burn flags, make hateful religious cartoons or bemoan every update does not mean tip.it should publish those views or endorse those actions. the right to free speech must be used selectively, and foums mods are obligated to make a selection that promotes constructive contributions thus constructive development of this community. If the destructive moaners leave, the rest of the community is better off, and new users are more likely to stay. By that same logic, we should censor any posts that praise an update or display their excitement for a future update. Why only attack negative comments? How can you legitimately associate a poster on Tip.It who complains about a recent update to offensive speech. Does it put you under that much duress to read it? Are these posters looking to incite a crime? These are the REAL responsibilities that come with free speech, and you are overreaching in your comparisons. Oh, and that right to free speech does extend to publications...since that's all part of the free speech thing ya know (Journalism 1101). Where it ends here though is at the discretion of the owners of Tip.It.
  24. Earth_Poet


    Yeah I tried doing this to an AFKer for the lulz and it didn't work. Slowed him down a bit though, he kept running all the way round the furnace. lol, yay bots. I was talking about people like the ones who would camp out at say Castlewars and keep shutting the door on anybody who tried to open it for their own amusement.
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