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  1. Not to mention how classy it is to start selling tickets before they told people when and where it was. I see they got a date now. Still no exact location. Maybe it will be a "surprise"?
  2. Back in my day we didn't have a wilderness ditch to jump across. There was no visible line, and if you wandered over it then too bad! Back in my day there was no "pure" essence. We only got essence and we liked it just fine! Back in my day there was no bank in Lumbridge (let alone 2 banks). You had to walk uphill to Draynor Village! Both ways! Back in my day we didn't get to choose what randoms gave us. If they felt like giving you 25 gp then that's what you got! And they didn't teleport us away either. We fought the KBD and still made time to say hello to the drunken dwarf. It was a little thing we called manners! :-D
  3. I keep hearing the voice of the the drill sergeant from "Stripes". "Settle down... Francis." The Times is very much informal and open to some format of creative flow. Formality is often boring, and there is certainly no singular format which would govern the general article. There is no desire to limit the reader's experience to scientific journal formatting. :P No offense, but that sounds a little spacey, storm. The purpose of writing essays in third-person is not so the author can sound stuffy and pretentious. It's meant to strengthen the display of your argument. In an academic essay, the evidence should do the telling for the author. Attaching "I think" to the point can weaken the argument, giving the appearance that either it is simply personal opinion or the author is unsure of himself. However, this is an editorial, which has some personal opinion. Instead of resolving an argument, editorials are usually meant to stir one up. The English 101 professor says never use "I' in an essay, but the Tip.It Times follows the conventions of even the biggest editorial publications where a more conversational tone is commonly used. It can be difficult to express emotion while writing like a robot. While stonewall claims personal opinion is moot, it is in fact central to this discussion. "I" and "you" are permitted in this style, although they probably could be used more judiciously in the future.
  4. Just like Slayer. Except you should only earn 1/10 of regular combat xp while doing tasks. And all Slayer drops need to become untradeable. And give the untradeable whip a Slayer requirement of 30 (Don't worry, we'll keep Abyssal Demons at 85 so it will be pointless). And do an item rollback after each Slayer task. That way, the only incentive to train Slayer is for more Slayer xp. I was not referring to the "drops" or "rewards" in any aspect of slayer until i mentioned the tokens. So no need for sarcasm-.- I stated it is like slayer for the higher level you get, the more things you can kill. As for the exp, again, was talking about slayer, not combat. In any case, if it were regular experience, all dungeoneering would become is a separate game inside Runescape. Which, as i said, was what it original was. Additionally, every comment everyone is giving immediately states it is useless. Does anyone have something called "patience"? Summoning was useless when it came out for various reasons. Now it's one of the most important skills, similar to agility and magic. General farming was useless. Fruit trees did little to nothing, allotments did nothing, same with hops. Cooking got updated so potatoes+sweetcorn could be used. Can you not see something similar happening to Dungeoneering where it is incorporated in other places? OUTSIDE of Daemonhiem. It sounds like you don't want to agree, but you can't find a way to disagree either. First, two weeks seems a fair enough time frame for an individual to form his or her own opinion. Second, by your logic, we equally have to disregard every statement made about Dungeoneering since they've been given the same amount of time to make their assessment. The sky may be the limit in Dungeoneering, but I can only critique what actually exists at this moment. Why would speculation trump that? I would share your opinion if some of that "potential" had actually been implemented already. But it wasn't. I do see the potential. Whenever I'm Dung'ing I think what a waste. It had real potential to be great, but instead it comes off as bizarre, boring, and awkward. I will disagree with your Summoning and Farming examples. Both had more uses on release. Farming has only ever had one major use: herbs. Everything else is generally used to pad xp. I may be mistaken, but I thought Cooking and Herblore were updated alongside Farming's release. Summoning was more of a pain to use, and was quickly overhauled. It may be a cynical thought, but I also believe they were a little more motivated to get Summoning right coming off the heels of the Anti-RWT campaign. If Jagex does choose to overhaul the skill in the future, then I might change my opinion the same way I did for Summoning after its makeover. I don't think it matters what I think anymore anyways. Over the past year or so they keep pumping bizarre and stupid updates into this game. It's not that Jagex is incompetent; I believe the devs are some of the best at what they do in their field. After reading Jmod posts on RSOF it's pretty clear this is the direction Runescape is heading whether we like it or not. I've got about two weeks membership left and I'm not going to renew. It's a shame because I had always considered myself a big fan of the game. But what can we do? You have to suffer through my last few ravings before I finally quit.
  5. Just like Slayer. Except you should only earn 1/10 of regular combat xp while doing tasks. And all Slayer drops need to become untradeable. And give the untradeable whip a Slayer requirement of 30 (Don't worry, we'll keep Abyssal Demons at 85 so it will be pointless). And do an item rollback after each Slayer task. That way, the only incentive to train Slayer is for more Slayer xp.
  6. First, there was no need to facepalm if you aren't even sure what he meant. Second, if that is what he truly meant, then this is all he needed to say: Since it doesn't give his opinion any more weight.
  7. What does the Fally Massacre have to do with Dungeoneering? I don't see the connection.
  8. Yes, Dungeoneering uses many different skills, but here's the problem. If you need a higher level in one of those skills, then Dungeoneering is the LAST place to be. Don't bother training Dungeoneering until all of your other skills are leveled up. It'd be like having to kill chickens and ogres until your combat was maxed out BEFORE starting on Slayer. It'd be like having to get 99 Mining before you can even smith that first ore, because ores can only be bought with mining tokens. You will not accumulate anything while playing Dungeoneering. It's a one way street for skills. Originally, I liked the mini-game feel, because it worked away from the grinding effect. Now I feel it grinds worse than any other skill. It wouldn't be so bad, but I can't take anything with me. Except for this worthless ring. Yeah, you HAVE to take that with you. So I have to run around making armor and building enough cash to get materials to make my armor only to have to start all over again at the start of each new floor. I might be able to understand losing items when you leave the dungeon, but after each floor? Again, nothing can be accumulated. Which means you're getting out of it exactly what you're putting into it: nothing. You may not want to mention rewards, but you have to wonder what they were thinking when they came up with these arbitrary requirements. Congratulations, you are level 21 Dungeoneering and can now use a Bonecrusher. Yeah. Thanks. Except it's going to take me till level 40 before I can get enough tokens to buy the damn thing. Why not just make the requirements level 40? Stupid. Stupid. Stupid. The only reason why I was doing Dungeoneering was because I wanted to keep up a total level, but screw it I could care less now.
  9. The link for Dungeoneering Skills under "Skills Related Subguides" sends me to the Construction Table.
  10. same. they took my binded weapon away. :x
  11. It was already stated on the forums that that was part of the system update. phooey!!!!!
  12. You think they're going to nerf the original rc xp gained in the dungeons? Maybe that's what the update and bug was about anyways. :sad:
  13. You know what's really irritating? Being in the middle of a raid when they decide to do a system update. :wall:
  14. I had an alter in one of my dungeons. This is still good advice though. From what I can tell the answer is no. I agree. I think it's a step in the right direction for future skills and content. I think it could've been implemented in the game much better though. Hopefully they'll open it up a little more soon.
  15. What I got from it is that she's afraid it will snowball. Players today will spend more and more time grinding, while others are grinding even harder just to stay ahead, which forces new players to grind that much harder, and so forth. I don't think she meant it is dissuading people from even joining in the first place, at least that's how I was reading it. I don't know if today's top players are grinding more, per say. Skills are so much easier to train then they were even when I started playing. Overall though, you'd have to admit that more people seem to be grinding, or power-leveling, their skills. I think there are other factors for this though: faster money-making methods, easier/afkable training methods, faster training methods, Distractions and Diversions, etc. Today, neither gp nor xp carries the same weight that it once did. As a result, more and more people are "grinding" because they see it more manageable.
  16. The whip would marginally increase in price. Even the demand increases, they aren't hard to get, so slayers would be farming them. The more dramatic changes would be the price crashes on other weapons.
  17. I'd like to see something similar to this idea, more ways to make money in F2P. The worst thing that could happen would be people bot these to get money, but botting has always been a problem, that was never exclusive to F2P (green dragon botters, anyone?) The neutral thing to happen would be that F2Pers just ignore these new ways to make money, which would mean a little effort from Jagex wasted. The best thing that could happen is that F2Pers actually utilize these methods to make money. Or improved ways of training (i.e. easier or quicker xp gained). Money is nice, but it doesn't have to be the only incentive.
  18. I'm not against the idea, though I'm not sure F2P would feel it worth their while. There are so many menial tasks out there that are time-intensive and earn no xp, and GP has become devalued enough now that the payout isn't enough to overcome the negatives. Some of your suggestions would lead to more questions. Is F2P forced to buy dhides off of us, or should Green Dragons be opened up to F2P? Should Fletching extend to F2P so they can make those arrows? Well, one of the differences is that they generally didn't pay their slaves, and the work they did wasn't an option. This is more of a discussion of making these tasks available. It would be up to F2P to decide if they feel it's worth their time. I agree that there wouldn't be much incentive to do more rubbish tasks that pay as little as any rubbish tasks already available. I certainly understand the desire to see an in-game benefit with a little more substance.
  19. If you mean by speaking directly then I guess I was. And you seem to not understand the definition of sarcasm. I think the word you are looking for is EXAGGERATION, and most people tend to find the truth more convincing than ludicrous scenarios when making a point. Sure, you win. <~~~ sarcasm
  20. So you're pontificating that your attack level is so high you practically never miss on someone around the same level as you? From my experience this is clearly not the case, even if your attack is quite a few levels higher than your opponent's defense. No, I thought it to be a pretty straightforward question. Wasn't the point of training Attack to improve your accuracy? What boggles my mind is that instead of answering the question I had asked, you made up another one, and then ridiculed yourself for asking it. Why? I never said my Attack level is so high I practically never miss. I can see why that would be easy to refute, since that's clearly not the case in my own experience as well. Maybe that's why I didn't say that. But if I ever do, then I guess I know the answer now. Furthermore, I didn't know this kind of extremism is where your goal for Runescape laid: A game where no one ever fails, especially in the beginning! If that was your true point all along, that somehow this game would be made better if we never ever missed our targets, then yes, quelmotz, you are right. My Attack level doesn't go that high. Oh, and if you really wish to talk about my rudeness, then maybe you should take a long look in the mirror, or maybe just review your own snide comments throughout this thread, because as a wise man two posts above me once said, "Your intelligence astounds me." This argument is dull and old now, and you have yet to make any case to the "benefits" of the update, which is a shame since you are the only one heartily defending it. It's still a useless, and mostly unnecessary update. I'm guessing you're just here trying to play devil's advocate, as it's the only way I can make sense of your arguments anymore. I'll let you get back to the pretend debate now.
  21. Excellent! I look forward to it, and I promise I won't back down either, no matter how petty your threats may get. For the latter part, I don't believe movies are "stupid, useless junk" either. It's not about the merit of the story, nor the intentions of the storyteller. It's not even about the story at all. It's about the method it's conveyed. If you enjoy watching TV more than reading books, then that's fine. That's simply a matter of taste. Don't kid yourself into believing your getting everything out of TV that you could get out of books. They're different on several levels. You're trading the subtleties in a book to gain the obvious from a movie. I shouldn't have written it quite like that. I'm sorry. Those two sentences were unrelated. What I meant was: How is watching someone die in a movie more mentally impacting than in a book? No, you laid this out as if it was at the core of your opposition's feelings (not to mention it contradicted what you had said before) when that is a farce. It still remains this way, even after your...clearification. If you want to get to the very basics of this, then yes, anybody with a stick and a patch of dirt can suddenly become a writer when the moment strikes. And because of that, there are plenty of crap books stocking the shelves just waiting to steal your money. Filmmakers and writers are both searching for target audiences, and they can do that while still having passion for their work; it's not against the rules. The publishing world puts the same kind of stress on writers as studios put on filmmakers, only for less money. Now, what does all that have to do with anything? Are you saying movies are inferior by choice? That doesn't help your defense as potential doesn't mean much.
  22. Don't those bosses' hits "add up" too, virtually negating the advantage in this irrelevant scenario? Wasn't that why we trained our Attack levels?
  23. Who? Were you replying to me? Seeing someone die right in front of you is even more emotionally impacting. How it is more mentally impacting watching in a movie? :rolleyes: Well if you are making ignorant assumptions here, then where else have you made them? Where did you even draw this conclusion from? Furthermore, what point were you trying to make with it? And someday apples will be oranges. It's two different things you are trying to compare.
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