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  1. Humor is one of the hardest things to write, because you never know if it will translate in written form so that the reader "gets it", and like someone else said we all have a different sense of humor. If you are familiar with the original Skippy list and enjoy it, then you would definitely relate to this first article. I was actually surprised at how many enjoyed it, but I wouldn't expect nothing less from the author of the pet rock article. :lol: I definitely enjoyed the first one this week, and I hope Necro will continue to make us laugh in the future. The second one definitely has its flaws in logic, but the underlying point is made very clear through the author's confession.
  2. Wait, what? Runescape before the dot-com bubble burst? Four years before membership arrived? Am I just not reading this right, or is this not jiving with history. Now that's something new! :thumbsup: I'm also curious what they might do on console platforms. All in all one of the best interviews I've read recently.
  3. No, I'm talking about the Nullification Crisis in the 1830s, which I thought you were referring to because it was the only time that war almost broke out because of taxes. If not, then I'll wait for your explanations to clarify your position.
  4. It may have not been Calhoun. I was just trying to look it up quickly on the internet, but I was probably wrong. The issue about the tariff was in response to the poster I had quoted that claimed the Civil War was about taxes. There almost was a secession during Jackson's time, but that was years earlier and it never came about. As far as the main points of conflict being economic and political, that's exactly what I said: It was slave states vs free states. As you referred to, Lincoln campaigned not on abolishing slavery, but preventing it from spreading. That wouldn't have worked anyways though. With new states being admitted, the South feared being outnumbered if no more slave states were allowed. War had already broke out before Lincoln even took office though. The reason why the Emancipation Proclamation wasn't issued at first was because Lincoln needed a decisive victory in the war before he was willing to carry it forward. The Republicans really turned it into a social issue after the Civil War, in order to win elections throughout the remainder of the 19th century.
  5. Okay, we might as well keep going off topic and have a history discussion, but I'll try to make it relevant. When you are talking about taxes, I'm guessing you are talking about tariffs, and if so then you are going too far back towards Andrew Jackson's presidency and the Nullification Crisis. There was a congressman (and I can't think of his name for the life of me at the moment) who introduced a bill with a ridiculously high tariff with no intentions of it becoming law. His motives were purely political, and it turned into a huge blunder. The North favored higher tariffs while the South despised them. The South had an agricultural economy, and higher tariffs meant higher taxes on exports. That meant the South would have a harder time selling their goods (i.e. King Cotton) overseas. The North was an industrial economy, and higher tariffs worked for two reasons. One, if the South couldn't sell their goods overseas then that meant the North was their only customer and could buy raw materials at an even cheaper price. Two, higher tariffs also meant higher taxes on imported goods. Let's say I was a northern manufacturer, and I could sell item "X" for $100 and make a profit. France could make and identical "X" for the same price, but the tariff forced the price up to $150. Now I could sell "X" for $125, making even more of a profit while still being cheaper than foreign competition. The congressman who sponsored the high tariff bill expected it to be voted down. That way he could campaign in the North, saying "See! Our party tried to do something for you, but they shot it down." At the same time he could campaign in the South and say, "See what they were trying to do to you! Our party saved you by voting down the bill." The only problem was, the bill actually passed. This led to a lot of anger, with South Carolina threatening to ignore the new tariff, or even secede. A showdown between Jackson and South Carolina ensued until a compromise was made to lower the tariff. The U.S. nearly entered Civil War at this time period, and if it had it would have had a lot to do with taxes, but war never happened. *** The Civil War did have a lot to do with slavery in one fashion or another. The problem with how many people interpret the cause from both sides is that we're assuming it was a war of moral values, and that is false. Yes, it had to do with state rights, but it was about a state's right to own slaves. I already talked about how the South was dependent on agriculture. On the wealthiest of plantations, it was slaves who worked the crop fields. Because slavery had grown to such an important staple of the South's economy, and for fear of slave revolts like the ones in Haiti, there was also a belief spread that it was a just life. Even the poorest of whites were still taught they were somehow superior to slaves, even if their living conditions represented little better. There was a belief that the slaves wouldn't work the fields for pay, and that they had to be forced. If slavery was abolished, southerners feared nobody would be left to work the plantations, or that other low-waged jobs would become scarce through competition. The South also feared losing their voice in D.C.. As Americans were pushing West, every territory eligible to be admitted as a state came into fierce competition between slave states and free states. We saw this in the Missouri Compromise, and we saw this in the fight over Kansas. When Lincoln won the election, states began to secede. The Confederacy had already attacked Fort Sumter and started the Civil War before Lincoln had even taken office. So the Civil War had everything to do with slavery to one degree or another, but it wasn't about morality. It was about economics and politics, but the line that divided both was slavery. Has the view been reinterpreted since? Yes. The image of the gallant Union troops swooping in and saving the nation from the corruption of the South, and breaking the chains of slavery, because it was the noble and right thing to do etc., is a distorted image. The Republican party, for the remainder of the 19th century, were "waving the bloody shirt" to remind voters that it was the evil Southern Democrats who started a war that killed your husband, father, brother, or son. And the Republicans reminded African-Americans every election year that it was their party that had freed them. Yeah, the Civil War story became distorted over time, but that doesn't mean it wasn't over slavery. It had everything to do with slavery. *** So does this mean the Confederate flag represents racism? Yes, but it has nothing to do with everything I just said up there. The Civil War era is just where the symbol came from. Southern states began flying the flag in the 1950s and 60s in defiance of the Civil Rights movement, and the push for desegregation. Since then the story has changed of why they fly/flew over state capitals and appeared on state flags. Now listening to everyone else, I've changed my mind to some degree. I will concede some that it isn't always intended to represent hate. It depends on the situation. But I will say this: Even if you wave the flag with good intentions, it sends mixed signals about who you are. I've lived in Alabama, Georgia, and North Carolina most of my life. I'm proud to be from the South, but I would think there are other, better symbols to represent your pride, patriotism, and heritage. To me, the flag means nothing more than separatism, segregation, and rebellion. Edit: I guess that congressman's name was John Calhoun, but I'm not sure...that's from Wikipedia.
  6. I hope that other article you're referring to wasnt written by the same person, because that would just be weird. :? But to be honest, I was referring to this year only. Most of the things you specifically referred to (i.e. Summoning, graphics changes) came around prior to 2009. I can't really tell if you are serious, or if it was a cheesy segue. I tried WoW for about a week, but wasn't very interested in it. I'm not looking to turn the game upside-down. I just like to see it grow once in awhile. If I wanted a game that stayed the same, I wouldn't pay a monthly subscription online for one.
  7. Oh, really? So do you look upon this picture with pride? What's your point? No, I'm not prideful in it. I'd appreciate it if you didn't insinuate that I'm a racist. It's not my fault the KKK took the Confederacy flag and turned it to meet their own purposes. My point is you should be careful who you label as idiots before you start sounding like one yourself. Really, that one was too easy. At its inception, yes, the flag was simply battlefield flag, something to represent the seceded states. But over the years, it's been given the stink of racism. South Carolina hasn't been flying the Confederate flag since the Civil War. They first raised it above the capital in the 1960s. As I said earlier, Georgia put the Confederate flag on its state flag in the 1950s. It wasn't to represent southern tradition, pride, heritage, etc. Southern states began raising the flag during this time period in defiance of the Civil Rights movement. Just as someone pointed out earlier, the swastika has come to mean something entirely different in the West since World War II. Helter-Skelter was once just a Beatles' song. Then someone comes along and changes the meaning.
  8. Every reason the South had to secede involved slavery to some degree. Lincoln campaigned saying he wanted to stop the spread of slavery, meaning that new territories being admitted to the Union would not be slave states. The South was afraid of losing control of the federal government, because there was an even number of slave and nonslave states at that point. States began seceding as soon as Lincoln was elected. We can water it down and say it was about state rights, but specifically it was about a state's right to own slaves. The 14th and 15th Amendments were to counter the Black Codes, which stated that African-Americans had to be in contracts of work, otherwise the state could auction them off to the highest bidder on their "contract". Though many African-Americans supported the Republican party, Republicans weren't winning any southern states. The relationship eventually eroded into pandering for their votes and nothing more until they pulled out of Reconstruction in 1877.
  9. Oh, I won't deny there wasn't segregation and racism taking place in the North. Some say the reason why Castro became a communist was after visiting the UN in NYC, when the only hotel room he could get was in Harlem, and the only ambassadors that would visit him were not American, but Soviet Union. Oh, really? So do you look upon this picture with pride?
  10. If you're denying that the Confederate flag hasn't been associated with racism, then you need a history lesson. For instance, in my home state of Georgia, the stars and bars were put on the state flag in 1956. It was to blatantly thumb their nose at the Civil Rights movement. The flag has also been waved at white supremacist gatherings like KKK marches and such. When many are talking about southern heritage, what they are really referring to is segregation and slavery. It's not so much they supported slavery (though some did, I'm sure), it's more they felt they had the right to have slaves. When the North decided that slavery wasn't too good anymore, the South got p'oed and said that the North was going against their own word. Not willing to associate with a nation of hypocrites and people willing to put the South down, the South decided to secede and become their own nation. Hence Confederate Flag. The North fought the South because they wanted to keep them as part of the country, to keep unity (Hence them being called the Union). Had the South won, we'd have The United States, and the Confederate States of America. But they didn't. So yay Freedom! :D Oh, slavery had nearly everything to do with it. The Republican party was started for the sole purpose of ending slavery. The North didn't wake up one morning and change their mind about slavery. They never wanted slavery. It was a compromise they had to make in order to get the southern states on board during the Revolution. But the North didn't have slavery. It became an ongoing feud as new states were being added to the Union whether they should have slavery or not, which led to the Missouri Compromise. And it's no coincidence that immediately after the Civil War the Union adopted the 13th, 14th, and 15th Amendments. The South was trying to do everything they could to slow Reconstruction, but they had to ratify these Amendments before being readmitted. Unfortunately, the South was able to "redeem" itself, and that's why you had nearly another whole century before the Civil Rights movement.
  11. [hide=] -1 respect points. I don't think you're allowed to put someone's total respect points into the negatives. Pwnt. [/hide] let's come up with new ways of saying it. cwned: stwned:
  12. We know that there is going to be a new dwarf quest, and that there is going to be a new fairy quest, but none of this has come out yet. They finished up the goblin series earlier this year, and had a new Arrav quest. That's all I can recall. We've been hearing about some of these quest storylines once again being picked up, and I suppose I would retract some of my statements if any of that content had actually been released yet, but it hasn't. And '06 and '05... My complaint was not about Jagex failing to put everything on the front page, but what was making the front page. Andrew wrote a blog about rewriting the game engine. Programmers might find that more interesting, but it doesn't mean a whole lot to somebody like me. That's stuff, if done right, players won't even notice. The last tweet that I read from Jagex said this week would once again have no updates. But fair enough, there's nothing wrong with dissenting opinions. That isn't what I said in the article. I said I appreciated all of the small upgrades we've gotten, but it could've have been done at the same time as writing "big" updates and new skills.
  13. Congratulations everybody! Keep up the good work! =D>
  14. I think you're confused. That's how private insurance companies operate.
  15. I take buspirone for anxiety attacks. If they work for you it is probably the best of all medication out there, because it's the only one in it's class that's non-addictive, so you don't have to worry about withdrawals when you stop taking it. It works well for me. However, if you can solve your issue w/o medication that would be the steps to try first.
  16. I see a personification of the gun, being the female portrayed: I see the flash of the gun. The "eyes" being the tip of the barrel. This ties in beautifully with the title. Metallic tears representing the bullet....her crying. This reminds me of an old 2Pac song. I don't know what your opinion of this artist or his music is, but keep an open mind about this correlation. I believe 2Pac was a poet of his times. The song I'm referring to is "Me and My Girlfriend." If you haven't heard it before, here's a youtube link: [hide=2Pac]I was too immature to understand your ways Inexperienced back in the days Caused so many arguments and strays Now I realise how to treat ya The secret to keep ya Bein' faithful (now) 'cause now cheatin's lethal We closer than the hands of time Deeper than the drive of mankind I trust you dearly; I shoot blind In time I clock figures Dropping *** as we rise We all soldiers in God eyes. Now it's time for war Never leave me, baby I'm paranoid Sleeping with you loaded by my bedside, crazy Jealous when you hang wit' the fellas I wait patiently alone Anticipated for the moment you come home I'm waiting by the phone This is true love, I can feel it I've had a lot of women in my bed but you the realest If you need me, call I'll be there through it all You're the reason I can stand tall Me and my girlfriend[/hide] This is a sample of how he compares his gun to an intimate relationship with a girlfriend (with a couple of edits). Now, I'm not saying you have to "thug" up the poem, nor take it quite in this same direction. But maybe this can give you some ideas in how far you go with this theme. I like what there is so far, but I'm wondering if there's more to be said beyond the five lines posted. Good job, though.
  17. St Wars > Star Tek, Stargate...etc (you know the copy failures, and insignificant sci-fi films/books that can't compete with Star Wars). Thus: Hyper/Light > Warp. No, we need to go faster! Ludicrous speed!
  18. Actually, it's the record companies that are losing out the most with piracy. Bands traditionally make more of their income through concerts and merchandise. Record companies are trying to dig in and demand a cut of these profits now. In my opinion, the major record companies made their own bed with the fans when they went after Napster while simultaneously threatening every music fan in the world. They had absolute control over the music industry for over 30 years. They decided went over the airwaves, and they decided who would top the charts. The artists needed the major labels for mass distribution and promotion, but the rise of the internet made that obsolete. The artists, if they are smart enough to see, don't need the major labels anymore. It's the record companies that need the artists. If you shut down one website, then 10 more are going to pop up. Well, that might be a different story. Unless the filmmaker is paying for the song they actually do use in the movie. Then it might be ok.
  19. Because there would be whole new characters with new abilities. And if they don't have new abilities then what's the point, that would just be appeasing to players like me who are resistant to the idea. Also, it wouldn't make it very special if a player could easily interchange between different races like it was equipment. Again, I see that as an idea to appease me. As we play through the game and its quests, we learn new things, unlock new secrets previously hidden to us until we help a certain tribe or race with their problem. So, for instance, we learn of fairy ring magic through the course of helping the fairies. Perhaps if you are a fairy, you'd already know the secrets of your race, and you'd have to do a different quest to learn, say, "human" magic. Is the gist of what you are talking about? It would be an idea that would work more smoothly incorporating it into a game from the ground up, but in a game like Runescape that is already in "progress" it just seems too disruptive. And then I can already hear the complaints, "There's not enough updates for vampires! Werewolves are too overpowering!" Sometimes I facepalm when I hear things like, "Jagex hates rangers!" or "Mages are too underpowered!" I think to myself that if you really think mage or range sucks, then why are you bothering with it? Nobody made you a ranger or a mage or a meleer. You can be all three at once if you like, or none of them, and that's what I like about Runescape. Now, with all that said, it would be cool to play as a vampire for a few days though.
  20. It was actually good to hear from Andrew himself. God, that picture though, probably the most shocking discovery for me. Didn't know what he looked like. :lol:
  21. Oh, I don't doubt that Jagex could do it. What I meant was that if they did do it, it wouldn't be Runescape as I know it anymore. It would be a different game. You said a race should only restrict you from doing a quest, but I think orks having Bandos protection at GWD is a big advantage, meaning every other race is at a disadvantage. If elves, as in your example, gain access to a unique mining area, then I see that as implying it's restricted for everyone else. In fact, the only place I wouldn't mind seeing advantages apparent is during PvP fights. Again, not saying it's a bad idea altogether, as we both know races/classes are utilized in very successful MMORPGs. But a game like Runescape would require an awful lot of balancing, and even then it would detract from what I feel makes this special to me.
  22. Welcome to Tip.It, and thank you so much for the positive remarks! I do hope you will stick around and that we will see more posts from you, even if it's to bash any future articles I may write. ;)
  23. The idea of playing different races is intriguing to a point, but I don't like the idea of special equipment, locations, or abilities/restrictions placed on each race. I think that's where you are going to run into the majority of resistance with fellow Scapers. On the other hand, what would be the point of having different races if there was nothing unique offered other than a cosmetic update. There lies the problem. After constant nagging from friends, I finally broke down and played WoW. I ended up canceling my free trial after one week. The main reason was I didn't care for the restrictions on different races and classes. However, the game is extremely popular, so for many people they either enjoy that style of play, or they don't care. As for me, I enjoy the open-ended style of play. I like the ability to try everything out in the game on one character. That's one of the greatest appeals Runescape has to offer players like me. When you introduce races and classes into the game, it's more than overhauling the coding. You're rewriting the game itself. It's not a bad idea. I just don't think it fits within Runescape. However, and I'm not being facetious when I say this, but you should take your idea and write a new game with it.
  24. Brilliant, descriptive imagery. The only thing I felt was missing was something specific inside the diary. It's hard to share the guilty pleasure with the narrator without having a glimpse for ourselves. I don't really like the rhyme. That would be the only criticism I would make. This would make a great short story though if there is just a little more context added to it. I felt it was very well written.
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