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  1. Sounds like a bone Dems were trying to throw to Repubs to get them on board.
  2. So? That's both a benefit and a disadvantage, although it's more beneficial for the lower levelled people than the higher levelled ones. I think that's his point, genius. He's saying it isn't a fair system.
  3. I still think that you can get just as much out of any medium as you would out of a book. Yeah, various mediums have their various ways of telling a story but I still stick by that all of them, if done right, can prove to be "mentally stimulating". I think books, video and video games all can be very stimulating if created correctly. The thing I don't get are people reading the standard formula romance novels or the like and thinking they are smarter for doing so. It's no difference than watching some action flick with no real story or playing a video game without any substance. It's the small minority of these medium's that really can be stimulating I think. Just a small example but look at the game's Braid and Flower. I think both of these have a very interesting message that, sure, might not rank up to the "classics" of literature but are still very interesting in their own right and certainly shouldn't be viewed as inferior or just "games". Same thing could be said for film as well but not being a big movie person I really can't cite and decent examples. Okay, I think we are talking about different things. People are not "mentally lacking" when they watch a movie, as the OP snidely asked. However, books are more stimulating. Literally. What you are debating is a matter of taste. I'm not debating the quality of the story here. When you read a book, your brain is more engaged. For example, you are given details that may describe something instead of just showing you a picture. Through the course of reading, your brain will constantly trigger memories and senses as a reference to help you understand the descriptions. In a literal sense, this is how you are using your imagination. The more that you use these areas of the brain, the stronger the pathways will become, like exercise. Movies do not stimulate the brain in the same way. When watching a movie, your brain become sort of a reactionary tool. Your brain is bombarded with images (and audio), and is busily trying to filter it so it can make sense of it all. Most of this gets dumped in short-term memory and forgotten almost as soon as you see it. Your brain filters most of it out so you can access the most important information immediately. This is why, even if every little detail could be present in a movie as described in a book, the only thing that will be of significance is whatever the filmmaker is focused on in the shot. The underlying point is that you do not get the same stimulation with these different mediums. Back on topic: Does it automatically make you "smarter" than the person next to you? No, not necessarily, and that's not the point. I would equally find it ridiculous for anybody to snobbishly claim this to be true. Reading can improve your own mentality, and strengthen your own education. That's news to me. When were books not accepted as artistic?
  4. IT'S NOT FLAT!!! ...it's lumpy.
  5. Anybody who reads books purely for the sake of feeding some superiority complex is living a very hollow life, possibly even self-esteem issues. I've probably met a few people along these lines, but I haven't met anyone yet that takes it to the extreme you've mentioned. It may be equivalent to people who join Mensa and pay money so they can have a badge to remind them how smart they are. There is truth in the saying, "The book was so much better than the movie." It's usually because there's so much more story and details in a typical novel that it's very hard to try to fit it all in a 2 hour movie. Things inevitably get left out. Movies are more like a short story, meant for one sitting. It doesn't mean that movies are terrible though. Is a person mentally lacking because they prefer movies? No. Movies are generally not as mentally stimulating though. I'm an avid fan of both. As far as busy schedules, if you have time in your day to watch television, play video games, write on discussion forums, etc., then you have time to read. We all prioritize how we choose to spend our free time, no matter how much of it we have. I think we often confuse educated with intelligence, because the two are often considered synonymous in our culture. I do believe there is a connection to how much one chooses to read and the quality of the education. No, general reading probably doesn't improve your intelligence. I also believe you managed to answer your own questions here. Reading helps to improve your communication skills. Effective communication aids in presenting clear ideas. You will be able to formulate your opinions in a concise way for others to better understand you. It's not only about gaining a complex vocabulary, but also helping to improve your ability to understand complex ideas. Sure, you could thumb through a dictionary or thesaurus for a fancier word, but discovering new words in a book will give it context. It reminds me of when my little cousin was tasked with a weekly school project of finding new words in a dictionary and using them in a sentence. This inevitably led him to walking into a room one day and saying, "Boy, something smells queer in this room." Once the laughter died down, we had to explain that though he used the word correctly in a sentence, there was still something he needed to know. Reading also stimulates the mind in a literal sense. There are studies that show it can improve cognitive thought and memory retention. There are some experts who believe routinely reading may even help to prevent dementia. Think of it as exercising your brain. If you don't lose it, you will lose it. It is a sad statistic. Children whose parents regularly read to them at an early age statistically perform much better in school than those who do not. Their reading comprehension skills develop far earlier. I don't feel the same way. I don't think this statement makes you look any better than the people you are describing either.
  6. Earth_Poet


    It's a gray area. When do you consider it to be a person? At conception? At birth? Then it gets into the rights the mother has to the fetus versus the rights the community has to protect it.
  7. You will find inflation is almost a given in any MMORPG, especially one that has been this popular for so long. All in all you'd have to admit Jagex has done pretty good to maintain the economy for this long....up until the last couple of years that is. For years, High-Alching was the number one reason for inflation. It continued to funnel more and more gp into the game out of nowhere as it was the preferred way to training Magic. Unfortunately, it was sort of a necessary evil in the game. Back then, there really wasn't anything to draw money back out of circulation. Barrows equipment began drawing a small amount out when repaired, but that wasn't nearly enough. Then something happened: Yes it was and yes it did at the time. Prices across the board crashed as players were racing to level the new skill. It took a few months for prices to even back out, and some never quite did. Sometimes, you'll hear people refer to it as the Construction Recession. Today, not quite as many people train Construction as quickly. Plus there are many more ways for gp to enter into the economy than before, meaning more inflation. When they introduced a new PVP system, it brought along with it hyperinflation. In the old PVP system, players fought one another for the items their opponent was carrying. Jagex scrapped that concept during the trade restrictions. What ended up being introduced was a new system based on the potential of getting a good drop. Now there was simply a bar set on the value of your items in order to get an expensive statue dropped, which was traded in for cold hard cash. First, it was doing something PVP had never done before: bringing in new gp into the game out of nowhere. Second, it was bringing in this new gp at an alarming rate. Soon, people were no longer flocking to PK, but to farm gp out of the new system. As I said, inflation over time is almost a given in these types of games, but the inflation we've seen over the last year or two has been dramatic. The GE doesn't help to stabalize the prices either as (despite what Jagex claims) we do not set the prices, only control if they go up or down. If it continues on this path, then Jagex will eventually have to raise the gp cap of 2 billion, or players will eventually end up in a barter system, where some will began preferring items over cash. Of course, the latter would be difficult anyways when everything is tethered to the GE prices and trade restrictions.
  8. I agree that fun is important in a game; that's fairly obvious. Rewards are nice, too. The article almost polarizes the two concepts. A game can be both fun and rewarding. Usually, when we talk about the relevance of fun it's because it's been stripped of any rewards worth seeking out. It becomes the answer to a frequent question: Why are people still playing this game? It's the last thread left holding any player's interest, and it doesn't take much to snap, usually the next "fun" update. Go ask the people playing in the Games Room about the relevance of fun. Oh yeah....there aren't any.
  9. They did a Thanksgiving update after years and years of promising not to incorporate national holidays. And they got dibs on the christmas cracker. :wink:
  10. You might have better success with these questions in Help and Advice Section. There really isn't anything to debate here.
  11. I only wanted the opportunity to change my name ONCE. I'm happy now. The more you change your name, the more you lose your identity. That leads to the confusion we are discussing.
  12. Finally, they did it. I was beginning to lose hope, but maybe now we can work towards some actual reform now. :lol: at everyone screaming about NHS or universal healthcare. I'm not happy with the bill because these things aren't in it.
  13. There goes the neigborhood! :rolleyes: jk Howdy neighbor. Glad to have ya.
  14. Thanks for writing a good article. Like AirWales said, it brought back a lot of memories of how we used to play the game. Some good, some bad. With regards to bosses, I think it's always been a matter of trying to stay ahead of the curve. There was a time when it was unheard of to solo KBD or the KQ. As better equipment continues to come out, many bosses of the past get left behind. So what happens? They are replaced with new ones like the Corp. Beast. I also think Jagex has been working hard to find new ways to incorporate everybody. Stealing Creation comes to mind as a great example. With regards to teamwork, I do like most of your points, but I'd rather not see the single player campaigns dissolve. Sometimes I like playing in teams, sometimes I don't. I always thought the most annoying part of Hero's was locating someone to help me. Sometimes it can be a pain to find a boss team: not everyone is on at the same time, people want to play for different lengths of time, not everybody is stocked up and ready to go, nobody wants to play one of the positions, etc.. Simply because of these reasons do I agree that coop play should be the most rewarding, but I still like much of my single player game as well.
  15. Sorry, but you're wrong. You gained 1.5 xp in HP for every 1 damage dealt. You also gained 4.5 xp in melee experience that could either be used on one skill, or spread across all three at 1.5 xp each. I was only referring to HP/Const though. Now that I've looked it up, they haven't divided up the xp evenly like I thought. Now we divide the damage dealt by 7.5. That means you're actually getting even less than I had assumed for a 0.5 hit. Today, 5 damage equals 0.67 xp. That means truthfully, you're not really gaining any advantage AT ALL with the partial hits. You were wondering that, too? If they didn't complain, then how did Jagex find out? Heck, how would you even know they weren't coming back? Honestly, here's how I'd imagine it really happened. Jagex brought in some random kids for a focus group, let them play Runescape for an hour, and then had them fill out a questionnaire about what they liked and didn't like. Then, we all get an update based on the critique of a handful of kids who had never played before and probably didn't like the game anyways. *sigh* Welcome to corporate life. What does it say about the intelligence level of the player who is genuinely fooled by no longer seeing zeroes in this update? Since that's what we're talking about now: tricking them into believing they're really getting something out of this. Hey, that's all we can do, since this was the first either of us had heard of the problem. Now who's speculating? i've only trained combat for skills and cash (and no, it's not because of all the zeroes I've had to endure). Believe it or not, many people do train these other skills for fun. You don't jump right in and make money off of woodcutting or fishing either. It takes time trying to cut "Tree" down with level 1 Woodcutting. Firemaking has very little advantages. It usually takes several tries (and fails) before you can light those first couple of logs. They are very much relevant to the discussion. It takes time to find success in the tasks, then you gain those first few levels, then you gain xp faster, then you access new ways to make money. This game takes planning and patience to succeed in. Runescape was not aimed at casual gamers. That's what FunOrb is for.
  16. I don't agree with Nomad's. For a lot of games, this is an average quest, but it fell far short from Runescape's high standards. I would've at least included Recipe for Disaster in there somewhere. And I am a big My Arm fan. I wrote something about it last year: The Big Adventure All in all I like your list though, although a couple seem more biased. I'm a big fan of top 10s.
  17. Good luck on your goal as well! I didn't know the rocks were time based, that would explain it I guess. Are you saying I could superheat the ores and mine at the exact same time? That may be worth it, otherwise I would be wasting time with my familiar.
  18. I'll step up and take a few swings. If 1.5 xp was gained per 1 point of damage dealt, than only 0.75 xp was lost by rounding down 0.5 damage. Given the amount of times you would deal fractional hits along the long road to 13 million xp the difference would be, just as you admit, insignificant. It's hardly worth mentioning as an added benefit. Also, we weren't assuming before this update that we were losing fractions of xp, because we didn't know it existed. A 1/100 scale is just as accurate (or inaccurate) as a 1/1000 scale. Theoretically, there will always be a "more accurate" scale regardless of what you choose. I never noticed a mass of complaints from new players regarding this. That very Dev. Blog was the first time I had ever even heard of it. Hitting multiple zeroes is a consequence of having a low Attack level, not an inaccurate life points scale. Landing hits more frequently is the reward to training your Attack level. It never was so difficult to gain xp to be considered discouraging or impossible. If it were, we all would've abandoned it long ago. Sure, it may take a little more time to land your hits, but the same could be said about the first few logs you cut, or the first few logs you try to light, or the first few shrimp you catch, etc. The higher the level you attain means the less often you will fail; this has long been the basic formula for progression in the game. If new players were leaving because they were hitting too many zeroes in the first hour or two of playing, then why would they be interested in any other aspect of this game? This is especially true in a game that can take years to master. I agree that many players are being overdramatic, but I think your above statement suggests why so many just don't understand it. At this point, there is no substantial justification for the change. Yes, technically nothing is different, but it's not entirely subjective. It still gives me pause when I'm hit for 54 damage, and I have to remind myself that it's really only 5 damage before I waste my food. It changes what we were accustomed to doing. Eventually, we will get used to it, just like the hp bars last year. The big question is: Why such a change? So new players don't see zeroes seems like a flimsy excuse. Nobody stays a new player for very long (at least that new). We'll have to wait for future updates to see what the developers' true intentions were, but that's all speculation.
  19. Quick update. First of all, I managed to reach 86 Mining and 220k xp yesterday. That equates to around 4 hours of mining. If I were to keep this pace up then I would reach 99 Mining over the next 37 days. Unfortunately, I have a short attention span and can lose patience very easily, so no promises. Today, I plan on...you got it...more Mining. Before I go out though I want to do the circus and penguin hunt D&Ds. I hate doing these. Maybe it's because Distrations and Diversions does not sound like something a guy who has ADD like me should be doing. I keep putting them off (that sounds like more like me) because I don't really want to do them, and before I know it a week has gone by and they have reset. They are irritating to do, but the rewards are just good enough not to pass up. I used to do Evil Trees and Shooting Star ones as well, till I began to realize it was more of a pain to wait and find these things than worth it. But apparently all of you love them lots, because Jagex keeps releasing more and more and more D&Ds. How much time do we waste with these things? I have never done the Familiarisation; the reward sounded like junk and the game sounded boring. I don't know anybody who does do this D&D, but I'm sure somebody out there does. I still haven't completed the first statue in the museum in Shattered Heart either. It isn't something I go out of my way to find, but only something I work on if I happen to come across the strange rocks. I might have to wait 30 weeks to hear from other players who manage to complete their statue in their house to see if it's really worth it. That reminds me though. Before I do anything I need to finish editing this week's Times articles. I've been distracted from my duties this week. So that's: edit the Times, Distract and Divert, and get 87 Mining. Time to pop my Ritalin and get to work. Till next time, happy Scaping. Oh, and stay focused.
  20. Welcome to my blog and my first post. If you're reading this, you must be as bored as I am. :wink: First a little recap: I managed to reach my previous goal of 99 Woodcutting. I mainly cut Yews from 95-98. At level 98 I got a little impatient and decided to sacrifice cash for time. I switched to cutting ivy for the first time at the north wall of Yanille. The experience rate impressed me, averaging between 75-85k an hour. Although I gained no resources for doing so, I did manage to gain 23 bird's nests in this short period, notable drops inside were 3 palm seeds and 1 magic seed (better rate than I've ever got from collecting high level seeds before). It took me 2 days to cross the 1.2 million xp gap between 98-99. I met a few interesting people while I was cutting ivy who were coincidentally also at level 98. How do you stay motivated? One of the beauties of the Woodcutting skill is it only needs part of your attention while you are cutting. The trick is to find something else to take your mind off of the time. If you're stuck staring at your avatar chopping away and staring at your experience rate it will become very tedious. I watched a few of my favorite episodes of "Band of Brothers," as well as the first episode of "The Pacific." I'll reserve judgement on the latter show until a few more episodes are released. Another thing I did while chopping away was browse YouTube videos. I've been watching one poster by the name of NightmareRH. If you haven't watched his Runescape videos I would recommend them. They are mostly crude and comedic, but they have a charm to them, especially when he routinely fouls up on his PKing runs. One video in particular caught my eye where he discussed his recent achievement on 99 Mining, and how he went about doing it. This motivated me to set my next goal. And that's how we got to where we are. I'm not the type of player that rushes out to try every update as soon as it hits the streets. In the above mentioned video he mentions the Living Rock Caverns (LRC), and offers a quick demonstration on how to mine there. I had never been there, and was quite ignorant to this area (I don't even know how long it's been there). The advantages of mining at the LRC were immediately clear, and I just had to try it out for myself. Today, I suited up, bought myself a Dragon pickaxe, and headed out. After only one day of mining, I must agree that this is the place to train. There are two types of areas to mine: concentrated gold and concentrated coal. One advantage to mining here is that you don't strike to get one ore per rock, then wait for them to respawn. Instead, you accumulate the gold while you mine similar to mining pure and rune essence. This makes the skill much more manageable similar to Woodcutting and Fishing, where you gain multiple resources per spot. The second advantage is an easy to reach, one-click deposit box just a short distance away. This means no dropping wasted resources to gain any time advantage. In other words, you'll mine more gold and keep it all when you mine here. At 85 Mining, I seemed to be averaging 55-60k experience and around 800+ gold ore per hour. The downside to mining at LRC is that it is a dangerous area, filled with 120+ enemies who use both melee and range to attack you. That means you do have to pay a little attention, lest you foolishly die in the area. However, I still am in the belief that if you come prepared, then it will still require far less concentration compared to powermining iron or granite. With a little help from Dark_Demesne, this is what I wore for my first day at LRC. I wore my Varrock 3 armour, obtainable on completing the related diary. I equipped Dragon platelegs and boots, obby shield, amulet of glory, helm of neitiznot, and a skillcape. Of course, I also equipped my Dragon pickaxe. I used a Lava Titan familiar, which gives a good +10 boost to your Mining, but I also saw several Pack Yaks there. I don't have the Summoning level yet for that. World 84 seems to be the unofficial world for LRC. With the large crowds, the chances of being attacked are far less. I didn't notice the rocks disappearing too fast, even with what seemed to be dozens (if not hundreds) of players there. So the good far outweighs any bad that might come from the crowds. The more the merrier. I also brought along an Enhanced Excalibur sword. It was recommended for the special of restoring health and boosting defense in case I ran into trouble. I may rethink bringing this next time, as I didn't seem to have much of a problem with the enemies in this area. My LP never dropped below 700 from my normal 970. In some of the areas there are safe spots where no harm can come to you, so if you do run into trouble it seems easy to hide. In my opinion, this is the best place I've ever been. You gain both great profit and experience at the cost of a little safety. If you play it out right, even if you accidentally die at the LRC and lose any stuff it shouldn't matter. Your profit margin should far outweigh any risk that may come of it. So after testing I'm planning on coming back tomorrow. Wish me luck to 99. I can't say how often I will be on, but I want to try and get as close as I can to 99, because it's such a rewarding place that I wouldn't be surprised if it gets nerfed in the future. Future posts will include my progress, as well as any random thoughts that might pop in my head. Till next time, happy Scaping. Maybe I'll see you at LRC soon.
  21. Thanks for the tips! What about a ring of life? Would that be suitable to take, or another ring?
  22. I'm interested in mining at the Living Rock. I'm having trouble locating any posts discussing this. Could you explain what might be the most efficient equipment (familiars as well) to bring, as well as any tips on strategies, or at least point me to a useful guide. Thanks for all of your help in advance.
  23. I'm a huge fan of the show. I've been watching ever since the first season. It seriously took a dip by the third season, but they managed to turn it around. Last season was really good, and this final season is setting up to be epic. Can't wait to see how it all ends.
  24. People are mainly upset because it's an obvious change they can plainly see. Unfortunately, it was only a cosmetic update. At this point, I do agree that it changes virtually nothing in terms of combat or xp gained. There are some aspects that do seem pointless, such as renaming the skill itself. For now, I don't see the significance of x10 the points system. We'll have to wait to see what the devs intentions were behind this with future updates. As it stand now, I have to agree that the update is useless.
  25. The Institute for the Future? Sounds like a hippy organization. On topic: I'm not sure how much we can bridge the gap between fantasy gaming and the real world. If anything, I think the real world has more influence on books, movies, games, etc. I grew up just before the internet exploded. What I find interesting is that communities such as what you would find in online gaming has made the world a little smaller. I've learned more about the everyday lives of ordinary people in other parts of the world, things I'm not sure I would understand as well in another method. It's an interesting theory, because games are so commonly thought to be counterproductive. I agree with some of what she said, games help build problem-solving skills and such. Interesting concept to try and motivate gamers. On the other hand, there's so much talk about how video games desensitize us to so much. You're not going to trick people who work into thinking its a game.
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