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  1. Unbreakable - Probably going in my top 5. Very weird, considering the only other Shyamalan movie I've even kind of liked was Signs.
  2. Don't know if anyone reads this, or if this is the right place, but I figured it wasn't worth bumping the creepy thread for. Anyway, I have a creepy Youtube channel, and if you're into that kind of thing, give it a watch. There's not much on there yet, but the videos are made in such a way, and I have enough content stored, that I can start putting out videos rapid-fire when I decide to.
  3. No, it counts as a reskin of that Helicopter game. Amnesia: The Dark Descent - Alan Wake was my first time doing horror games right - After midnight, in the dark, with headphones. Since that wasn't really completely horror, this could be considered the actual first. It kept me tense at times, which is saying a lot (I love horror games, but they usually fail to actually scare me), and it helps that it prevents you from getting a good look at the monsters. The puzzles are all logical and satisfying, but it's horrible at telling you what you're actually supposed to be doing. Often I'd solve a puzzle and not find out until later what it actually did. Amnesia: A Machine For Pigs - Like the above, it kept me tense and is better than most horror games, plus it has even better mechanics for making sure you don't get a good look at the monsters. However, it's much more story focused than the last, to the detriment of gameplay. Not that I mind, considering the story is great. Alan Wake - Last post on this, I swear. I don't think I've ever gone back and forth so much between loving and hating a game, but I settled on loving it by the end, so it's all good I guess.
  4. Dizzle229


    Been playing around with some airsoft rifles my brother and I got for Christmas. It's pretty fun, and I have a strange and sudden urge to vote Romney.
  5. Unfortunately I have to take this back. In part two it became mostly about combat, and the combat sucks. There's no ammo, and it's one of those games where you're incredibly out of shape and can only sprint for 10 feet, so there's no alternative to fighting. In a horror game, that's completely stupid. Fighting an inescapable enemy with extremely limited ammo sounds scary to me. When you're stuck in the same encounter with no way of moving on, it's just irritating.
  6. Unfortunately I have to take this back. In part two it became mostly about combat, and the combat sucks. There's no ammo, and it's one of those games where you're incredibly out of shape and can only sprint for 10 feet, so there's no alternative to fighting. In a horror game, that's completely stupid.
  7. Just finished episode one of Alan Wake, and I absolutely love this game.
  8. Finished Papers, Please this morning. It was absolutely amazing. [hide]I really wish I could thank you, Jorji.[/hide]
  9. Total Steam sale loot: The Dead Linger Papers, Please FTL Surgeon Simulator 2013 Thief: Deadly Shadows Deus Ex Euro Truck Simulator 2 Prison Architect Call of Duty: United Offensive The fact that I had to edit this post demonstrates that I have a serious problem.
  10. The Dead Linger - Not really playable at the moment, but I wanted to support it early on. Papers, Please + Spec Ops: The Line - Both in the same spot because they both have the same description. They both made me realize how much I suck as a person. Metro 2033 - A lot of things I like about this game but can't really describe. Unfortunately, it's on hold for me until I can figure out how to improve the framerate.
  11. Dishonored is awesome, though I haven't tried the DLC. Just finished S2E1 of The Walking Dead. Great as ever.
  12. I attempted to play Black Ops II and Battlefield 4 this week. Battlefield 4 - Could never even find anyone to shoot. When I did, I could barely make them out against the background. A number of times I was 10 feet away from someone and did a complete magdump while they were in my crosshairs and missed every shot. Only played a few matches. Black Ops II - Somewhat more enjoyable (not saying much). Carefully moving through rooms and aiming down the sight got me killed from behind pretty often, and I ended up having better luck sprinting around spraying everything to death. The ranked matchmaking system was really annoyingly obvious. I'd dominate everything in the first match I played in a day, then in the rest I'd get steamrolled until eventually I dominated again. Don't think I'll be playing this anymore either.
  13. I don't think the industry is crashing. I think it SHOULD be, but it doesn't because for whatever reason, no matter how bad it gets, people still keep buying this crap.
  14. Didn't know anyone else here played State of Decay. I thought it was way too easy, but now with Breakdown installed, the whole thing has gotten significantly better.
  15. Dizzle229


    Someone tried to hack my Steam account. I got it under control, but now I have their IP. Anything I can do with this?
  16. Stained glass is what I both love and hate about Mojang. On the one hand, it's cool that they added it. On the other, I really can't comprehend how it wasn't added earlier. In fact, I think it WAS, as an April Fool's "joke", and removed.
  17. I haven't heard that name in so long I actually nostalgia'd from that post.
  18. Dizzle229


    When my Cookie Clicker score was reset, I thought I was free. I was. Until today. http://clickingbad.nullism.com/ Pretty much been doing this for the past while.
  19. Church is back in session. Didn't think it would work, but pasting the whole thing over to another world didn't bring the corrupted chunk with it.
  20. Cyclists vs. Motorists - No matter who wins, pedestrians lose.
  21. A little annoying though that you can't see the science text in sandbox.
  22. Trying to get old games to work. In this case Rainbow Six, because trying to Google solutions reveals that no one knew the series existed until Vegas 2.
  23. Yeah, the title is the thread. What are your favorite images? I find this oddly calming. Don't have words for this one.
  24. Master plan failed. Tried four times to regenerate the world from the seed, and every time it generated something completely random. Most of the time the co-ordinates brought me to the middle of the ocean.
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