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  1. 1408 Was great, but unfortunately my copy has the crap ending.
  2. Subtitles. I always turn them off in games, but right now I'm watching a digital copy of a movie and can't remove them, and my eye is drawn to them.
  3. The lighting, sounds, and smell of the early morning.
  4. A while back there was some Star Wars: Battlefront 2 talk on here. Is there anything good to do with it after the campaign? I saw a Let's Player doing something on the Hoth map with like 100+ units on both sides, is that in the stock game or a mod?
  5. Hitman: Absolution What a disappointment. It at first seemed that everything had improved, but the linearity and new disguise system ruin the whole thing for me.
  6. Are the command controls just something you have to get used to? I've only used the Alg method so far because it seemed like I wouldn't be able to find what I'm looking for in time.
  7. Two hours into Dishonered doing a pacifist run. This game is awesome.
  8. Only buy SimCity 4 if you're expecting to manage a city rather than design and customize it.
  9. I just wish your base could come under assault. More than difficulty increases, this is what would make the game. I spent a lot of time on a fortress that's only accessible by bridge, has cobblestone walls several blocks thick, multiple indoor farms, and a bunker that can be sealed off by multiple iron doors and piston walls. None of it has ever come in handy.
  10. Bought Dishonered. Ok. I'm done now. Seriously. I have 5 games in my Steam list that I've yet to play.
  11. It's impossible not to be reminded of the South Park episode "Something Walmart This Way Comes." I'm on the verge of buying JC2 as well, and I already freaking have it on Xbox.
  12. Bully Don't Starve Fallout: New Vegas Hitman: Absolution Silent Hunter: Wolves of the Pacific I have a serious problem.
  13. Thomas Was Alone This game. You guys. This. Game. Buy it. Don't know how to describe it, just do. This is a better explanation than I could come up with.
  14. The sleep button on the top left of my keyboard. It's functionally the same as a "crash your computer" button.
  15. Dizzle229


    So something strange happened with my computer, no idea how this works. It wouldn't start, and the beep code indicated a RAM failure. My comp has two 512mb sticks and two 1gb sticks. I removed the 512s, and now it not only works, but it's somehow faster despite have 1gb less than it did before.
  16. Pingouin, that's a really nice texture pack. Does it use an HD mod?
  17. The Walking Dead: 400 Days Nice little bite-sized DLC.
  18. Game Dev Tycoon Addicting, but really annoying with its inconsistency, even using the guide on the wiki. I have no idea how you're supposed to play without looking up info, since there's pretty much no feedback. It just never tells you what you did wrong, or even what you should do in the first place.
  19. Thanks guys, seriously. I didn't think I'd be able to get help under the radar, but those are some decent options. Now it's just a matter of working up the nerve. Going to college just to get away might be a good idea if I can get him to pay for it, and it might help to have some structure again, especially if the scores themselves don't really matter to me. Silver linings, huh? :razz: Plus, the advice must be pretty sound if nine naked men made accounts just to agree with you. Again, thanks everyone. It's going to get worse before it gets better, but I think I can do this.
  20. First: You don't sound like a jerk at all. That goes for everyone. An answer I don't want to hear is still time you took to answer me. I think having people respond is the most help I can get out of all this. The only thing I enjoy IRL usually means I have to deal with the police. It's nothing illegal or anything, just walking around at night. It's considered suspicious though, and I'm treated like I'm smuggling Hitler Meth or something. I don't want medication because I think of it as changing my personality to someone who will fall in line, rather than solving any problems. What is a personality besides chemical ratios in the brain? What Giordano said is what I'd aim for, but I'd want to work off the books. I'd rather nothing be recorded so I never have to commit to anything.
  21. The whole reason this is a problem for me is because I'm not compatible with reality. There's just nothing I want, and therefore no motivation. I have my own internal world, and to use it I need for everyone to piss off. Since that can't happen, I really don't see what I'm supposed to do.
  22. How am I supposed to get treatment on my own? With what money? How would I even get there? I'd need his money and transportation. Edit: This is kind of getting derailed without a specific question to be answered. The original question was, what can I do with 2k? The answer was: Pretty much nothing. I think that's about all there is to do here.
  23. I've had people that I've done things with, but looking back I wouldn't call them friends. I had no emotional attachment to them, and I'd only really hang out when I couldn't think of an excuse not to. Just people with mutual interests, I guess. Don't talk to them now, though. I don't know if I really want treatment, I just want to be able to exist without the influence of others, unless I choose it. I don't want to just give in and live a life I don't want. Kindof a moot point anyway though, since, as I said, I couldn't get treatment if I wanted to as long as my dad is alive. Thanks for responding, anyway.
  24. I'll try to be as concise as possible. 1. I don't feel most emotions. I want to, I want to have friends, but I just can't. Never met anyone I've liked anyway. Because of this, I have no reason to live. 2. Can't tolerate anyone (say, a boss) having control over me. I need full independence, which means never giving any information except anonymously, and never having someone in a position "above" me. 3. My guidance counselor was spectacularly useless. 4. Now that I've graduated and can't see him anymore, I have no way of getting professional help. My dad has control here (which is why I need to leave), so to get help, I'd have to go through him. He's super conservative, close-minded, and ignorant. The kind that tells someone with ADHD to just calm down. I will not talk to him, and in fact, some problems would be solved if he dropped dead. I think the best way to sum up the conditions I'm trying to meet is like this. From Wikipedia: "By the very meaning of the term, the schizoid is described as cut off from the world of outer reality in an emotional sense. All this libidinal desire and striving is directed inward toward internal objects and he lives an intense inner life often revealed in an astonishing wealth and richness of fantasy and imaginative life whenever that becomes accessible to observation. Though mostly his varied fantasy life is carried on in secret, hidden away."[39] The schizoid person is so cut off from outer reality as to experience it as dangerous." I just need to be alone in my own mind, and I can't do that with external reality constantly banging down my door.
  25. Need some help again. I need to move out now or someone is going to die. I have a little over $1200 in cash, maybe $2000 total counting what's in the bank (not sure what's in there). I live in New York. Is this enough for an apartment? It can be a crap apartment, I just need the absolute cheapest way to leave now. I also need to do it without a job. What are some ways of making money? Doesn't have to be much, just enough to keep paying the rent I guess. I really cannot stay here. I tried to kill myself yesterday, didn't work, and now I'm pretty much screwed. I have no idea what I'm doing.
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