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  1. It's not GTA online that sucks, it's people playing it. Can't play in freemode without someone Killing me unless I'm in a game set to only allow friends/Crew. I haven't even played with randoms. What pisses me off is that I need to rank up and get money to do anything, so I can't just screw around with one friend like in GTA IV. Especially since money-making is so limited since robbing gas stations start giving less than they're worth, and cars can only be sold a a rate of one an hour. I'm not sure if you can turn off the police, and if not, that's going to be a problem in screwing around too. All the components of a great multiplayer sandbox are there, it just doesn't let you USE it unless you play their MMO first.
  2. After some googling, pretty sure it's not that. Just messed around with it, and in that chunk movement is slowed, and breaking blocks sometimes causes a stack overflow error.
  3. GTA Online. I honestly can't believe how much it sucks.
  4. Don't think so, it's single player. Don't know if that can happen in SP or not. Only installed mod is optifine.
  5. Guess I'll help. Been working on a creepy-themed map that's meant to be explorable. Has a small set of stores, a library, a residential area with 6 houses (one burned out), and a tunnel leading to a graveyard. Unfortunately, that gaping hole you see in the church is what has halted progress. For some reason nothing I do on that chunk saves, even in MCEdit. Residential. Tunnel to graveyard. All graves have names and go down 3 blocks to a double-chest containing bones and items related to the individual. The lights in the tunnel turn on at night automatically. Shopping center, library, and church. Don't have pics of the interior atm, but the library is currently home to the biggest easter egg on a map based around easter eggs. Anyone happen to know how to fix the glitched chunk at the church? It would be very much appreciated.
  6. Dizzle229


    It shouldn't be 80 degrees in October...
  7. Acquired Swat 3. The AI is better and it seems a little deeper than 4, but at the same time it's kind of clunky (well, it is a 1999 game) and there's no non-lethal weapons, so you rarely get to take suspects alive.
  8. When people don't capitalize their i's. Ex. The other day i went to the store. For some reason I find it to be really distracting.
  9. Dexter: The Game A good iPhone game turned into a meh PC game. Still better than expected, though. Edit: Been playing Outlast today. Unfortunately it's mostly jumpscares, but it is nicely atmospheric, and I like how you're encouraged to document what you're seeing. It feels like I'm creating my own found footage film.
  10. When someone is saying something unbelievably stupid, but you know trying to counter it won't do any good. Being in a family of hardcore Republicans, this happens a lot.
  11. Saw this on Cracked today. Psychics being caught in their BS. http://www.cracked.com/article_20566_the-6-most-humiliating-public-failures-by-celebrity-psychics.html 6, 5, and 2 especially.
  12. When I want to find a scene on Youtube and the only uploader has added their own music.
  13. Dizzle229


    I'm ashamed to admit I just built the time machine.
  14. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_e6z3RIkaIA
  15. Since I'm usually up all night and can only really watch Youtube videos to pass all that time, I hate seeing the same ads at the start of every video. You're Next seemed interesting, but now I'm ignoring it out of spite.
  16. Red Faction 2, for nostalgia and because it was only 2 bucks. Also got Mirror's Edge, which I haven't played yet.
  17. Calm down bro. I'm on my way. What's your address again? Screw it, I'll go to all the addresses.
  18. Message to everyone everywhere: When you tell me to calm down, I don't calm down. I imagine various scenarios of killing you.
  19. Amazon is the Steam of physical goods.
  20. World War Z Couldn't finish it. Total garbage, even if you try to forget it's (not really) an adaptation of an infinitely better book. Which I think I'll re-read, now.
  21. Got a message from my cousin yesterday. For some reason this made my day.
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