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  1. When someone asks for my help with their computer, and gets pissed at ME because the solution is inconvenient.
  2. Dizzle229


    I wanna be estonian for Halloween Apparently you can't.
  3. Dizzle229


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  4. Legendary prisoners are brutal. They constantly get in fights, and will leap right off the doctor's table for another go. If you come up with a procedure for dealing with yours, do share.
  5. An excellent psychological horror short that was recommended to me.
  6. When a button on a game's menu minimizes the game and links to a webpage.
  7. I came back to Rainbow Six 3, and I'm liking it better now that I've lowered the difficulty. I made the mistake of playing it on Veteran (Normal), and the enemy was pretty much aimbotting me to death unless I got lucky. Recruit is maybe a little too easy, but it's still tough enough that winning feels like an accomplishment.
  8. Dizzle229


    We're just really patient.
  9. Inspired by the Today thread but fit better here: Being trapped in a car with a smoker for a long time.
  10. Dizzle229


    Holy crap it's Goonstalf.
  11. This is making me way more excited than it should. When I was 9 I read a book called "The Day My Butt Went Psycho" about butts trying to conquer earth. Anyway, this book features a team of heroes who fight them, all named after their fighting techniques. They were the Slapper, the Kicker, and the Kisser. The Kisser turns out to be working with the butts. A few minutes ago I was laying in bed and had my mind blown as I finally got the joke.
  12. None of this would've happened if you'd just paid the prince. Wait, I thought the prince was the one who wanted ME to hold his $100 million fortune... Well yeah, but first you have to pay for his hotel and plane ticket. Can't give you the money online, who knows who could be monitoring his accounts?
  13. None of this would've happened if you'd just paid the prince.
  14. XCOM: Enemy Unknown - Finally went for it. Kicking myself for deciding I didn't like the demo when it was new, but at least it's a fresh experience now. @Randox: Is Space Engineers any good? I love the idea, but it doesn't seem like there's much to do. Edit: Nvm. Game was fun until it started cheating.
  15. Dizzle229


    Pulled open a pistachio. Worm inside. Just chillin. How many of these have I eaten? Oh god.
  16. The World's End This movie should play automatically when you Google the word "escalation."
  17. It finally started to live up to its potential in season 4.
  18. When I try to google the solution to a problem and there's a much more common issue that's just similar enough to be every search result, but not similar enough to be useful.
  19. Dizzle229


    Today I realized how much has changed when I logged into my Runescape account, found 20M missing from my bank, and didn't care. Side-note: What the hell did they do to Runescape?
  20. Anyone here still play? 0.24 has just been released, and I've been playing it for the past few days. It adds the contract and reputation systems into Career mode, as well as costs. It's pretty fun, though it could use a little more variety and balancing. I unlocked most of the tech tree without leaving the Kerbin system.
  21. Dizzle229


    The midwest scares me. Canada is superior. Let's not get ahead of ourselves now. Canada is filled with all sorts of strange things, like grizzly beers and Canadians. Grizzlies, Canadians and healthcare, oh my!
  22. Trying to install mods to a Minecraft server. Software in general.
  23. Dizzle229


    Got to explore an abandoned mental hospital a few days back, just finished editing. Was a pretty fun experience, but we had to cut it short. Hopefully we'll get to go back soon.
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