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  1. Name: Wongtong Affiliation: Saradomin Looks: Full sara >.> and w/e you want to put in. Stench of a f2p nub.
  2. Lol Scife you are adorable. Okay, good luck with rc, con, fishing and crafting :D PENGUINS
  3. That's kinda sad because I know how hard it is to make money in China, since pretty much all of my relatives live there. They earn like $30NZ a month :\ It's pretty appauling. But that person has it easy. Playing a game for a job.
  4. Rofl hait... they think you're a real girl! I almost believed it. ALMOST
  5. Well, idk... but it would just be sad to train just F2P skills in P2P. Waste of money. :] How do you get chosen to be on the list anyways?
  6. Have you tried discussing this with him over private messages? :\ Unless he's deleted you off that too.. And BTW Sean, that's more in the 'rl friends' section. These people are probably just friends on rs >.>
  7. I've been spending a long time running my own airs to the altar in W16, where air running for F2P operates. But since the trading update, no one has been able to do the old fashioned "Open 1K + Ess" because of the 3K max limit. In the past few days, the numbers at the altar have been decreasing and the ones left are now advertising, "Assisting 9x" The majority of the players saying this are probably LYING. I high scored many of those who were saying 'assisting 8x / 9x / 10x' and found that their rc level was not high enough for that. So is it impossible now to find a truthful person to craft your runes without getting scammed? If so.. rune running is dead. :l
  8. 1. Willows: People can generally get them at 18-20 gp in Draynor in trading worlds. 2. Bones: They used to get sold for 100-110 ea :\ Air runes are very easy to sell, sell at maximum price :] Ammies are very hard to sell though.. even if something like the Defence Amulet is put up for 700 ea.. The Grand Exchange is awesome imo. :]
  9. Yeah, I don't think this is the right place to post this... Maybe Clan recruitment?
  10. It's still 30 seconds. They haven't changed it at all.
  11. Lmao. I laughed at the title. xD Are you serious? But hmm.. Maybe it could be to fill in the gap with all the new updates that upset so many. I don't know if it'll be F2P though.. There are many different opinons on that. I guess we'll have to wait.
  12. HEY ZZZUPERMAN!! Wow your blog is massive. Are you still smelting gold ammie for Dracoo? :P Hehe. Well, good luck with goals and have fun. Do I deserve a famous post? xD Jk. Grats on 73 wc btw.
  13. HOORAH!!! And no danger from pkers.. THEY'VE ALL QUIT. Bwhaha.
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