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  1. looks pretty sweet, I bet summoning will be awesome
  2. Congrats on the win. I never expected this to happen, but glad it worked for you guys! Though I bet ya summoning will be members no doubt about it, i'm sure Jagex think they've given you guys enough.
  3. Wow, thats pretty amazing stuff. Good job on finding this =D>
  4. Very good thread, I agree with a good bit of what you said :-k
  5. I saw 3 lower levels 17 asking around falador about the Knight's Sword quest and 2 lvl 80s-90s offered to help them
  6. Great job guys, love the stories =D> I've really enjoyed these last couple issues!
  7. Wow man, all I can say is - 1. You make AWESOME pixels sigs 2. Can't wait to see the sig that you pick and finish. \
  8. I'd say it's either a really bad time of day for players to be online OR lots of people are hating the updates now. I personally dont ENJOY them, but don't HATE them.
  9. I'm keeping my bank pin even if this is true, cause if someone is mean enough to hack you I dare say they just might destroy your account for fun anyways
  10. *shivers* No censors I wouldn't be playing the game. :anxious:
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