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  1. Thanks toast, i did 10 Trips Solo 2 Trips i didnt manage to kill him (both in the first few trips before i worked out how to run under him properly) 7 Trips i did kill him (finally got running under him down pat) 1 Trip i killed him twice
  2. Toast; I have 79 attack 80 strength 85 defence 76 prayer (peity unlocked) 94 mage 93hp Could i solo?? I have bgs + firecape, neitz, d boots, barrows gloves, torags legs, Should i wear torags top or karil's top? Would i even get a kill?
  3. Do you think? Im gonna start buying some @ max ready for the update they should go up after the update?
  4. With pvp coming is it the perfect time to be buying heaps of sharks etc? In my opinoin get in early and take advantage of the update thats coming \
  5. Very nice Did you stack for most of them or solo?
  6. melee = p2p = 1 Def, 60 attack, high str (need a dds) range = p2p = 1 Def, 70 range, High Magic
  7. Are you dumb, or just trying to be a pain in the [wagon]? They are useful for almost any situation. Bandos = V Helm, K top, V Skirt Arma = V Helm, K top, K Skirt Zammy = V Helm, K Top, V Skirt Sara = V Helm, V Skirt Hybriding = V Helm, K top, V Skirt Maging Dks = V Helm, V Brassy, V Skirt Yeah.. and im the queen of england :lol: Torag's Helm = Guthan's Helm Torag's Plate = Dharok's Plate = Guthan's Plate Torag's Legs = Dharok's Legs :wall:
  8. cwf wont be able to come they will be to busy ip changing meh this isn't an event this will just be a tif stack!!!
  9. You're right, Jagex staff must be the only people in the world who know how to code games And you call others ignorant :wall:
  10. SirHemen, you're an idiot. You have proved this many times so stop trying to prove it again please. This thread was just an attention grab from the start
  11. why didnt you use common sence and sell before members #-o it's been like this for ages why would they change it now imagine all the extra money they get from people getting members again just to sell items (like you) Why would they take that away
  12. Sorry about the speed error, i took your word for it [hide=]Verac Set Verac Flail: - Has good crush stats and theoretically the armor Saradomin boss is wearing should be weak against crush. - This weapons has +6 prayer bonus - 2handed - A bit slow (Has 4 bars in Runescape Speed) Other notes: Cause of the "ignore" set effect, i hit quite often with the flail. Even though a gs can hit 44-52, with my attack level, and the a bit fast speed of flail (Compared to gs), i do 10-30 quite often. And i am sure that when my 99 attack level fails, that the Set effect makes it sucess. 10-30 damages builds up. Set Effect: - Ignores defence level/armor Here is a video of my team at the boss: me+ some others using Verac set http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VKhL8p1qA5I GodSwords (Including specs) - Has +8 prayer bonus - Is accurate and hits high: against Saradomin boss it's other way around though - 2handed - Has also good crush stats like Verac Flail - Slow (has 4 bars in Runescape Speed)[/hide]
  13. I actually have done 20+ trips with slayer dart+20-40 minutes with best magic bonus at ankous. But i guess the test on rex(very low magic) was bad option. Stop saying i haven't tested it. Show Data? Anyone can claim to have tested it at rex. Tell me how you can get the opinoin dart isn't affected but Claws is? That's the stupidest thing i have ever heard. Of course claws is less accurate, it requires a higher mage level. higher mage level spells are less accurate by nature. This doesn't mean claws is unaffected. Why believe the rumor that it's not affected, most people have only "tested" it at rex and barrows. When i say "tested" i say it loosely, it's just their perception. Until you get it down on paper you won't know exactly what is better. it's like people trying to tell me tanking gives more profit than prayer at avainses , wont happen
  14. Where abouts? The Slayer Mask Below the Guthan's helm or the guthans helm? ( i had a quick look couldn't find what your talking about )
  15. Lol, but that exact logic can be applied straight back to the ranger, and to a degree for the meleer. The ranger would own through the extremely low range def of Verac's. Extremely low? its +200 with d boots and fury. and your main concern is with the boss, not the minions. With veracs you have : fairly good melee and range def, protect mage. It hits very often and is not nearly as expensive as a godsword. clear win imo. I concede, i made a mistake. If you're going to flame, at least be right. D Boots give no range defence. "He started it" What.. are you 5 years old? Grow up.
  16. Isn't it obvious? Claws wins hands down.. Also why say you have tested something when you obviously havn't. Go wear full rune and do 100 casts of slayer dart on men, then wear max mage and do the same. Record each hit and splash. There will be a difference. So don't give bs about you have tested something when you obviously havn't
  17. Bleh, speed doesn't matter at all here. Btw, both weapons attack every 3.4 Seconds. This thread is stupid imo.. as with all SirHemen threads. The GS wins handsdown simply because you won't get owned by the mage in the room, lol. :roll:
  18. jagex revealed them Credit: Boa http://www.truthscape.com/forum/viewtop ... f=7&t=2492 And yeah.. your formula wasn't right. Also on that thread i made a simple excel spreadsheet to prove jagex's formula is the right one.
  19. Simulating 100 *hits* of damage, between 0 and 30 I have assumed there is an equal chance to hit any number from 0 to 30 Results Test one: 18.31% damage saved Test two: 19.11% damage saved Test three: 14.20% damage saved Test four: 19.10% damage saved Test five: 18.99% damage saved AVERAGE: 17.94% damage saved I can simulate as many tests and as many kills per test as you like, for now, i rest my case. Test Two 1000 kills per test Max damage taken 50, Minimum Taken 0 Test one 15.66 Test two 18.56 Test three 18.08 Test four 17.18 Test five 17.72 Test six 17.97 Test seven 20.24 Test eight 18.18 Test nine 17.59 Test ten 17.5 AVERAGE DAMAGE SAVED(%) 17.868%
  20. [hide=Myweponsg00d] this proves it. most tip.it ers are stupid.. Are you saying that the "average damage" you take is directly between the max damage you will take and zero? I really don't think this is the case...When I'm at GWD I can take 30s from bandos when I'm tanking, but that doesn't mean that on average, each attack does 15 damage to me (including minions and everything). You take way more low numbers and zeros from the minis than you do their high 20s. This gets even more clear when you go to DKs. The spins hit tons of zeros for minutes then score a 8 out of nowhere. Calling the "average hit" the midpoint between zero and the max hit is definitely wrong in most situations. Also, it depends on whether or not there is a chance that the prevention effect can be "applied" to zero hits Just curious how you're getting your number, as that would be a lot more helpful to post than just a blatant insult at our intelligence without any numbers or calculations to back your words up. Anyone can just say that the other person is an idiot and not give a reason. [/hide] Are you serious? Do i really have to explain maths to you? Where did i state that average is half way between the max and the minimum? It blocks damage 70% of the time, and when it does, the damage inflicted is reduced by 25%. Did you ever study maths? This is simple probability, 25% damage reduction is dependant on the damage reduction activating It activates 70% of the time, therefore, on average, 17.5% of damage would be avoided. It's simply one probability multiplied by another, if you cannot grasp that then don't even try argue a point.. You cannot claim a formula by just picking a few numbers out of your head and saying LOOK!! its closer to 7!! That provides no proof, that's fools math. Here, i'll pick some random numbers for you, 5 , 5 , 5 , 5 , 5 Now prove they weren't random. You can't. If your going to come here with a fools attitude of trying to prove me wrong then you have failed miserably.
  21. Wow so much useless gear For example the rune.. bars... you have 65 Smithing you can't even smith rune so why have bars? What are the random logs for? You would have so much more cash if you sold the random junk that you never use, and the only person that looks at it is you unless you make a bank pic.
  22. this proves it. most tip.it ers are stupid..
  23. Did you fail maths? If so, i'll gladly explain to you the term average, because clearly you cannot grasp it. Not really. Because the way the hitting system is (imo) random then the 17.5% is irrelevant, I'd rather have +70 Defence boost all the time rather than "17.5%" of a random (someone hits 40 they'll still do 33 damage) so 17.5% is not a lot at all really, 17.5% only starts to be a lot if you're getting AGS spec'd or Dharok spec'd. Would you mind rephrasing that? Im not making sense of it.. 17.5% is quite alot. Considering DFS prevents 0% of damage. The DFS has on average, 7% better defence stat's over the elysian, only counting the 3 melee defence stats. Though im not sure how this converts to damage prevented... But basically you are going to get hit 7% more?? But save 17.5% damage?? Im not sure if a defence bonus has a direct relation to how often you are hit. Here are the melee defence stats for both DFS 70 75 72 ELYSIAN 63 65 75
  24. You really need heaps of ppots.. cannon.. the divine sheild.. lots of food.. Use ruby bolts to around 200 hp (they still hit 50 @ 200hp??) and then use Ags specials + vengeance here and there..
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