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  1. I dont understand.. Did you get cleaned from herb and crafting or something? Good Achievement of levels though
  2. Safing is eating above 60-70% of your hp. If you eat above that your an idiot, because you will spend more time eating that actually hitting your opponent...
  3. Someone has to say it, your stats suck for pking. If you want to get some kills make a pure or something.. or get 80 attack then 99 str
  4. The thing is SirHemen, you can't just make up a group of numbers and call it 'proof' Testing on something else is also inaccurate. You can't just do one kill with each weapon on a completely different monster and say that it's the same for Sara God Wars.
  5. All except protection prayers (yes item protect) - People that say they are not Protecting item are actually protecting item (peity) - Yes why not? Not like your opponent can tell anyway (smite) - Only if you dont mind being smited back Protection prayers just make the fight boring and no one dies.. If you want to use protect prayers go to duel arena tournaments or something..
  6. Err, What? Anyway... I bought 10,000 lol #-o
  7. Lulwut :lol: I think you meen todd has the 44.45% chance. It was a decent explanation but I know that addy arrows p++ kill your LSP in Zamorak GWD because not once have a seen someone who has gotten them go on to get anything else decent that trip. I've gone of plenty of Zamorak trips so don't even say I have no idea what I'm talking about. :shame: Oh yeah i did mean that! Also.. i have never been to zammy, but they wouldn't be any worse than getting a similar drop of the same value. How many do you get and how much are they valued at? It can probably be attributed to a placebo type affect.. Thankyou : Mehehe I know :D Wanna be my friend?? :o Okay, why not ;)
  8. I'd say that getting a clan together like that is great tactics. You're on a PVP world, therefore don't complain if you die. Jagex warns you before logging in that you are on a PVP world. There is nothing you can do except use common sence...
  9. Hey Chapp3rs; Firstly, i believe swapping teams makes no difference.. if im with someone who has 1m lsp and then swap teams to someone else with 1m lsp, there will be no difference. For the purposes of understanding i have assumed no one swapped teams as it is hard to show in detail what will happen as you can never tell how much LSP someone else has Also i have seen no evidence to suggest LSP can go below 0. Also if it *can* it's impossible (to my knowledge) to find a probability using a negative figure.
  10. Just so you know, the stock price of a company has no affect on the company.
  11. I just went and hit 6 0's in a row on a chicken. This means that chickens have the same defence as the saradomin boss. Prove me wrong.
  12. because they are pillars of the tip.it community and posting like 12 year old would devalue the mods and make them look immature
  13. The drop is calculated after the points are awarded, not before. In the case of the first drop, They get 13k LSP Each, (13,333/40,000=33.33%) This is backed up from what i posted from the RS Knowledge base "When an item is dropped, its value is calculated using the Grand Exchange. Each player is given a 'virtual' share of that value in LootShare points. The system then chooses a player to receive the drop. " umm.. ok.. This thread is only here to explain Lootshare
  14. Nope. In Lootshare when an item drops (bandos hilt example and we assume 30m for hilt), in a 3man, each player gets 10mil points, which is a their "share" of the drop. In coinshare, the 10mil points is simply converted to coins on a 1:1 basis, therefore the 10m points is simply converted into 10mil coins and no lootshare points are awarded nope, my rsn is Craven_Range :ohnoes:
  15. :o thanks for the rate < 3 btw ellebreyals has 60 prayer... and cannoned.... doesnt count tbh I want 10 hp 70-99 range 1 prayer.... 1 defence Ya, I guess when villandra gets 99 slayer again, at 10hp it won't count...so 10/10 for u ^O^ villandra has straight 99s :? Lorica - 99 untrim summon Slayerbelle - 99 untrim slayer Her new account 10hp and 99 slayer, she hasn't revealed name yet.
  16. Thanks, i was bound to make a couple of spelling mistakes :)
  17. Lootshare points Explained By Craven Range Many people use lootshare, but do we really know what its all about? Hopefully i can explain to you the lootshare system and show how it really works. All observations are by me and are my own opinoin. The Truth 'LootShare is an entirely optional way for you and your clan to share monster drops in multiway combat areas. The sharing of items is fair, and is designed to ensure that everyone receives an equivalent value of rewards over a period of time. Alternatively, your clan can activate CoinShare to receive high-value drops as cash, which is automatically split equally between all LootSharers. If you are unlucky enough to receive a small, or less valuable, share of the monster's drops this time round, then you will be much more likely to receive a better share in the future. This way, everyone sharing loot should receive an equal share, given enough time! Note that the distribution of drops is based on the market value of items (as determined by players trading on the Grand Exchange) rather than the shop price." "When an item is dropped, its value is calculated using the Grand Exchange. Each player is given a 'virtual' share of that value in LootShare points. The system then chooses a player to receive the drop. The system looks at the points for all players in the group and whoever has the most LootShare points stands the greatest chance of getting the drop." "The person who gets the drop then 'pays' for the drop in those same points, thus reducing the chance that player will get the next drop. So, if someone else in your group gets a valuable drop, your LootShare points and chances for the next drop increase a lot. If they get a less valuable drop, your points increase by less. " "These points are stored from game session to session, but they will tend towards zero by a percentage every day. "" http://www.runescape.com Facts: Lootshare points are based on the grand exchange price of the item Dropped You "pay" for your drop in lootshare points Your points diminish each day Some examples: Ok, so we want to know how lootshare points work. Firstly lets assume three players, Bill, Todd and Fred are budding young monster hunters, about to start their monster hunting career. They decide to go to bandos godwars, on this particular day a Bandos Hilt is worth 30m coins on the g.e, and a Bandos Chest is worth 10m coins on the g.e. They decide to use lootshare as their means of splitting drops. All players have a 0 lootshare score, as they have never used it before. They enter bandos godwars and the First Drop is a R2H, worth 40,000 Coins. All player recieve 13,333 lsp, As all three players have 0 lsp to begin, they all have a 33% chance of getting the drop each. It just so happens that Bill Gets the Drop. This means he is now at a 0 lootshare points position once again, Todd and Fred now have 13k lsp. On the second kill they get lucky and recieve a bandos hilt drop! Bill has 0 Lootshare points at this stage, Todd and Fred both have 13k lootshare points. The bandos hilt is worth 30,000,000 coins. Therefore, as the hilt is dropped, each player is dealt 10,000,000 lootshare points for the drop. Now Bill has 10,000,000 lootshare points, whilst Todd and Fred Both have 10,013,000. This means that Bill has a 33.30% chance of getting the hilt, whilst Todd and Fred have a 33.35% chance of recieving a hilt. It's Freds Lucky day and the hilt so happens to go to him. He looses his 10,000,000 lsp as payment for the hilt. The third kill and these boys are on a serious lucky streak, as they recieve a bandos chestplate! This is worth a total of 10,000,000gp, therefore Todd, Fred and Bill all recieve 3,333,333 lootshare points. At this stage, Todd who hasnt recieved anything, has 10,013,000 lootshare points, Bill who recieved the R2H has 10,000,000 Lootshare points, and Fred who recieved the bandos hilt has 13,000 points. This means that Fred has a 44.45% chance of recieving the chest, Bill has a 44.41% chance of recieving the chest, whilst Fred only has an 11.14% Chance of recieving the chest. As you can see, lootshare points move around quite fast, and can drastically affect the chance of recieving a drop. Though that is the case, the larger the drop is, the less affect lootshare points has, as the points are awarded for the drop before the drop is decided on who it goes to, therefore points already in existance are diluted alot. You can see this when looking at Bill who recieved the R2H, even though he has less lootshare points, the bandos hilt is worth so much that it dilutes the fact of Bill missing drops earlier by a great deal, and in the end he only has 0.05% chance LESS of recieving the hilt than anyone else, which is a very small amount. Real Applications In a situation like at the corporeal beast, when people yell "GF LSP" when someone used to recieve a regen brace, they were obviously ill informed and pretty stupid. Because the G.E Price of a sigil is so high compared to the 1mil of a brace, it hardly makes a difference to the chance of recieving a good drop when the beast dies, as the 1mil is diluted among the high value of the sigil. On an even playing field if 3 people go that have never used LSP, and someone recieved a Regen Brace, then the Next drop an Elysian Sigil is dropped, the person who recieved the regen brace only has a 0.33% chance LESS than the other two of recieving a drop (33.44% chance of the people getting the drop who didnt get the brace compared to a 33.11% chance for getting the drop from the person who did recieve the brace) Concluding So what does this mean for you? Well, no one can actually know their lootshare points, unless they leave them long enough until they are at 0, then record their points as they get them. But really, that is very time consuming and gives no benifit to you actually recieving a drop. The chance of getting a very valuable drop from having more lootshare points is actually very low, therefore lootshare points serve no real purpose before actually recieving a large drop. The only time lootshare points really have any affect is after someone recieves a large drop, as you can see when Fred is there for the bandos chest drop, his chance of receiving the drop is very low, not that he cares because he just recieved a bandos hilt I hope this helps to clear out a few of the lootshare points myths going around. ~Craven Range
  18. lulz these nubs'll be laughing when my range is better than theirs 8-) ok beat mine kiddo only 14.25m xp to go Beat mine pal, only 987k exp to go. :mrgreen: :mrgreen: Cbf
  19. lulz these nubs'll be laughing when my range is better than theirs 8-) ok beat mine kiddo only 14.25m xp to go
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