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    Is it bad that I found a flaw in that? It says WereGarurumon and MetalGreymon fuse to create Omnimon, but in actuality, its WarGreymon and MetalGarurumon. On topic, Beyblades, Pokemon, Arthur, Yu-Gi-Oh cards, Medabots, Digimon, Power Rangers, old PC games for kids (like Jump Start, and Reader Rabbit), and of course... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nLW_uymCcJs ANYTHING INVOLVING DINOSAURS (Jurassic Park is still my favorite movie because of this).
  2. Patriots. Nuff said. (I live in New England, we get the best sports teams <33333333333 ) Never been to one of their games but watch them all the time on TV. But I HAVE played at Gillette Stadium for Flag Football. Also their training field house. Not to mention when I was a kid in 5th Grade I won a sweepstakes to bring a Patriots player (Willie McGinest) to school. That is probably one of the highlights of my life so far.
  3. Captain America- Awesome, can't wait for the Avengers :)
  4. Could someone please add me at Milford, Massachusetts, USA.
  5. My friend's dad works at a movie theater so me, my friend, and his brother get to see the movie early tomorrow. Not a midnight release, but at 7 PM, 5 hours before pretty much everyone else in the US. Normally I could care less about the movies (The books are at least 18x better), but this being an early screening of the last movie, I'm wicked excited.
  6. The ability to eat 20 tacos in one sitting. I'm working on it. 8-)
  7. They have a Bronies Meet Up group in my area... If I join I have just sold my soul to Nightmare Moon.
  8. Added mine. Barely any TIF'ers on this map that live in New England. And I'm the only one that lives in MA. FOR NOW...
  9. Well, I live in Massachusetts and everyone is going wild about the win. The Bruins are having their victory parade in Boston on Saturday. Oddly enough, I'll be in Boston on Saturday. I'm definitely going to the parade. Now the Boston area teams (that matter, screw the Revolution) have all won at least 1 Final in the past 8 years. GO BRUINS!
  10. Yeah the evil thing won't work, some past and current TET people are evil incarnate. Good luck to all that are applying, I can promise you that TET is a whole lot of fun.
  11. The people here in New England are freaking out because the Bruins are in the finals. The Patriots have been in the Super Bowl 4 times and won 3, the Red Sox are 2 for 2, Celtics won 1 and lost 1, and the Revolution have been in the finals 4 times (and lost every time), and all that is in the past 10 years. The Bruins finally have their moment of glory in New England since they haven't been in the finals since the early 90's. Needless to say, I support the Bruins.
  12. I'll admit it, I love it. I have an entire folder on Facebook dedicated to it. I make my love known publicly. Rainbow Dash and Pinkie Pie ftw. Also, for anyone who is really into it...
  13. Just finished reading The Ultimate Hitchhiker's Guide which has all 5 books. Tons of "lolwut" moments. Overall a great series.
  14. Thats funny, i saw this game at a store a few years back and i lol'd.
  15. The nostalgia and the memories mostly. I never played on a Gamecube, so I can't comment much on it. But I always thought the controller looked funny. :mrgreen: Dude, the GC controller is my favorite controller of all time. It's probably because i played my GC 24/7
  16. Yeah, I liked the Lost Hero better than any of the Percy Jackson books. Speaking of Riordan, over the weekend i read "The Red Pyramid", which is the first book in "The Kane Chronicles". If you liked Percy Jackson, it's a good read.
  17. New England USA [hide] 1. Long Sleeve Shirt 2. Rotary 3. Trunk 4. No idea 5. Saltines 6. Mall 7. Apartment 8. Mud Flap 9. No idea 10. Elevator 11. Candy 12. Popsicle 13. Soda 14. Trash Can 15. Porch 16. Diaper 17. Flashlight 18. Soccer 19. Jail 20. Track Suit [/hide]
  18. Replayed and beat Spyro The Dragon (PS1).
  19. They added beds to MineCraft, now we can sleep through the night!
  20. Has anyone else here read Psyren Call? I read the entire series a few weekends ago. I thought it was epic.
  21. May i point out that i live in Massachusetts and Fitchburg is the ghetto of MA. Total ghetto. Is it bad that this story slightly made me lol?
  22. MA ftw. We're nowhere near that circle of death. It's pretty freaky that one volcano could do that much damage.
  23. Tacos

    New Zodiac Sign

    I am lucky to say that I remained a Gemini. June 21st, SUMMER SOLSTICE BABY.
  24. CLICK HERE FOR GROUND BREAKING NEWS! Well basically almost everyones' sign has changed now. Also Scorpios are only for like a week. Discuss.
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