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  1. rip forums shame that social media and reddit are so far from the old forum style, if you dont moderate with an iron fist you get nothing but an onslaught of cheap memes on the front page
  2. Aaaand you still have to use specific servers if you want to play in a different language? Seriously?
  3. Talk to them in the bar when they are visiting.
  4. Battlefield 1942 is now free on Origin, for a limited time. http://www.ea.com/
  5. Pretty cool (except herb cleaning being veeeery slow with makeX)
  6. The Crucible shard worlds are super fast, nobody is there so no lag. Plus there's a bank.
  7. Well, they did want to demonstrate what happens when you get busted...
  8. Adbots were getting banned in under five minutes from when they arrived at GE http://img716.imageshack.us/img716/6992/120926220807.png
  9. Unless you really want the extra spins, don't bother.
  10. I've never liked it when forums give you a default avatar, this just clutters the page and generally looks bad Is it possible to remove the default avatar image from posts?
  11. Skyrim on Xbox360? Loading screens that take 20-30 seconds? Very small FOV? No mods? No thanks, Ill stick to my PC, short loading times and tweaking settings to my liking.
  12. When you wear no armour, you have 990 lifepoints at lvl99 hp, very easy to die (I got killed by a gang of skeletons in the wilderness lol)
  13. Is this enough to beat the GE? [spoiler=W2]
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