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  1. I think 10 flax 5 mining is the best at this time (for consistency). You could also switch the flax with maples if you want to have a shot at some decent nest seeds instead.
  2. *peeps head in through the door*
  3. You're going to need a MUCH larger sample-space for this poll to yield any real results.
  4. The trick is balance your use of references, try not to use other people's art too much, you risk hampering the development of your own unique style though you will improve more slowely than if you just spam references. I prefer to use real-life references whenever I need assistance sketching. Also I can't stress enough how ridiculously awesome using a graphics tablet is (Wacom Intuos ike Tripsis said is the way to go) and if you can't get your hands on photoshop, just download SAI, it's free and has a nice feel, don't use it without a tablet though, it's near impossible.
  5. I just want to point out a few errors. The legs are a bit too short, you should move the waist-line up so that it's about 3 heads down. The position of the rock/pick he is leaning on doesn't make sense perspective-wise, it should be lower down. Otherwise it definitely has the potential to look very nice. Like you said, more detail :-P . additional note, the rune chain looks a bit like scales, unless that's a blue d-hide body?
  6. Cacmypants


    ah ok Maya 2011, also can you 'hide/show' ([ hide= ][/hide] tag) them, they are pretty big. Haha, the Rifle has a Coka-Cola label X]
  7. Very nice sigs, but Sasuke severely ruins the last few :razz: I'd say the black and white one (3rd last) is my favourite.
  8. I thought it was a screenshot of the actual show for a second, great job.
  9. uh yeah, I think this Michael guy has his priorities a little skewed when it comes to banners. The sigs aren't too bad though, the first one is a bit messy, the other two lack direction/don't have much impact.
  10. Cacmypants


    Nice, what program is this? You look pretty good with it.
  11. Graphics tablets = godly

  12. oh yeah, the pause in the frame was intentional, it makes the animation less spaz. Although recently I've decided to devote more effort to improving my ability with a graphics tablet (which I'm still a noob at), solo game-making is a MAJOR time-sink, time that perhaps I can't afford to lose :???: This is what I have been working on most recently, I'm aiming to add full detail and maybe another character behind her. (warning, quite a large canvas) [hide][/hide] You can probably see I started with lines that were way too thick XP
  13. MURDER DANCE D: Only the framework atm, still have to design the character.
  14. It looked way too spaz when I had it 3x faster, so I'll just double the speed... ...there we go
  15. I got bored yesterday and ended up creating this.. made myself laugh.
  16. Made some major changes. Now I must work on extending it.
  17. I used Finale Notepad 2008, it's not exactly very high-tech, but it looks exactly like constructing sheet music (I like this). Here's a slower version I processed through audacity, heh. Sounds regal.
  18. It's definitely a lot better than it was before, one of my mates made like 10mil in 6 hours through wealth-influenced loot (killing abby demons and barrows), I don't think you can rely on it as much for bosses though, not sure.
  19. Depends what you're fighting, most of the time you will have enough accuracy to reliably hit through the def of the target regardless of style, so might as well go aggressive if you're not training attack.
  20. EDIT: Completely revamped.. sounding much nicer than before, tbh
  21. Dedication perhaps, but certainly not hard work. People bot to kill the grind and it's just ludicrous how grindy RS really is.
  22. This is partially why I used Conquest instead of PC to earn points. Although I understand that Conquest isn't really everyone's thing.
  23. ya that's true but i prefer religious debates as they are more fun :mrgreen: A lot easier to make jokes out of them, yes. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jMYIl5b-paY&feature=feedf
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