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  1. People don't like it when you tell them they're wrong. Metagaming communities are typically disliked by the general population. For example, the metagame community on world of warcraft is called "elitist jerks" because a lot of people hate them. The flaming comes inherently with any metagaming community. At the end of the day, there's always people like hevendor that will explode with irrational rage if you so much as tell them they're doing something wrong. And like every other metagaming community in pretty much every other game, there's not much we can do but ban people. Which we do on a very regular basis.
  2. 544 due to rounding error caused by the blazer ring. 680 with a strong magic potion. The celestial catalytic staff is said to have rounding errors of its own, but they don't come into play in the case of max hits, but it does come into play when calculating average damage. In terms of average damage, a +30% boost to magic damage will actually provide you slightly less than 30% boost to average damage due to these rounding errors, but it's not too significant. empowered fire staff or armor. But it depending on your circumstances IMO. Are you a DGSer?
  3. The equations you are using are very off. Please consult a dps guide or something, such as obliv's max hit formula guide on the RSOF. He has the most up to date max hit formula. And the traditional accuracy formula. If you want a more precise accuracy equation, that factors in rounding error, you'd need to consult my spreadsheets. Any proof of that, or is it just random hearsay? Levon has several thousand data points counting the number of accurate hits and misses with both cls and rapier, and he determined cls to be better on bandos. not sure which is better on the minis.
  4. oh yeah, it's really easy now that you can queue up your next alch by casting it early.
  5. I will explain this to you, for the last time. We are a metagame community. Bad or mediocre advice drowns out the voices of people who actually took the time to learn the game's mechanics. Censoring out the bad or mediocre advice, is part of what it means to be a metagame community. This clan was not made centered around your ideals. It was made centered around the ideals of both seasoned and growing metagamers If you think that's "stupid", you are simply being tremendously narcissistic. This is your last warning. Stop spamming this thread. This means advice or otherwise. If you want to give advice, learn the mechanics of the game first.
  6. How is it impossible? All you need to do it keep a consistent pace with clicking, and you should be fine. Going afk and talking to others aren't reasons that make it impossible to get the max exp because you choose to do those. Alching is easy enough that it requires almost no concentration. well for one thing, game ticks are not exactly 0.6 seconds The average game tick is actually slightly longer. RS wiki says the average game tick is 0.606 to 0.618 seconds depending on server population/lag. I've spoken to the ancient and he thinks the average game tick is even longer than what RS wiki claims. I've personally done no testing of this on my own.
  7. Isn't asking what was wrong with the binds suggested by Fire_R_A_G_E is a Dungeoneering question? I've already told him why I think his advice is below DGS standards in a PM. He thinks otherwise in spite of that. There's not really a need to continue this conversation.
  8. While im sorry that I didn't answer mslkid's problem, it's not reasonable for me to answer every question thrown out on this thread. I answer my fair share of questions. And honestly it would be bad if I actually did answer every last question thrown out there, instead of giving the opportunity to other DGS ranks. Mslkid can always ask me through PM. I always answer those 100% of the time. Or he can ask another competent DGS. So yes, I do overlook a lot of questions. I'm sorry if you don't like how I handle things, but this is the logic behind why. I came in to deal with firerage because been a chronic problem on the thread. And generally you want to deal with those first, before they get any further out of hand.
  9. Recent data on monster defense levels seems to indicate that most monsters don't have as low defense as we thought. To the point that rapier (especially promethium) might not actually dish out damage faster than a promethium 2h, even on a max level range zombie, which should be one of the lower defense monsters in the dungeoneering batch. This pigeonholes the rapier into a weapon that's useful for stabbing, and that's about it. For now, based on what data is available, I'm throwing my support behind gauntlets over rapier. But that may change when more data comes in, in the future. I'd keep the Gorg Plate till you get a Shadow Silk Hood. Swap the cosmics for laws too until you get 70 rc for Surgebox. Firerage, please stop giving advice on behalf of DGS. There is neither a particular need to do so, nor are you particularly qualified to do so. We have plenty of ranked keyers perfectly capable of giving good advice. And if they are not available, there is always the guidelines. if you did not did not read the previous post by Michael, here it is. and yes, mc was referring to one of your posts in that quote.
  10. Why? he got bored It's up to you. are you comfortable with your apm yet? Just stick with it til you get primal. nobody's luck is actually different. you just gotta accept the fact that sometime luck will bite you in the ass. ya dont say...
  11. You've asked repeatedly, I think that's what the problem is. It appears there has been a misunderstanding. I never meant to cause trouble. I was just scared to ask in CC. I have that fear removed for the most part now, seeing as DGS is more open than I previously though. So I updated my previous post. Again, sorry for the confusion. :/ The problem wasn't asking repeatedly. The problem was asking in the first place. There's much fewer mentors than there are people who want to be mentored. It doesn't make sense to ask to be mentored. It makes even less sense to ask for a specific mentor, one of the most popular ones at that. We ask our keyers to teach people they think are most able to learn. We did not ask them to teach people who are vocal about being taught. Rows are always more efficient. Stopping between each floor is a huge waste of time, so doing 45-47 multiple times is the best exp/h. But if you ovl between floor the overall time lost is quite small, maybe small enough to make the better xp F47 be better than a F45 or 46. (F47 is better xp right? if not then ofc 45-47 would be better) F47 is about 2.5% better xp than 45-47 You'd save 110 seconds minus the time it takes to regroup two times. IMO not worth it, because you lose the sense of momentum. It's just asking for someone to decide to go on a farm run, which is like 5 minutes.
  12. now we know for sure that u dont get drops if u dnot have the requisite slayer level :D tyvm.
  13. rapid renewal makes you restore life points every 2 game ticks instead of every 10. Bracelet of regen makes you regen 2 life points each time you restore lifepoints, instead of 1. if you were hoping that bracelet of regen + rapid renewal = 1 lifepoint renewal every game tick -> indefinite lifepoint glitching godmode you will be sorely disappointed :P it drains 1.25x faster than protect melee/etc.
  14. not the kinda instancing you're thinking of, if you're thinking of private monster hunts :P
  15. the market's small fairly small for making unfinished pots. if someone has up to date information, they probably wouldn't be inclined to say what it is. You're best off finding out for yourself.
  16. and you can prove this with data and/or calculations?
  17. better off trying to survive. You'll benefit from pushing yourself, even if it might cost you what minimal damage you would have gained from wrathing. What is the maximum damage wrath can inflict upon a single target? In a 3x3 grid that could be worthy of multiple combat turns, seems worthwhile, especially if you don't care about XP (beyond 120). retribution is up to 247, presumably wrath is the same. that's not really enough damage to be worth it, considering how many game ticks death loses you. you probably have better dps with melee than with wrath, even if you hit 3 targets.
  18. you needed to have a subscription when you went into rsc or it doesnt count.
  19. better off trying to survive. You'll benefit from pushing yourself, even if it might cost you what minimal damage you would have gained from wrathing.
  20. I've personally stopped grabbing food from the table as a keyer. I don't see it as justified since it takes multiple game ticks per food, whereas when looting frmo the floor u can grab multiple food per game tick. toolkit and some starting cosmics are still important tho.
  21. It's important to centralize bind advice Blutters, or you're just going to have confused bind discussions. The whole idea of the bind guide is to advise optimal binds. If we were satisfied with inferior binds that still gave an advantage, we might as well recommend novite chainbodies. All you're really going to accomplish by stating something as trivial as "primal rapier + primal Battle axe > Primal battle axe + empty bind slot" is confusion. Either learn DPS theory so you can hold up a meaningful discussion on the topic, or just avoid diluting the metagaming discussions. At the end of the day, it's probably going to be some DGS rank who's going to have to take time explaining the details of DPS theory and bind conventions. Which is inevitable but can be avoided if people who aren't well versed in the metagame to just not speak up when they don't need to.
  22. Obtaurian doesn't make decisions on bind conventions in DGS. I do, since I'm the one that calculates the data. You can't just pick and choose admins to agree with. I have final say on bind conventions. If for whatever reason what obtaurian's said in the past contradicts what I have said, it is only because I had not provided him with new DPS data when he made such a contradiction.
  23. post all floor times, if it's a 117 team, you can jot down a note in the comments section.
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