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  1. Happy Birthday!

  2. I have gotten Culinary Disaster (burned the most food) before, I also got master chef in the same game. It looked funny seeing the two next to each other. I also get sharp shooter (most range damage dealt) in almost every game.
  3. 1. Range 17.4M xp Range is my favorite combat style so I got it well into the 90's without much power training. I only really power trained the last three levels. 1.5. Quest point cape I just like quests so I got this. Now I really miss having an empty quest list. 2. Construction 13.5M xp I've always wanted this level since I got members but never really trained it that often because of the price. Finally, when I saw oak planks going down into the low 500's last year, I decided I might as well go for it. If I ever get a lot of money to blow I will probably end up using it to train construction some more. My ultimate goal would be to get 200 million construction experience. I'm probably going to get 99 fletching later this monthc After that, I might go for magic.
  4. Rimmington. Rellaka has the Lyre, Pollivneach has the slayer ring, Yanille has the spell, Brimhaven is pretty quick to get to from the Karamja gloves (I'm gonna plant a spirit tree there once I get the farming level). Also, Rimmington is the best for parties.
  5. 1. What is your most prized possession that you currently own (or owned at some point)? ) If my house counts then that is definitely it. If it has to be a single item, then it would be my ranger boots. I don't plan on ever selling those. 2. What is your most favorite item in the game (because it's useful, cool looking, useless, fun, etc.)? My favorite item would be either the third age full helm or the Guthix coif. 3. If you could have any item in the game (that you currently do not own or have never owned in your RS career), what would it be? If I could sell it then I would say something extremely expensive like a christmas cracker. If not, then I'd say a third age full helm.
  6. I did less of these sidequests than I thought. Still, I think I have done a decent amount.
  7. elapid

    Skill Capes

    Both of my 99's are that level because they are my favorite skills and I plan to continue using them. Even if skillcapes didn't exist, I would still probably have these skills at 99. I have almost never heard any criticism of my 99's maybe because they aren't considered noob ones and I wasn't that high a level when I had untrimmed range (I got it trimmed at 112 combat). Actually, these days I wish people didn't respect the construction cape so much. Honestly, I think that range was harder than construction. Every time I log in wearing the construction cape I get people asking how much it cost and if they can see my house. Also the amount of people that want to be added to my friends list has gone up like crazy (I always lie and tell them it's full, that usually shuts them up).
  8. Most runescapers will never know that the word borrowing doesn't have an A in it
  9. This is what I have usually worn for the last six months or so.
  10. 1. Range - Its already at 99. 2. Construction - One of my highest skills, also one of my favorites. Currently I am going for this. 3. Magic - One of my highest skills and Training it doesn't bother me. 4. Hitpoints - Will probably get this 99 just from all the combat I do. 5. Agility - This skill is useful and I find it relaxing to train it. 6. Fletching - Its already at 90 and its a fast and cheap skill that I don't mind that much. Will probably get sooner than most because it will put another 99 on my stats. 7. Prayer - I don't really mind training this skill and would love to have it at 99 but it's just so expensive. 8. Herblore - Same as prayer. 9. Farming - I like this skill but it is pretty expensive, also I'm not great about checking patches regularly. 10. Crafting - I am neutral about this skill but I would probably get it now as it is one of the rarer buyables and it's got a nice cape. 11. Smithing - Similair to the above but I would get it after as It is a more popular skill. 12. Defense - Would like it to be higher but I just don't like melee training very much and training it with range bothers me as I could be killing thigs faster if i used rapid attack style. 13. Mining - I don't like the constant clicking but I guess this the least annoying of the resource gathering skills to me as it can make good money once you get it high enough. 14. Attack - I don't like melee skills as you have to constantly run up to things you attack while with range you can just stay put and take the meleers kills. 15. Strength - Same as attack. 16. Summoning - I would love to get this earlier but It would just take me a lot of time to get all the charms 17. Woodcutting - One of the not so bad gathering skills, still annoying though 18. Fishing - Same as woodcutting, but I put it after as I know if I get it I would have to constantly listen to my brother joking about me being a master of fishing (where you have to do a lot of baiting... I think I'll let you take it from here) 19. Runecrafting - I find this skill relaxing but the xp is just so slow. 20. Firemaking - This skill is pretty annoying with the constant clicking on top of not having much use. 21. Hunter - I find this skill to be extremely annoying. 22. Thieving - The only skill I hate more than thieving is slayer. 23. Slayer - I am one of the few people who despises this skill and will admit it. 24. Cooking - I don't hate this skill, It's about like fletching to me. I just want to be able to say that cooking was my last 99.
  11. First, I'd get 3 of each third age sets and completely stock up my bank with all of the potions, food, arrows, and runes that I could ever need. Then, get 99 construction and completely max out my house (including all possible costumes in room). After that I would buy all of the buyable 99s starting with prayer and herblore. Finally I'd get 200M construction xp.
  12. Mobilizing armies to get imbued onyx rings. After that, I would make as much money as possible to help me get my construction up.
  13. Of course the dragon kite should be released it doesn't matter if the stats aren't as good as dragonfire shield. They released the dragon platebody when we already had stuff that was better such as barrows. I'm guessing it will be like the dragon square shield except with four pieces instead of two. And it would be cool if it required a quest this time unlike some of the more recently released dragon equipment.
  14. I don't think all the work put into making us be different races would be worth it although if we ever could be different races i would probably just stick with human or maybe become a gnome.
  15. Nice timing for a bunch of quest related articles since I just got my quest cape. Overall my favorite quest is probably The Eyes of Glouphrie. It's not very long but It contains so much of the history of the gnomes and a fun puzzle too. Also, I find the reward extremely useful.
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